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Karin is a Guest Speaker and free-lance artist specialising in embroidery and ceramic sculpture. She taught Art, Fashion & Textiles up to A‘level for 30 years in state schools leaving teaching in 2013 to work freelance. Karin has given many talks and presentations and taught workshops for the Adult Education, WI, Embroiderers' Guild and at Denman College. She guest speaks for various organisations and on-board. She has exhibited her work at Leeds Castle and recently presented a poppy inspired textile to the Royal British Legion at their Base Camp in Kent . She teaches a plethora of textile techniques – traditional, cultural, and contemporary.

Karin's talks include many European and Caribbean ports about architecture, urban art, street furniture and sculptures including the decorative and the unusual {which are often of interest to new travellers or seasoned travellers who have 'seen & done' almost everything else!}

During her teaching career Karin organised and led art trips to European cities for as many as forty students and staff, and has since travelled to many destinations worldwide photographing a host of urban sculptures, historic and contemporary architecture, cultural textiles and street furniture like decorative fountains for her presentations and talks

Karin’s on-board workshops are open to all abilities whether an absolute beginner, intermediate or advanced – all are welcome to join in these social gatherings of like-minded passengers. Karin gives demonstrations and step-by-step guidance providing a range of personally designed and created tasks.

Karin has to date, worked on 22 cruises for Voyages of Discovery, Swan Hellenic, Viking Ocean, SAGA and Cunard.
1. Aix En Provence, the City of 1000 Fountains. This southern French town features many of hot and cold fountains each with its own history.

2. Avenues of Art in Monaco. This tiny principality is adorned with interesting royal statues and contemporary sculptures

3. Beautiful Barcelona . The capital of Catalonia boasts the architectural styles of Gaudi and Cadafalch and also artwork by Miro, Lichtenstein and others)

4. Historic Architecture of Naples. A 13th Century Castle, a 19th Century mosaic-ed floored Galleria, and a 20th Century recreation of Gagliardo Primario's 14th-century original Santa Chiara Monastery are just some of the interesting sites in Naples.

5. French Riviera and the Cote D'Azur. Looking at the architectural styles along the Northern Mediterranean shore including Nice, St Paul de Vance,St Tropez, Antibes, Monaco and Cannes

6. The Carnival of Venice : The history, origins and beautifully decorative costumes and masks of this centuries old annual event.

7. Urban Sculptures of Turkey. MK Ataturk - the founder of Modern Turkey who inspired the nation and many statues and sculptures that now adorn the parks, gardens and promenades of Turkish towns.

8. The City of Stockholm on a stunning archipelago with palaces, Gamla Stan, The Opera House and (possibly) the smallest bench in the world?

9. Helsinki aka the White City of the North with a range of Architectural styles, The Neo-Classical main square, The Art Nouveau train station, the Byzantine Revival Uspenski Cathedral and the contemporary Sibelius Monument

10. Copenhagen - home to The Little Mermaid, the Tivioli gardens and the Rococo Amailenborg Royal Palace.

11. Around Aruba. One of the Dutch ABC islands with alot to offer : the Alto Vista Chapel, a natural coastal bridge, Kasibari Rocks, California Lighthouse, the Royal Plaza, flamingos, butterflies, donkeys, iguanas strolling the streets and blue horses with a history.

12. St Kitts, Basseterre and Batik. A look at the islands capital city of Basseterre and Romney Manors beautiful batiks inspired by local flora, landscapes and Bob Marley!

13. Architecture of Curacao and the ChiChi. The Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge, the Dutch style colourful architecture and the quirky, infectious Chichi dolls and statues.

14. Miami : A city of Art Deco. Step back in time and see the stylistic architecture of South Beach which was 'reborn' in Art Deco buildings after the vicious hurricane of September 1926 resulting in a popular area for artists and tourists.

15. Sea Inspired Sculptures. Merchant sailors and heroes, fishermen, sailing ships, the octopus, dolphin and other sea creatures are a source of inspiration to the sculptor and artist around the world and in many ports.

16. Mysterious and Mythological Mermaids. Copenhagen's Little Mermaid is not alone but has dozens of cousins along the rivers, seas and ports. The mystery of this half human creature lives on in the many sculptures she has inspired.

17. Look again at lampposts. Many decorative lampposts align our streets today some dating back to the 1800's Starting with some famous London landmark posts, and Gaudi designs in Barcelona to other corners of the world,

18. Exploring Textiles from the Bayeux, The Overlord (WW2), The Scottish Diaspora and beyond . (Historic & Contemporary Embroidery) . An interesting range of creative, descriptive, and narrative textiles.

19. The Art of Traditional INDIAN Embroidery : the origins and history. India is well known for beautiful fabrics, threads and unique techniques that adorn so many of its textiles

20. Around the World on 80 Benches. A journey around the globe viewing the historic, the decorative and the quirky seats that adorn our towns and parks today – designers are becoming more adventurous and producing some wonderfully stylish and fun furniture to sit on, others are commemorative, thought provoking and a place to rest and contemplate.

21. Take a seat with... famous and everyday people. John Lennon, Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens, Picasso or maybe Captain Mainwaring. An interesting yet quirky look at the increasingly popular ‘seats with statues’ and the story behind them found in the UK and around the world

22. Hearts in Art. Love is in the air : Sculptures and art inspired by love including the famous red LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana in the sixties, Jim Dine's Hearts artworks, August Rodin (The Kiss) and even American crooner Tony Bennett. A cruise talk for 14th February maybe.
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