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Landscape and history fascinate Kathy. She has a range of presentations on the natural world and culture which can be tailored to destinations or seasons as require.

Growing up in the Yorkshire Dales, Kathy developed a love for the countryside. She has worked in agriculture and conservation since 1980 and was awarded a Doctorate in Landscape History and Ecological Management, by Imperial College London, in 2004. Kathy has a consultancy for land owners and farmers, advising on landscape history and ecology and working with The Wildlife Trusts. During lock down Kathy worked as Environmental Advisor at Lee Abbey Devon; caring for the beautiful woodland estate on the north Devon coast. she is also been working on a book about landscapes and the agricultural history of southern England.

Kathy has a passion for travel, meeting new people and seeing new places.
Having visited places as far afield as New Zealand, Israel and America for pleasure and business: Recently cruising round the Baltic, Norway, Iceland, the Mediterranean with Viking, Princess & Celebrity.

She has many years’ experience as a successful lecturer and mentor, both as a civil servant and in private consultancy, organising lectures, activity workshops and study trips. She is presently working with Reading University mentoring students. Kathy achieved the advanced speaker’s certificate through The Speakers Club of Great Britain

An accomplished crafts woman, Kathy works with various materials from glass, fused and leaded; to threads in embroidery, gold work & lace making, studying at Hampton Court Royal School of Needlework.

She is a Church bell ringer and enjoys working with wide ranging and various groups within the community.

Northern Europe Baltic, Norway Iceland
• Vikings and their Voyages; Voyages of the Vikings Vicious and vivacious Where the Vikings went and why? From Denmark to Iceland and on to Vinland. A powerful trading nation
• St Petersburg; a Glorious Venice of the north. Romanov’s and Rivers.
From the foundation of the city by Peter the Great, the Tzars built the splendid city of St Petersburg. The story of the city is intertwined with the tragic tale of the Romanov Family.
• Baltic Germany The Ebb and Flow of Germanic power, from Crusaders to WWII.
• The Hansiatic League and Baltic trading ports. Copenhagen, Rostock (Warnamunde) and Gdansk; Small fishing villages grew to become important trading ports in the middle ages
• Stockholm; from fairy tales to majestic mansions; from folk music to Abba. Stockholm is a capital of contrasts.
• The Gulf of Finland. Tallinn and Helsinki; The story of these capital city's is intertwined with invasions from Sweden, Russia and Germany. They have developed into cultural capitals with a vibrant history.
• Dynamic Norway Culture and history. The Norwegians embrace their natural environment and there is a rich culture to explore in the dramatic scenery of the fjords; from the Northern Art Nouveau architecture of Alesund to wartime Norway.
• Bounteous Norway - the rugged landscape and dramatic fjords were carved out of the mountains in the ice age, the flora & fauna is as distinctive as the spectacular scenery. Norway has and wide variation of habitat and climate.
• From sky to sea - flora and fauna, of Norway & Iceland
• Volcanoes in the Sea – Geology of North Atlantic.
• The Northern lights; This spectacular natural phenomenon, scientific facts or Norse mythology?
• Ageless Architecture of Iceland. Building without trees; green roofs to modern architecture.
• Huldufσlk Folk, Icelandic and Faroese folklore. From trolls to fairies, and why you should never throw stones.
• Life on the Edge. Living landscapes of Iceland. The way of life in Iceland

Mediterranean topics
• Israel; Old & New. A country of contrasts. Lake Galilee to the Dead Sea.
• Jerusalem: the living city from biblical times. A high place in the wilderness, and the time of Christ. Jerusalem today, a living city.
• Ancient Greece: from Crete Ancient Gods of Greece and Rome to Athens, knowledgeable and seafaring peoples.
• Ancient Gods of Greece and Rome, Greece is called the birthplace of modern civilization, but what did the ancients believe? Was Zeus born on Crete? and what was the Minotaur?
• Art in the city, Barcelona and Antoni Gaudi.
• Hidden treasures of Rome, not just St Peters and the Coliseum but other lanes and back streets of Rome.
• Landscapes of the Amalfi coast, volcanoes and vineyards from the back streets of Naples and Pompeii to the island of Capri. The romance of Italy.
• Merchants of Venice. A carnival city, Glittering palaces and torrid trade. Merchant, explorer, and writer, who was Marco Polo?
• Ephesus; underneath the surface.

The New World
• Glorious Greenland – Flora and fauna, and history.
• Noble Savages - Inuit and Eskimos – The indigenous peoples of North America.
• Wondrous Landscapes – The east coast of Canada and Newfoundland.
• Voyages of discovery to the New World – John Cabot and Christopher Columbus
• Life on the Canadian Edge – Struggles of a New Nation.

British Natural History and Culture
• Archaeology of the Northern Islands – Shetlands and Orkney
• The New Forest - medieval hunting Forest from 1066 to 2016.
• Ancient circles and mystical mounds - Stonehenge to the Ring of Brogda
• Ireland as a whole. From the Blarney stone to Belfast, from leprechauns to Limerick.
• From Highlands and Islands to Royal Miles; there’s always a festival to celebrate, with of course Whisky in the Jar.
• Droves –our accident lanes and roads. What tales they can tell!
• Ringing the Changes – A heavy metal band; tales from the bell tower; church bell ringing.
• Through a Window Brightly- Stained Glass history - tailored to season/ destination.
• Country Lanes – Fact and Fiction of Trees and Flowers – tailored to the seasons.
• Myth and Magic of Water Meadows; History of water meadows in Wessex. The Art of the Drowner; Ecology of water meadows.
Oriana. P&O -British Isles - June 11 -23rd 2018 - Lectures on history and destinations and escorting tours

Viking Sun - SU180519 Viking Homelands - Bergen to Stockholm - May 19 to June 1st 2018 - Lectures on history and destinations and escorting tours.

Celebrity Silhouette - Israel and the Mediterranean Cruise - 29th September 2017 - Lectures on history, culture and religious sites well received by all faiths.

Celebrity Eclipse - Scandinavian and Russian Cruise Southampton - 13th - 30th July 2017- Destination lectures and escorting tours

Celebrity Eclipse - Treasures of the Baltic Southampton -14th August 2016. Destination lectures and escorting tours

Magellan - Beautiful Norway - June 2015

Marco Polo - Fjordland Splendour - July 2014
The following recent Cruise History has been recorded for this candidate.
Viking Venus VE220205 In Search of the Northern Lights 12 Tilbury Saturday, February 5, 2022
Viking Venus VE220124 In Search of the Northern Lights 12 Bergen Monday, January 24, 2022
Viking Venus VE220112 In Search of the Northern Lights 12 Tilbury Wednesday, January 12, 2022
Viking Sky SK211201 Journey to Antiquities 7 Piraeus (Athens) Wednesday, December 1, 2021
Viking Sky SK211121 Greek Odyssey 10 Piraeus (Athens) Sunday, November 21, 2021
Viking Sky SK211114 Journey to Antiquities 7 Civitavecchia (for Rome) Sunday, November 14, 2021
Viking Sky SK211107 Iconic Western Mediterranean 7 Barcelona Sunday, November 7, 2021
Viking Star ST200122 In Search of the Northern Lights 12 Bergen Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Viking Star ST191031 Cities of Antiquity & the Holy Land 14 Piraeus (Athens) Thursday, October 31, 2019
Viking Sky SK190801 Iceland's Majestic Landscapes 12 Bergen Thursday, August 1, 2019
Viking Sky SK190721 Majestic Fjords & Vibrant Cities 11 Copenhagen Sunday, July 21, 2019
Viking Sun SU180922 Viking Homelands 14 Stockholm Saturday, September 22, 2018
Oriana X809 British Isles Cruise 12 Southampton Monday, June 11, 2018
Viking Sun SU180519 Viking Homelands 14 Bergen Saturday, May 19, 2018