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John Barnett is the Director of the Long Island Backgammon Club with over 200 members. He is also a Co-Director for the New York City Backgammon Club and also helps to organize the Backgammon events at the New York Athletic Club. John has participated in organizing events at the various monthly American Backgammon Tournaments across the country that are sponsored by the US Backgammon Federation Organization. John’s unique structure will lead a 2-3 hr. Backgammon Event that ends up with all guests interacting with each other over each move on the board and of course a winner. This approach has 4-5 players playing the same Backgammon game on the same Backgammon board. It is a timed event so the structure can be accomplished in a timely fashion. John also gives basic instruction to the group for those guests that need a refresher course in the moves and strategy of Backgammon.

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Backgammon Plus a new and fun way of playing Backgammon. A Chouette style team playing version of Backgammon. The players interact with each other over each Backgammon move. This game is great for family gatherings or vacation venues. Backgammon Plus gets all the participating cruisers or resort customers talking to each other and helps form long lasting fond memories of the cruise or resort vacation.

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Backgammon Plus ©™ (BG+)™ Team play Rules:

BG+ Plus Chouette ENDS - when BG+ POINTS are DOUBLED OR Agreed TIME/LENGTH to Quit/End Game.

2-3 HR BG+ Chouette – Two high point players playoff if no one doubles points.
DOUBLE BG+ points to WIN before End Time.
3 player BG+ game – 19 BG+points
4 player BG+ game – 28 BG+points
5 player BG+ game – 37 BG+points
6 player BG+ game – 46 BG+points
No consulting with CAPTAIN or BOX until player’s doubling cube has been turned.
When Player loses all his BG+ POINTs – Player is OUT of the game/chouette.
Player can only risk up to the points that they have.
No Negative points scored over BG+ Point.
- Have to Pass Box if not enough points
- JACOBY Rule (NO gammon or backgammon if player’s cube has not been turned).
When all team cubes are turned at same time - Box must take Captain than anyone else.
LOSING PLAYER scores the round and Checks BG+PLUS TOTAL for validation.
BOX moves the SHUEs’ to the correct positions.