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History - General
Royalty & Monarchy
Dr. Alan Dingsdale was educated at Hayward Grammar School and the University of Durham. He took his doctorate at Leeds University.

He taught at Nottingham Trent University specialising in the historical geography of Europe and the geography of Central and Eastern Europe. As Director of the Centre for European Co-operation he directed co-operative educational programmes with leading universities across Europe. He visited the United States on several occasions lecturing at the Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania and taught summer schools for the University of Minnesota.

Alan was a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and secretary of the Institute of British Geographers Eastern Europe Research Group and also edited an issue of the Royal Geographical Society's Geographical Journal on the subject of Central and Eastern Europe after Socialism.

His naturally friendly and enthusiastic manner has captured the interest of all kinds of audiences and his Bolton accent is immediately recognised by his listeners.

Alan is a keen ballroom and English country dancer.
My talks all concern Britain, Europe and the World in the years from about 1500 to about 1800. They can be combined in a variety of ways to meet requirements of content and number of talks to be given.

‘Europe in the Age of Monarchy 1500-1800’ (Overture)

‘Three Renaissance Kings.’ (Henry VIII of England, Francis I of France, Charles I of Spain).

'The Sun King' Louis XIV of France'

‘Two Russian Greats’ (Peter I and Catherine II)

‘The Absolute Monarchs.’ (Louis XIV of France, Peter the Great of Russia).

‘The Enlightened Monarchs ‘ (Frederick the Great of Prussia, Joseph II of Austria, Catherine the Great of Russia)

'The Rise and Fall of Sweden 1523-1721.'

'Frederick the Great, Philosopher King of Prussia'

'Captains of Commerce. The Decline of the Hanseatic League."

‘The Royal Republics.‘
(Philip II of Spain and the Revolt of the Netherlands, The Stuarts, the Civil Wars and the Accession of the Hanoverians in Britain).

‘The Dutch Defeat Devine Right’

‘A Right Royal Republic – Britain’

'The Kings Capital and the Merchants Town'

'The Remarkable Serene Republic of Venice.'

'Islands in the Great Ocean: Stepping Stones to New Worlds.'

‘The Search for a Sea Route to the Spice Islands discovers New Worlds.’

‘The Race for the Spice Islands and the Discovery of America.’

‘The Exploration of the Pacific and the Voyages of Captain Cook R.N., F.R.S.’

‘Portuguese Commerce and Spanish Conquest open up New Worlds.’

‘The Dutch and the French lay claim to commerce and colonies in Asia and America.’

‘Britannia in the Brave New World.’

'Pirates, Privateers and Buccaneers: The English, French and Dutch Challenge to Spain in the Caribbean.'

‘Global Conflict and Confrontation: Rule Britannia.’

‘Life and Landscape in Georgian Britain’

‘The Pathway to the Crown’ (Hanoverians)

‘The King in Parliament’

‘The Aristocracy and the Countryside.’

‘Georgian London’

‘Provincial Towns in Georgian Britain.’

‘Rural Life and Landscape’

‘The Georgian Empire Overseas’

Talks about European towns:

‘The Gods Look Down: Greek and Roman Towns and Cities’

‘Crusaders, Colonists and Commerce: Medieval Towns and Cities’

‘Culture, Kings and Capitalists: Renaissance and Baroque towns and Cities

‘The City of Dreadful Night: Industrial Towns and Cities’
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