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Semi-retired Professor Gary Evans teaches History and Film Studies at the University of Ottawa, Canada. Since 2012 he has entertained cruise ship audiences with Caribbean and Panama and South American Destination talks. Describing the Caribbean as a continent of islands, his colorful presentations move from pre-history to European colonization to contemporary realities as well as musical culture. He covers Brazilís recent economic takeoff by describing the benefits and perils of globalization. Mr. Evans historical interest in Alaska includes photos from the Gold Rush and an integration of US and Canadian history that is unique. He also offers Special Interest talks about film (He has introduced shipboard feature films) and has discussed Alfred Hitchcock, Marilyn Monroe and Hollywood favorites during in-depth talks. Mr. Evansí popularity extends to his coverage of topics with both earnest and entertaining vignettes.

1. A Continent of Islands
Surveys the history of European colonization of the Caribbean and the search for gold and silver, followed by the need for salt, then sugar

2. Caribbean Legacy
Each island we visit was coveted and fought for by European powers but after the collapse of slavery and the sugar economy was left to languish.

3. The American Century
United States interest in the Caribbean had much to do with wanting to build and control the Panama Canal. Historical photos and moving images demonstrate how changing perspectives led to present day realities.

4. How Objects Shape Civilizations
This talk features 15 objects that played a major role in shaping the civilizations of the Caribbean, Central and South American pre-history.

5. Caribbean and South American Musical Legacy
The different islands have unique musical sounds while Brazil has a sound that is world renown

6. Brazil and the Amazon past and present
A nearly forgotten outpost of the 18th century sugar economy, in the 20th century Brazil joined the rush to globalization resulting in a positive and negative impact

7. How to Appreciate the Mighty Amazon
Visitors often believe they are on another planet as they discover the Amazon rainforestís fabulous diverse flora and fauna

8. Learning About the Amazonís Diverse Cultures
A number of indigenous peoples of the Amazon share with visitors their cultures in song, dance and language while also showing an interest in and need to benefit from contemporary globalization

9. Where Does Brazil Go From Here?
Visiting the Amazon raises important questions about what lies ahead. The continued contact with the forces of globalization (including tourism) have given rise to responsible approaches that will benefit both visitors and Brazilís many peoples and cultures.


1. Cruising with Alfred Hitchcock
Film clips and vignettes reveal Hitchcockís enigma to himself and to his audiences.

2. The Immortal Marilyn Monroe: Tragic Sex Goddess
The death of this icon of American sexuality continues to provoke theories and fantasies.

3. Actorsí Magic
What explains the ongoing attraction to the Hollywood Dream Factory & the Oscars?
Prof. Evans has been a Destination Speaker since 2012 and has specialized in the abovementioned locales. He has authored 4 books and also has a strong background in film studies. His Power Point delivery makes for a positive learning & social environment as Celebrity, Oceania, Princess, Cunard, Victory and Sea Dream officials will attest.From November - May he resides in south Florida.