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Amanda Knowles graduated from Rycotewood College, Thame, Oxfordshire in the late 1970ís and opened her own cabinet making and restoration business in the Lake District in the early 1980ís, working throughout the Cumbrian area until 1996 when she took a post at Kendal College and developed the furniture making and restoration department within the craft and construction section of the college. She has also got long standing established international links in the USA and Canada with antique specialists that deal with ceramics, pictures and jewellery items. In 2002 she gained her LCGI as a credit to her involvement with vocational education.

In 2009 she relocated to Ashford, Kent and now teaches locally at her own workshop in rural Kent.

Her fascination with everything antique encompasses not only the design and making of furniture and furniture restoration to the history of furniture, architecture and the history of related items all the way up to modern design principles. This gives an eclectic breadth to the types of talks and presentation Amanda is able to cover.

Amanda's area of expertise covers a wide range of subject areas from architecture, history and furniture design and also the care of both modern and antique furniture.

Talks can be tailored to particular interests and locations, and I am always happy to speak about the architecture in ports and countries where cruises call.
1. Scandinavian art glass and beyond -a look at how Scandinavian design has influenced world design

2. The love of Scandinavian design ideas on 'tomorrows world'

3. All children big and small love toys- a brief look at how toys and Christmas celebrations have changed through the ages

4. Ceramics - Know your Delft, Majolica from your Faience and Azulejos - the influence of ceramic.

5. Identifying furniture style through the ages - know what to look for whether it is a marriage a separation or a divorce .

5. How English, Spanish and Portuguese furniture influenced the Americas and beyond.

7. Thomas Chippendale Senior and junior - how the Chippendales influenced furniture design across the world.

8. The Grand Tour around Europe - a brief look at how the rich and powerful enjoyed their visits around the splendours of Europe.

9. Frank Lloyd Wright - How a great American influenced architecture and furniture through out the world.

10. The Frog Service - how Josiah Wedgwood 's work won world wide appeal especially with the collections at The Hermitage St Petersburg
2014 Fred.Olsen Xmas cruise around the Canaries
2012 CMV Marco Polo around the Canaries