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Earth Sciences, Geology & Geography
Dr Richard Bates is an applied geophysicist at the University of St Andrews. He began his career in the US contracting to mining, oil, ground water and environmental organisations. Since returning to the UK his interests have expanded to the use of the geosciences to issues that affect people in their everyday lives from climate change studies to marine habitat mapping; archaeology investigations to reconstructing past environments; resource mining to renewable energy. His work takes him to the tropics and the arctic, to the high mountains and across the seas.

His work has been the focus of a number of documentaries such as BBC Operation Iceberg, National Geographic programs on Stonehenge and Neolithic Orkney. Recent museum exhibits have included Ice Age Island, Jersey, and Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story, National History Museum, London.
Terroir – the Geological essence of wine or just a load of sour grapes! Through a wine tasting the essence of wine is explored along with the concept of Terroir. Wines from the old world are compared with those of the New world.
Terroir – Western Seaboard – the wines of the western seaboard of Europe from France to Spain via the ports of Portugal
Terroir – the birth of wine and wine regions of the Mediterranean. A tasting guide to wine of the Mediterranean region.
Whisky on the rocks: a talk and guided taste tour of the iconic drink of Scotland. From the wind-swept island of the west coast to the great glens of the Cairngorms the whisky of Scotland is presented, discussed through an illustrated tasting.

Lectures: Environmental
Greenland’s Sleeping Giants – the fate of Icebergs from the frozen north. Climate change in the Arctic, what of the future, will the region survive the next 200yrs?
Sailing and Science at the Roof of the World – measuring the change in Greenland’s Icecap. Science in cold places.
Operation Iceberg – in Greenland with the BBC
Climate Change – just a lot of hot air?
Terroir - the Geological essence of wine or just a load of sour grapes!
Climate Impacts in the Caribbean

Lectures: Earth Science
Geology of Europe
Scotland - The Birthplace of Geology
Making of the Mediterranean
Caribbean Odyssey, a geological history
Panama – search into the deep for the protection of marine habitats
Legends and Civilizations of the Mediterranean, their geological origins
To Frack or Not to Frack – hydrocarbon future or the next great evil
Geothermal Power – the future
Earth Resources – where do all our resources come from?
What’s in your mobile phone?

Lectures: Ocean Science
Making Waves –use of sound in Ocean Exploration
Protecting the Oceans – the use of science in the battle for protection of the last great “commons” – the oceans. From the precious ecosystems on the seafloor to the giant creatures that roam the oceans
Investigations into the deep - discoveries at the bottom of the ocean
A history of Ocean exploration

Lectures: Archaeology
Unlocking the past using Black Boxes – geophysics in archaeology
Europe’s Lost Worlds – the drowned lands of the North Sea. An exploration of the ancient peoples of the (drowned) North Sea. Where did our ancestors come from? Are the legends or lost lands true?
Pushing back time in archaeology – discoveries from recent investigations
Hunting for stones – new discoveries in henges
Truths and Myths from northern shores
Lake Tana, source of the Blue Nile – Ancient environments during hominid dispersal from Africa.
Out of Africa – the origin of our species
Pirates of the Caribbean - fact or fiction

Lectures: Travel
John Rae – unsung hero of Arctic exploration. The life and times of John Rae, Arctic explorer who discovered the fate of the Franklin expedition and inadvertently that of the North West Passage (from the land)
Franklin – why did it go so wrong?
Shackleton – follow me to the ends of the Earth. The story of the inspiration leader, Shackleton in his exploration of the Antarctic, the loyalty that his command earned him, the faith his men placed in him and his unquenchable will to survive in the most inhospitable of lands
Charles Lyell and the Grand Tour of Europe
Darwin – Voyages of the Mind

Destination Countries
Countries worked in with local knowledge: UK, Europe (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Greenland, Iceland). Arctic, Middle East (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran), US (lower 48 States, Alaska and Hawaii), Panama, Mexico, Africa (S. Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Egypt)
Viking Sea SE170326 Empires of the Mediterranean,March, 2017
Viking Sea SE160412 Mediterranean Odyssey, April, 2016
SAGA Quest for Adventure, August 2013
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Viking Jupiter JU191204 South America & the Chilean Fjords 17 Buenos Aires Wednesday, December 4, 2019
Viking Sea SE170326 Empires of the Mediterranean 9 Athens (from Piraeus) Sunday, March 26, 2017
Viking Sea SE160412 Mediterranean Odyssey 12 Venice Tuesday, April 12, 2016