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Marshall Ulrich has had an extraordinary life as a versatile extreme endurance athlete—ultrarunning icon, Seven Summits mountaineer, and adventure racer— and loves sharing his exploits with fellow travelers. He’s raced, led expeditions or climbed mountains in nearly 30 countries, and visited 30 more, making him a versatile destination speaker. Cutting his teeth running across Death Valley, he’s also climbed Mount Everest, run in the jungles of Borneo, and completed a record-setting run across America. Dubbed the Endurance King, he defies the ideas of “too far,” “too old,” and “not possible.”

Revered among athletes, Marshall is also the author of Running on Empty and Both Feet on the Ground. An acclaimed speaker, he’s lectured on Celebrity, Crystal, the Queen Victoria, Sea Dream, and Viking Ocean cruises, as well as talks to businesses, schools, race expos and professional conferences, including the Royal Geographic Society, Morgan Stanely, and Wilderness Medicine.

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Surviving Mount Everest—Go Into Thin Air on the Highest Mountain
Join Marshall in Tibet as he ascends the less-climbed northern route, and nearly doesn’t return.

Alive in Death Valley—Experience Searing Heat and Desert Solitude
Join the only self-supported trek around a beautiful, diverse, but harsh and nearly fatal, landscape.

Running America—See the Country in a Million Steps
Running 60 miles a day, for 52 days – at age 57 – required enduring setbacks and accepting love.

Adventure Racing—Multi-Sport, Multi-Day Races Around the World
Experience the races that “eat Ironmen for breakfast” and push people to, and beyond, their limits.

The Seven Summits—The Highest Peaks Are More than Piles of Rock
Reach the highest point on each of the seven continents and experience more than just the mountains.

Journeys in Extremes Around the World—Everest to Borneo and More
Travel from the Sahara to Antarctica, Fiji to fiords, through beautiful photos and stunning stories.

Sports Genes or Blue Jeans?—How People Become Pros in Their Field
Are people genetically wired to be pro athletes or chess champs, or can they train to get there?

Nature to Nurture—Why Time in Nature Is Invaluable for All of Us
Why touching the earth, knowing food, and finding quiet peace in nature is especially needed today.

A Model for Success—How You Can Earn the Results You Seek
Using a climb of Everest as an exciting example, learn the steps to take to succeed in your quests.

Sometimes Failure Is An Option—The Most Rewarding Outcome?
What does it mean to fail? Why are we so afraid to fail? Can failure actually be the best thing?

Destination-Specific Talks—Ready to Meet Cruise Itinerary Needs
Adventures in 30 countries, and visits to nearly 30 more, just ask about your destination needs.
Speaking engagements include voyages on Celebrity, Crystal, Cunard, Sea Dream, and several Viking Ocean cruises.