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Helen Playfordís expertise is in famous artists, art history, cultural history, Australia, Scandinavia, Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Celtic and Normandy. Helenís talks are created for Cruise industry passengers, interesting, amusing and educational. An experienced cruse lecturer, Bavarian born of Estonian parents who migrated to Australia in 1945 at the end of WWII. A Masters graduate, who has exhibited her artworks in New York, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. Highlights include meeting the Royals at Buckingham Palace, through the Not Forgotten Association Disabled Veterans Association, at the annual garden parties. Another memorable Occassion was meeting the Queen and Prince William and Kate in Arromanches, Normandy, in a afternoon tea setting along with the Normandy Veterans.

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1) Father of Flowers - Claude Monet - French artist.
He created his own paradise featuring a water lily lake.
2) Flower Power and Scandal - Georgia O'keefe - American artist.
Closeup paintings of flowers gave her a sense of looking at life in avery personal way.
2) Storms and sunsets at sea - William Turner - English artist.
Fascinated by the forces of nature a glowing sunset over a ghostly ship was his inspiration.
3) Dancehall highkicks and skirts - Henri Toulouse-Lautrec - French artist.
Deprived of a normal life even as an aristocrat, he was drawn to the seedy parts of Paris, and late nights drinking.
4) Portraits or puppets? - William Dobell - Australian artist.
A court case questioning his artwork made him face the limelight to justify his portrait painting.
5) Desert to deserted towns - Russell Drysdale - Australian Artist.
From a farming family, he chose to represent the Australian 'bushy' on the land, and painted aborigines as part of the landscape.
6) Never to old to Start - Grandma Moses- American artist.Self taught, she took up painting at the age of 100

1) The Vikings - Viking Age the 790s until the Norman Conquest of England in 1066.
2) Viking Ancient Beliefs - Vikings believed in two main families of gods & Godesses sky and earth 3) Bayeux Tapestry - a document of a decisive battle in British history.
4) The history of the Titanic - Titanic was derived from Greek mythology and meant gigantic.
5) Interesting Facts about the Anglo-Saxons - The people we call Anglo-Saxons were actually immigrants from northern Germany and southern Scandinavia.
6) Who were the Normans?- The Normans that invaded England in 1066 came from Normandy in Northern France. However, they were originally Vikings from Scandinavia.
7) Celtic culture today - (the Bretons, the Cornish, the Irish, the Manx, the Scots and the Welsh)
8) Looking at the culture of the Bretons - The Bretons tracing their heritage.
9) Looking at the culture of the Cornish - Englandís horn, its point thrust out into the sea
10) Looking at the culture of the Scots - was founded on elements from both Germanic and Celtic 11) Looking at the culture of the Welsh - represented the symbol of the red Welsh Dragon
12) British Ships involved in The Mulberry Harbour Normandy DDay 1944
13) The British plan Operation Overlord Normandy DDay 1944
14) UK Normandy Veteran Bill Price (1914-2018) Mulberry Harbour 1944
15) Migration to Australia in 1945 After WWII
16) British migration to Australia 1945
Enchrichment Arts lecturer on Princess Cruise ships from Australia
Jan 2014 Diamond Princess
Jan 2016 Gold Princess
July 2016 Sun Princess
May 2017 Viking Star