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NORMAN BERDICHEVSKY (Ph.D. Geography - University of Wisconsin) is a Freelance lecturer, teacher, translator, writer, researcher, editor, cruise enrichment speaker, interpreter, tutor, and community events manager with sophisticated communications skills; He has forty-five years’ experience teaching at university, college, and junior college levels in the United States, Denmark, Spain and Israel – 6 published books, more than 300 articles in a variety of American, British, Danish, Spanish and Israeli journals; fluent in Hebrew, Danish, Spanish and Esperanto and has conducted many cruise enrichment lectures for royal Caribbean and Victory Cruise Lines.

Norman has taught courses in Cultural and Social Geography especially languages, religion, ethnic groups, international and urban affairs, Israel, Islam and the Middle East, The History and Culture of Spain and Portugal, Creative Writing, Literature, modern Hebrew, Popular Culture, Urban Affairs, Religion, English as a Second Language, Literature, Scandinavian Affairs and other subjects at both secondary schools, private colleges and institutions of higher learning including the Universities of Wisconsin, New Orleans, Aarhus University and Aalborg University, The Danish School of International Marketing, (Denmark), and the Popular University of Tel Aviv (Israel).

He is a regular contributor to the on line magazine “The New English Review” and has taught English for Academic Purposes at Seminole State College, Contemporary Israeli Society and Social Linguistics at Rollins College, and lectured at Tel-Aviv University and Bar-Ilan University Israel, The London School of Economics and SOAS- School of Asian and African Studies (London), The University of Wisconsin, The University of New Orleans, Aarhus Katedralskole, The Danish International School of Marketing, Herning, Denmark, Jews' Free School –London, Appleton Museum of Art; Ocala, Florida, The University of Florida, Gainesville, Central Florida Community College, Ocala, Florida (ESL courses) and the “Senior Institute”..

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Contains information and full texts of hundreds of journal and websites, translations, and videos of talks.

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3. “Spanish Vignettes; An Offbeat Look into Spain‘s Culture, Society and History“; Ediciones Santana, S.L. Malaga, Spain. February, 2005. ISBN 84-89954-40-2. 280 pages. This is the only required textbook in English for all students participating in the Madrid summer courses of all 12 campuses of the University of California.
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Listed below are a number of topics on which Dr Berdichevsky has recently lectured:

The Life and Works of Hans Christian Andersen

Frank Lloyd Wright Master architect and Iconoclast

Denmark and Danish Culture

The Catalan Movement for Independence

Hebrew - Mother of Languages

Don Quixote - Literature's Most Misunderstood Novel

The Cultural and Economic Geography of Coffee and Tea

Carl Sandberg, The People's Poet

Theodore Roosevelt's Amazon Expedition

The Great Rivalry between Hebrew and Yiddish

The Baltic Revival

Jacob Riis - America's Most Famous 19th century immigrant

New York's Subway and London's Underground

The American World War II Leading Fighter Pilot Ace Franciszek Gabryszewski

Why "Left and Right" May Mean Something Else in Politics Elsewhere

Uruguay's Bilingual Heritage Spanish and Portunyol

Bermuda - From Onions to Financial Powerhouse

The Dutch West Indies and the Papiamento language

Haiti - The Pearl of the Antilles

Trump and Truman - Similarities and Differences

Wendell Willkie - The Other Republican Businessman Candidate for President

Switzerland's Multilingualism

Puerto Rico From Colony to Commonwealth to Statehood/Independence?

Esperanto - Success or Failure ?

Brazil - America's World War II Ally

Brazil's Emperor Dom Pedro II and the Liberation of the Slaves

Brazil's Two Great Cultural Exports to the United States - Antonio Carlos Jobim and Carmen Miranda

Brazilian Unity under the Monarchy vs. Republican fragmentation in Latin America

Th Liberation of Slaves in the Danish West Indies and the Governor Von Scholten's Mulatto Mistress

Brazil's Great Aviation Pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont

Georg Duckwitz - The German Diplomat Who Rescued Danish Jews

Who Did What For Israel in 1948 - Czech & Soviet Aid

Other Zionisms - The Greeks, Chinese, Armenians, Finns & Hungarians

Spain and Israel–Jewish-Spanish Reconciliation

The Panama Canal Zone and the Disappearing One Balboa Banknote

Why it took So Long To Sell the Danish West Indies to the United States

Mexico and the Infamous Zimmerman Telegram

The Florida Panhandle and the Invention of Air-conditioning

The Two Floridas

British and American Language, Folkways & Institutions

A Tale of Two Kings - The Danish Yellow Star Myth

Jutland vs. Copenhagen - Country Bumpkins vs. City Slickers.

In Defense of Geography

Is Geographical Ignorance Bliss ?

The Great Lakes Fishing Industry

The Canadian Mounties

The Amazing Career and humor of Victor Borge

How Canada Almost Became Two Countries

Irish, Scottish and Welsh Nationalism in the U.K.

Denmark's Complicated Geography and How Modern Bridges Replaced the Ferries

The Swedish-Danish Rivalry

Basque Identity

Modern Spain and Traditional Spanish Stereotypes

Madeira, The Canary and Azore Islands - Stepping Stones to the Americas

Spain's Four National and Regional Languages

Holocaust Heroes in the Most Unexpected Places

Cuba's Great Power Ambition and its Adventurist Military Intervention in Africa

Batista and Castro - Polar Opposites or Two Peas in a Pod

Southern Politicians' Aspiration to Annex Cuba

American Fears of European Involvement in Caribbean Affairs

Venice and the Adriatic

The Dalmatian Coast


Four Outstanding Brazilians in the Arts and Sciences

Argentina's Great Writer Jorge Luise Borges

Argentina's Great Troubador of tango Song, Carlos Gardel

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