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Patrick Goodness is a globally recognized thought leader in the study of comparative global religions and ancient cultural mythologies. Patrick brings a profound knowledge of global cultures, religions and mythologies with an engaging and humorous approach to storytelling.

Patrick has traveled and lectured in more than 110 countries around the world, studying and teaching global cultures and a becoming recognizable voice for the preservation of ancient mythologies, indigenous tribal lore and global religions and practices.

Patrick lectures frequently at universities and global conferences and is a popular enrichment speaker among discerning cruise lines. His lectures are peppered with valuable research, thoughtful observations, powerful analogies and dry comedic wit that always bring smiles.

Sample Lecture Topics:

South Korea:
The Myths & Legends of Korea
Korea has a rich history of imaginative myths that explain creation, their culture and the world around them. Learn how the sun and the moon came to be. Learn about the great flood, mystical shamans and the animals that saved the gods. Discover the stories, myths and legends that bring Korea to life in this engaging lecture that will include music, stories and entertaining videos about Korea’s vibrant mythologies.

The Myths & Legends of Japan: Hear the creation story of Izanagi and Izanami that brought Japan to life. Learn about the Japanese underworld and the gods that shaped Japans past and present. Learn about the basics of Shinto religion, the state religion of Japan. Discover some of the many Shinto traditions and ceremonies that are still practiced today. You’ll forget you’re learning…while being entertained with a presentation that includes music, videos and the great myths of Japan.

1. Religion in China
Learn about the ancient primitive religions and faiths of Eastern Asia that shaped modern day China. Discover early Chinese religious elements of animism, folk religions and shamanism; known as Taoism. Learn the basics of traditional Chinese religion and philosophy, including Confucianism, Buddhism and other Chinese faiths and practices. While China is an atheist state, a constituency of almost 400 million followers practices religion of some kind. Be transported to the ancient days of China and take a journey to the ancient mystical faiths and religions that shaped the greatest dynasties the world has ever seen.

2. The History & Legacy of the Great Chinese Dynasties
Discover the impact and contributions of China’s great dynasties, including the Qin, Shang, Zhou, Han, Sui and Song dynasties. Learn how these dynasties and their teachings reverberate in similar teachings around the world, and uncover the people behind China’s great contributions to the world. Learn about the visionaries behind the terracotta army, the Great Wall of China, gunpowder, guns and canons, hot air balloons, umbrellas, brandy & whiskey, helicopters and more!

3. The Life and Legacy of Confucius
Learn the history and teachings of one of the greatest philosophers and teachers the world has ever known. Discover the wisdom and profound lessons and of China’s great sage, and take a journey into China’s ancient history to discover more about the man who gave us the Golden Rule, and many other teachings that direct and guide humanity even today. Laugh at Confucius-inspired jokes and riddles that keep his memory alive even today. “He who sits on rose bush…soon get point.”

Rome, Florence/Pisa:
Ancient Rome in Your Home? The impact of Rome’s influence is inescapable…even two thousand years after Rome’s fall. Discover Rome’s most important contributions to global civilization: the alphabet, road systems, aqueducts, city planning and so much more Discover the Art & Culture of Florence and the history of Leonardo da Vinci, Pinocchio and the Florentine steak. Why does the Leaning Tower of Pisa lean? Who was Galileo? Learn about his experiments, theories and why the church excommunicated him. History, Art & Culture come ALIVE in this engaging lecture. Bring the whole family!

Ancient Rome: The Rise of Ancient Rome.
Two thousand years ago, one civilization held the entire western world in its grasp. From Northern Europe to Africa and the Middle East it imposed ideas, laws and a single language. Even today, the world still dreams of its cities, and its triumphs…it’s idealism and it’s decadence. It was Rome.

Did you Know? Interesting Facts about the History of Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius & Herculaneum…the Cities of the Dead. History comes alive and paints a vivid picture of ancient Pompeii and Herculaneum during their last days. Step back in time and be mesmerized by vivid myths, laugh out loud to 2,000 year old jokes and marvel at the clever humor of ancient street graffiti. This is the history you never learned in school. Includes highlights of the Amalfi Costa and Capri. Children and adults alike will have fun learning the history and intriguing stories of this incredible destination.

Monte Carlo/Cannes/Nice:
Rub Shoulders with Royalty! Discover Monaco…home of incredible wealth, real life Princes and Princesses, the Monaco Grand Prix and James Bond’s favorite casino. Cannes is more than posh neighborhoods, and movie stars. Visit the fortress prison of Île Sainte-Marguerite and tour the cell of the Man in the Iron Mask. Unwind on stunning beaches, shop in chic boutiques, visit art galleries and discover why France is the gastronomic capital of the world. Learn about Nice, one of the oldest human settlements in Europe and home to some of the most talented artists and beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean. A lecture perfect for the entire family!

Did you know that the mythical Hercules sailed the seas of the Mediterranean and actually gave Barcelona her name? Discover Barcelona’s mythical beginnings, her history of invasions from the Carthaginians, Goths, Romans, Moors and even the French… and why Barcelona is one of Spain’s most diverse cities. Learn about Gaudi and his masterpiece church La Sagrada Familia and uncover Picasso’s love affair with the city. Learn about family friendly parks, mountaintop roller coasters, cable cars, La Rambla, and world famous soccer club FC Barcelona! Bring the whole family for this lecture!

Spain & Portugal
A Voyage to Spain & Portugal: Take a voyage of discovery as we explore the ancient history and cultures of Spain and Portugal. Discover the impact of the Celts, and the Romans. Learn about Spain’s role as a center of early Christianity and the events of the Inquisition. As we approach Portugal, learn about the history, culture and a national myth that gives insight into this dynamic and intriguing nation that once ruled half the known world.

Olympia, Greece:
Discover Olympia, Host of the original Olympic Games, her mythical history & connection to Zeus. Learn about Corfu’s mythological history, amazing castles & Corfu’s role as an outpost of Venice.

Greek Myths:
The greatest myths from Ancient Greece come alive. Discover their impact & their reverberations throughout modern religion & history.

Crete, Greece:
Uncover the natural & historical wonders of Greece’s largest island. Travel back 4000 years to learn about the ancient Minoans, visit the cave where the mighty Zeus was born, and discover the “can’t miss” destinations on this Mediterranean island paradise.

Rhodes, Greece:
Discover Rhodes… a walk through antiquity, and learn about Mykonos and her windmills and whitewashed villas. Explore Athens, the heart of Ancient Greece and the engine of the historic Greek civilization & empire.

Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia:
Take a whirlwind tour of Montenegro, Croatia & Slovenia and learn their unique histories, and the best places to explore during your time in these incredible port destinations.

Discover the magic of Venice…the city built on water. Explore her grand canals, incredible architecture, & learn how Venice became the home of modern opera & baroque music. Find out why Venice was excommunicated from the Catholic Church & how she found her way back into the church’s good graces.

Discover Israel’s rich history that stretches more than 3000 years and how Israel is sacred to three major faiths and the backdrop for defining events in religious history. Spotlight on Jerusalem: a place of pilgrimage and worship for Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Viking Mythology:
Explore the Basics of Viking and Norse Mythology. Meet Thor, Odin & Loki and learn about Valhalla and the Kingdom of Asgard.

Discover Viking origins, culture, legends and the lasting impact of the Vikings in Iceland.

Discover Greenland and the Viking’s impact on the world’s largest island. Explore the cultural heritage, natural history and amazing wildlife of this frozen wonderland.

Inuit Culture:
Inside the Inuit Culture & L’Anse aux Meadows Uncovered
Explore Canada’s Inuit culture and trace the origins of the Americas’ oldest Viking settlement and its connection to Leif Eriksson.
Special focus on Inuit heritage, cultural, mythology and modern Inuit culture.

L'anse Aux Meadows, Canada:
Explore the origins of the oldest Viking settlement in the Americas and the native cultures and natural history of the area. Learn about the connection to Leif Erikson and get helpful tips on what to do…what to see…what to eat and what to buy in the area.

Quebec City, Canada:
Discover the history of French Canada including early native peoples and settlers. Learn about the history of this region and her vibrant, diverse cultures and natural history. Plus tips on what to do, what to see and what to eat in French Quebec.

Explore the gods & precepts of Hinduism & origins of the Hindu caste system. Compare Hindu to other world religions.

1. Uncover the life of Buddha, Buddhist concepts, how to reach Nirvana & the rise of Buddhism in India and Asia.

2. Life-changing Lessons from the Buddha: Learn ancient Buddhist truths & the simple messages that reverberate with personal meaning today.

Insights into Islam: Learn the basics of Islam, core teachings & Sharia law. Explore Islamic sects including Sunni & Shia.

Egypt & Jordan:
Egypt & Jordan and their key roles in the history of the bible. Explore the nations that served as the backdrop to Biblical History: Exodus, Ten Commandments & Jesus’ baptism.

Vodou, Santeria & other Afro-Caribbean Faiths.
Learn the history of these enigmatic cultural faiths and how they are similar to modern religions.

1. Meet the first peoples of the Caribbean, their beliefs, myths, way of life and their lasting legacy.

2. Caribbean History 101. History comes alive as we learn the history of the Caribbean’s European domination, their quest for gold, and their subsequent colonization, sugar plantations and the role of slavery and slavery’s legacy throughout the Caribbean islands.

3. Get to Know the Caribbean. Learn incredible facts about the Caribbean, including geological formation, Caribbean cultural quirks and some stories that explain how the Caribbean got its name. Take a journey to meet the first peoples of the Caribbean, their beliefs, myths, their way of life and their legacy throughout the islands.

A History of the Canal & A Glimpse Into the Culture, Myths, and Artwork of the Cuna and Guaymí Indians.

1. Did You Know? Interesting facts and incredible stories about Cuba and her colorful history and people.

2. The People of Cuba. Traditions, family and daily life for the people of Cuba. Learn what life is really like in Cuba today.

3. Religion in Cuba. Tracing the roots and modern practices of Christianity, Santeria, Yorubu and other faiths in Cuba.

Amazon Rainforest:

1. Enter the Amazon. Discover Earth’s largest rainforest wrapped around the largest river in the world. Learn about the incredible animals and plants that make the Amazon Rainforest the most biodiverse spot on the planet and why the Amazon Rainforest is under siege.

2. The Hidden Tribes of the Amazon. In the depths of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil live tribes who have had no contact with the outside world. Learn about these uncontacted tribes, their lifestyles, rituals, beliefs and the threats to their existence.

Brazil Up Close. Learn the incredible history of the largest country in South America, including Brazil’s slave history, Confederate soldier colonies and Brazil’s connection to the Nazis. Discover amazing facts about Carnival, religion in Brazil and daily life in the fifth largest country in the world.

1. Walkabout: The Myths and Legends of Australia’s Aborigines. Delve into the vibrant anthropomorphic mythology of the Aboriginal culture and learn the secrets of the Dreamtime. Learn the ancient creation stories and tales and discover how some stories bear a striking similarity to other global myths and current religious faiths.

2. Australia Uncovered: Learn the incredible history of the Land Down Under from ancient times to the arrival of the first convicts signaling the colonial era. Discover amazing facts you never knew about Australia and her inhabitants. Explore the Outback, see inside underground opal mining cities the learn history of Aboriginal genocide and their fight for equal rights etc.

1. Polynesian Culture: The Interesting, the Taboo and the Bizarre. Take a journey to the islands of Polynesia and discover cultural curiosities and bizarre practices that exist only in the South Pacific.

2. The Gods of Polynesia: Learn the incredible myths of Polynesia’s colorful gods and goddesses. Marvel at the tales of Maui as he tames the sun and taunts death. Discover the fiery temper of Pele, and hear vivid tales about a select few of the more than 400,000 gods and demi-gods of Polynesian culture.

New Zealand:
New Zealand: Myths and Legends of the Maori: Take a voyage to discover the ancient tales and incredible stories of the native Maori of New Zealand. Learn Maori cultural practices, religious tribal beliefs and powerful rituals. An essential lecture for understanding New Zealand’s Maori culture.

Discover Russia: A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. The Land of the Tsars reveals her secrets. Estonia fun facts. St. Petersburg & Tallinn Highlights.

Poland & Germany:
Poland & Germany: Before & After WW2: Spotlight: Gdansk & Berlin. Amazing facts & incredible tales of two nations and their stories before & after the Great War.

Did U Know? Fun & Interesting Facts You Never Knew about Denmark. Home to the world’s happiest people, Legos, Skype & millions of bikes. Copenhagen & Alborg up close.

Norway: Land of Fjords & Encounters with Thor, Odin & Valhalla. Storytelling & fun facts about Flam, Stavanger & Bergen. Discover Norway’s geologic & mythic history.

1. Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes & Glaciers: Puerto Montt’s Extreme Nature

2. The Chilean Fjords: Chile’s Fjord land: Nature, Animals, History, Mythical Lost Cities & How Chile Got Its Name

3. Strait of Magellan: History of the Strait of Magellan; Tierra del Fuego - The Land of Fire and Ushuaia- the City at the End of the World.

Cape Horn, Chile:
History & Stories of the Cape- from Danger to Adventure and the Pre-Columbian Yaghan people & their connection to Charles Darwin.

Puerto Madryn History & Encounters with Penguins, Elephant Seals, Sea Lions and Whales.

Uruguay & Buenos Aires:
Punta del Este: CasaPueblo, Beaches & Islands: Montevideo & Buenos Aires: Did You Know? Fun Facts & Interesting Information about Montevideo and Buenos Aires.

Ancient Hawaii: Stories of the Land, her People, and their Mythical Beginnings
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