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Dr. Kevin Elsby is a physician by training, but has a lifelong interest in biology and the natural world, and he has been able to blend these interests with his work as a doctor.

He is an award-winning wildlife photographer, wildlife tour guide and lecturer. He has expertise in many aspects of the natural world. He is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) and sits on the panel of assessors for applicants wishing to achieve a distinction in nature photography with the RPS.

He has spent several years studying bird migration and longevity patterns as a bird ringer (bander) and has a Masters degree in Wildlife Biology and Conservation. He is a very experienced wildlife tour guide and has led trips to many parts of the world in search of wildlife and wildlife photography opportunities. Destinations have included teh Arctic and Antarctica (where he has worked on several expeditions as a guide / lecturer), much of South and Central America, Australasia, Indonesia and Africa. In his role as speaker on cruise ships he has also been able to show passengers the wildlife of the areas being visited on the cruise.

Many of his talks at sea inform guests of the wildlife of the region being visited. These talks are interspersed with subjects such as how to become a better wildlife photographer and interesting wildlife facts from around the world. Another very popular talk, related to his medical background, is the fascinating (almost unbelievable) history of scurvy, the biggest killer of seamen in the age of sail.

He is in demand because of the particular style of his talks, delivered with great enthusiasm and good humour, based on years of expert knowledge.

Over the years, Kevin has travelled to all the continents of the world in search of wildlife and he uses his own photographic material taken on his travels to illustrate his lectures.

He has a particular interest in the wildlife and environment of the Arctic and Antarctic regions, as well as tropical rainforests.

Over the years he has amassed a large photographic portfolio, much of which are displayed on his website ( as well as in his latest book, "Wildlife Photography Around The World".

He also has many images hosted by leading photographic agencies.

He is more than happy to pass on his photographic skills to his audiences.

Kevin speaks on all aspects of wildlife and wildlife photography - birds, mammals, insects, plants, geology etc., focussing on nature and wildlife of the part of the world which the cruise visits. All lectures are illustrated with his own images, taken over many years of travel in search of wildlife.

A sample of his photographs may be viewed on his website:-

Examples of his lecture portfolio:-

1. Wildlife photography - how to do it!
2. Wildlife facts from around the world
3. Wildlife of South America - determined by the countries visited
4. Galapagos - in the footsteps of Darwin
5. Hummingbirds - nature's flying marvels
6. Spoonbills and spaceships - wildlife and science in Florida
7. Antarctica - the wildlife at the end of the world
8. Peru - from vultures to cultures
9. Crocodiles and quetzals - the best of Costa Rica's wildlife
10. Spitzbergen - the wildlife at the top of the world
11. Kenya - a wildlife photographer's dream
12. Megapodes and marsupials, a naturalist down under
13. Alfred Russell Wallace - the forgotten man of evolution
14. Scurvy on the seven seas - the sailor's peril and how it was solved.
15. The secret world of penguins
16. The Bald Eagle and other birds of Alaska
17. Seabirds of the far north
18. The Arctic - wildlife survival in ice.
19. Alaska's diverse wildlife
20. Venomous creatures of Australia
21. Aspects of Australian wildlife
22. Unique birds of New Zealand
23. As dead as a Dodo - wildlife of the Indian Ocean Islands
24. Vietnam - a quest for the Spoon-billed Sandpiper
25. Mai Po, Hong Kong - a wildlife paradise in a city
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