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Gill Garratt is a Psychologist, Health and Well being Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and author, who can offer a wide range of popular lecture topics.

She has worked on many cruise ships and delivered lectures & workshops all over the World. She has found the passengers to be very interested in Psychology& Inspirational lectures, it seems to be a topic that many people want to know more about for themselves, their families and for those at work. Gill makes the sessions lively, interesting and are based on scientific research and have practical applications.
Gill's first book, on the introduction to psychotherapy and its application using workplace settings has been at #1 in the Psychotherapy section on Kindle books for many months.

Gill can provide a series of motivational lectures introducing the ideas behind psychology and related therapies and teach the audiences how to apply these to their own lives, their families and in workplace settings. Her most recent book, 'CBT at Work For Dummies', has had great reviews and elaborates on the lectures for those wishing to find out more.

The titles of the lectures follow a popular theme, 'Cruising towards happiness - Re invigorate yourself through holistic practices', ' Spirit has no Age', 'Luck, Superstitions and beliefs', 'Your Personality & it's impact on your life', 'Depression, can it be good for you?', 'Become your own therapist - CBT, Cognitive behavioural Therapy,, explained',' Pets as therapists - how living with animals is good for your health', 'The Psychology of Sport', and many more as listed on her website.

Gill's lectures can be custom written to be relevant to particular audiences and destinations.

She has trained in stand up comedy and uses humour in the context of the lectures which often involves some audience interaction. The lecture topics are topical and very relevant for today's audiences. During the QE2 Farewell Cruise Gill introduced a new lecture after feedback indicated people would like to know about depression. She wanted to take the possible stigma out of the topic, so she called it, 'Depression - can it be good for you?' It drew the biggest audience ever and a third were men.

Gill aims to make the lectures accessible to all and happily engages with the audience.

She is happy to meet with passengers, and staff to continue discussions whilst on the ship.

She is a highly qualified, with two Masters Degrees, an Accredited CBT therapist, and has thirty years of experience working in industry as a business psychologist. She has worked for such companies as JP Morgan, HM Treasury, Glaxo Smith Kline, HM Prisons, Oxford University/Cunard Discovery Programme,California State Education Program, and other major financial institutions and Professional Bodies. Her book 'Introducing CBT for Work' published in 2013, reached the top ten in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy books within two weeks and has been #1 on Kindle Psychotherapy and Business categories for many months. Her second book, , 'Your dog and you. Understanding the canine psyche', was published in 2015. Her thrid book, 'CBT at Work For Dummies', in the well known yellow and black 'Dummies' series, was published in 2017.

Her lectures are tried and tested to appeal to a wide audience, they are fun and fascinating.

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Gill offers a selection of lectures, broadly titled "Cruising towards happiness" - A series of lectures looking at what helps us to be happy based on scientific research and evidence.

Lecture Titles

1. "Laughter - the best tonic. Laugh more, live longer"
Biological research into immunology has found that laughing and even false smiling can raise your immune levels. Conversely, sadness and distress can lower our immune levels and leave us open to ill health. This lecture looks at the evidence, includes examples and applications of these findings and provides opportunities to participate in laughter.

2. "Spirit has no Age - the older you get, the happier you can be"
Studies into personality have shown that whether you are born an optimist or a pessimist can have a direct effect on your lifespan. It also affects how lucky you are in life. This lecture shows how you can change your basic outlook on life to increase your luck and good fortune by changing the way you view the world. Scientific case studies and opportunities for audience contributions support this lecture.

3. "Think your way to Happiness"
How changing your thinking will influence your behaviour and in turn how you deal with life's ups and downs. This is called CBT. The U.K. has identified it needs to train 5000 health professionals in CBT techniques to help deal with the second most prevalent illness of depression in the U.K. This lecture teaches the basics that we can all apply in our work, family and personal lives. The lecture includes examples and is also fun as well as informative.

4. Luck, Superstitions and beliefs
There is evidence in most cultures of lucky charms and ancient beliefs. Many cultures have customs and rituals believed to help increase good fortune in life. Are people born lucky or do you make your own good fortune? Do you want to increase your luck? Gill's lecture will show you how.

5. Depression - can it be good for us?
It's a fact that 1 in 4 people will experience a form of depression in their life. How do we know if we are depressed? What can we do? The World health Organisation predicts for the year 2030 that depression will be the major debilitating illness in high income countries, followed by heart attack. In middle and low income countries, after AIDS, it will be second and third major illness. This is a huge cost both economically and socially to relationships and families. Does money buy happiness or is there a cut off point? Come along and discuss this in the session.

6. Sports Psychology
'The hole is greater than the sum of it's putts'
How to improve on the golf course? Applying Psychology to sport and physical activities in life. Lee Travino's philosophy on golf. Duncan Goodhew's academy of motivation. Nigella Lawson's culinary passions. They all have common psychology. Come along and find out what it is.

7. The Art of Palmistry
Using an example of an ancient form of interpreting life events through a physiological medium ie the palm, find out how your hand can reveal information about you. This is not a session with glass balls and headscarves (well, not many) but it links old customs to modern day psychology, illustrated by slides, and lets you make your own mind up. Gill will look at modern research which looks at links between between right brain left brain differences in people. Come and find out which you are!

8. The Psychology Between You and Your Dog
This lecture covers the main points, taken from Gill's latest book, about the relationship between humans and dogs, from the dog's point of view. How a little knowledge of psychotherapy can not only help you, but in turn it can help your dog.This ground breaking book has had world wide acclaim for looking at our relationships with our furry friends. It covers the latest research about how much our dogs really do 'read our minds' and how they are the expert on you.

Dogs have lived alongside humans for hundreds of years.Why is this relationship so special, how have dogs evolved to share our lives, how clever are dogs and why do we prefer certain breeds and characteristics ? How helpful can dogs be ? Some stories of courage, loyalty and heroism will be shared. Have you got a story of how a pet helped someone ? Past Cruise passengers have shared amazing, touching stories of pet power.

9. Famous Dogs at sea - stories of loyalty, courage and their significance to their owners who travelled the World
Gill Garratt completed 40 Transatlantic Crossings as Lecture Manager on QM2 & Guest Speaker. She has lectured on Saga, P & O, Carnival, Cunard, Travelscope RTW, Fred Olsen. Her lectures include Popular Psychology, The Psychology of Depression, Anxiety and Family Relationships, Luck & Superstition, Palmistry, Pet Therapy (Author of a Canine Psychology Book) Famous Dogs at Sea, Cornish Characters of the Past, Poldark history & locations, Gardens of Cornwall,. Other topics include Spirit has no Age, Holistic approaches to life, Mindfulness, Meditation, Indian head massage, Laughter therapy, and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy CBT, explained. Gill has 35 years of experience as a Psychologist, Lecturer, Holistic Holiday Organiser and Practical workshop facilitator.
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