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Photography & Cinematography
Roger Lee graduated with B.A. and B. Com. Degrees from the University of Cape Town and followed a successful business career culminating in being General Manager, Southern Africa for a major international company. His passion for photography began with his first 35mm camera as his 16th birthday present!

He is now a widely travelled, experienced photographer who has been through all the phases of photography over the years – black & white, colour prints, colour transparencies – and who has made the transition to digital with what he describes as ‘a feeling of complete awe at the endless possibilities’. He is particularly fascinated by the new field of Smartphone Photography which is of interest to most cruise ship passengers. Wanting to transmit his enthusiasm for photography to other photographers, he has been running his 'Delight of Photography' courses for nearly ten years encouraging hundreds of people to really 'Enjoy Their Cameras'.

His articles on Photography and Smartphone Photography have been published regularly on international websites and he has written numerous E Books on the same subjects which are sold internationally.

He is a member of the Photographic Society of South Africa and has received both Licentiate (LPSSA) and Associate (APSSA) Honours.

More importantly, as a trained teacher and business presenter over many years, he brings a wonderful clarity to what can be seen as a complicated and daunting subject. His presentations have been developed by him to be as entertaining and easy to follow as possible. He has a relaxed, informal manner, underpinned by great enthusiasm, which adds to the enjoyment of the presentation.

His cruise ship presentations, workshops and Q&A sessions are very popular.

He lives in South Africa but travels regularly to the UK and Europe and so should be regarded as UK based for the purpose of joining cruises originating in the UK and Europe.

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Talks by Roger Lee – all 45 minutes in length

The advent of the mobile phone camera and, latterly the smartphone camera has absolutely revolutionized photography as a cruise lecture topic which appeals equally to both women and men. It is a topic with real benefits for guests.

This is a relatively new branch of photography with hundreds of smartphone owners wanting to know how to make the most of their cameras and so get the maximum enjoyment out of their cruise with an excellent visual record. Almost every guest has a mobile phone and many of them really want to use them to capture lasting memories even if they also have a ‘regular’ camera.

All my talks and workshops have wide popular appeal and are not too full of technical details! They are for people who don’t want to drown in detail – just enjoy taking good photographs! Extensive use is made of illustrative images from all over the World, and real-time on screen demonstrations where relevant, to make sure the talks are entertaining as well as informative. All talks include aspects of interest to owners of both regular cameras and Smartphones.

The talks can be concluded with an invitation to meet at an agreed venue, at say 5pm, to have a question and answer session on any photographic topics. These have proven to be very popular
Talks can be for 200 plus guests whereas workshops are more personal and cater for between 30 and 50 guests.

‘Get the most out of my Photography’ is my opening talk. Showing how Photography can be so much more than just pressing the shutter button to collect memories. This sets the scene and encourages guests to join more of my talks.

‘My Smartphone Camera – how to really enjoy it’ is my second talk. Showing how your Smartphone is so much more than a phone with a camera attached. How easy it is to take good images.

‘Travel Photography’ – a different approach’ is my third talk. Showing how we can record a holiday/cruise in a way that encourages us to re-visit our images and get more value out of our cruise.

‘Capturing My Vision’ is my fourth talk. What to look for when capturing images and how to make the most of what we see. Again, using numerous illustrative examples makes this an enjoyable, inspiring session.

If the cruise was just four talks long these would be the ones to be used. Additional talks would build on this basis even though they would be self contained in their own right.

Additionally I have two workshops for smaller groups that can be included – these can be repeated as necessary to cater for all interested guests:

‘Moving beyond the ‘Auto’ setting for more photographic fun.’ Illustrating how making use of extra camera settings is basically fairly simple but with big advantages.

‘Basic Image Enhancement.’ An introduction to enhancing digital images – getting the most out of your images.

‘Get the Most out of your Smartphone Camera’. Is my fifth talk – how to add extra excitement and interest to Smartphone Photography.

‘Understanding My Camera and capturing better images’. Is my sixth talk. Showing how following certain guidelines will improve your photography and your enjoyment.

In need I have additional talks and the whole programme can be tailored to suit any particular cruise.
Marella Discovery, Saga Sapphire as enrichment speaker - Viking Sea as workshop host/speaker - numerous other cruises when provided passenger photographic assistance.
All necessary visas and medical insurance arranged as necessary
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Viking Sea SE191221 From the Caribbean to the Amazon 21 San Juan Saturday, December 21, 2019
Saga Sapphire SA363 Treasures of the Canaries and Morocco 16 Southampton Monday, January 21, 2019