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Malcolm Teasdale was born in Coventry, England and is a successful entrepreneur who spent all of his working life in the technology industry, where he made a success from creating software development companies, the most recent of which he sold to a major corporation in 2013.

He created markets in all the major continents, and sold products to customers in over 70 countries. His company received numerous industry awards for product quality, innovation, and pioneering technology, and he has spoken at many trade shows and industry events around the World.

He has traveled to 90 countries for business and pleasure, but since retiring from the industry, now travels to the more unusual destinations in the World in search of rich cultural experiences.

He has written four successful books about business and adventure travel, with an emphasis on education and humor and has had various magazine articles published.

His public speaking engagements focus on business, adventure travel, culture and World destinations.

Apart from the UK, he has also lived in Canada and Singapore, and currently resides in Destin, Florida.

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DESTINATION CATEGORIES - including history and geography
Anything about the United Kingdom
Anything about Asia
Caribbean destinations: All island nations
European destinations: UK, Spain, Italy, Baltics, Spain, St. Petersburg

Adventure Travel and Exploration
English language & its variants – humor
British and American Culture - humor
Business and Entrepreneurship
On-board sporting events



The best of Great Britain in just over a week
British citizen Malcolm Teasdale suggests options and ideas to enjoy the “Best of Britain” in less than 10 days for all activity levels.

St. Maarten, Antigua and the Leeward Islands– A brief history, geography, and tour options for everyone
Whether your stay is only for a day or a week, make good use of your time and enjoy what the islands have to offer. Learn some history and modern day facts about the islands also

St. Lucia, Barbados and the Windward Islands – A brief history, geography, and tour options for everyone
The south-eastern area of the Caribbean provides much for the visitor with great beaches and culture. Learn about these ex-British territories and the way of life of its people

The Nordics – History, Geography, and the Northern Lights
The Happiest places on Earth. Malcolm explains the history and geography of the countries that make up the Nordics, and why people just like living there. He also talks about his time in Stockholm and why it is a “must see” city.

Providenciales – the jewel of the Turks and Caicos Islands
Part time Turks and Caicos resident Malcolm Teasdale describes in detail why Provo is the hottest destination in the Caribbean and also boasts the World’s best beach. Enjoy it now while it’s not too overcrowded.

Destinations of the Caribbean, focusing on Cruise Line Company’s Ports of Call
Every island in the Caribbean has its own character and place in history. Learn a little about some much sought after destinations and prepare for your next trip with Celebrity Cruise Lines. Malcolm shares his experiences on some of the islands, explaining what you can expect and more importantly how to enjoy yourselves

Asia’s capital cities – a very useful check list of things to see and do
Sounds somewhat intimidating at first, but Malcolm Teasdale makes it a little easier to build a checklist for the visitor to enjoy the highlights of Asia’s great capital cities.

Asia’s iconic structures and some that are not
Frequent visitor to Asia, Malcolm Teasdale describes the history and shares his experience at some of Continent’s most famous ancient structures.

Thailand – its cultural diversity makes it one of the most desirable places to visit on Earth
Whether it’s the mountains and jungles in the north, the gorgeous beaches in the south, one of its stunning islands, or Bangkok, possibly the most vibrant city in the World, Malcolm Teasdale details the best of Thailand from his knowledge of visiting the country yearly over the last decade

St. Pete’s – The one in Russia that is. A city of wonderful architecture
Looking through the Imperial, Soviet and Contemporary eras. A modern city today with a significant historical and cultural heritage and home to 100 festivals a year. Malcolm abbreviates the vast amount of information about this great city in a “what to know” format

The Dutch ABC Islands and the Leeward Antilles - History and highlights of the much admired Dutch Territories
Apart from great beaches and diving, the Dutch culture is evident in these exceptional islands. Malcolm discusses some history and geography, before presenting an overview of great tourist activities for the visitor

Azores, Portugal – the autonomous region in the mid-Atlantic
A look at the history, geography and things to see and do on this somewhat isolated island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It will pleasantly surprise you.


Making a success out of an idea
As a proven successful businessman, Malcolm is well qualified to describe the steps of taking an idea, turning it into a success, and maybe to the point of potential acquisition. Recommendations, avoiding pitfalls, global expansion, ultimate success.

You’re never too old for adventure and exploration
Malcolm Teasdale retired and took on the some of the lesser known places on planet Earth, and is now addicted to learning how the rest of the World lives and works, and he’ll show you how easy it is. New ideas, new rewards, ever lasting memories

Looking for a spiritual adventure in Asia?
Having resided in Singapore and enjoyed many visits to all Asia’s major cities, Malcolm Teasdale goes “off-the-beaten-track” for an adventure to places steeped in religion and spirituality and explains how you can do the same.

A candid look at the lighter side of sports in the Caribbean
Malcolm Teasdale dissects the serious and humorous side of sports in the Caribbean, from the Worlds game of football to one of the most confusing and the Region’s favorite, Cricket.

Explore a different World by being up close and personal with marine life, in their domain
Scuba diving. It’s safe and exciting at any age. A new World awaits. Get started and get certified. Advanced Open Water PADI certified Malcolm Teasdale explains the whole process and the fantastic experiences that await.

The World’s greatest beaches - Caribbean vs. Europe vs. Asia
Malcolm Teasdale has traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean and Asia. Most people know that the Caribbean has wonderful beaches, but so does Asia. Malcolm summarizes the best of both regions, his favorites and why.

Become bilingual – Learn English and American. Two countries separated by a common language and the Atlantic Ocean
A bit of humor (aka humour) as Malcolm Teasdale tackles the nuances of the American and English languages. Don’t travel across the Atlantic without with these words of advice, and then fit right in with the local cultures. Malcolm is both a citizen of the USA and the UK and has spent half his life in each country

Explore the lesser known cultures in the World
See how other people in less developed countries in the World live their lives and are proud to share their stories. Malcolm Teasdale describes his travels to some locations, where most people would never consider visiting.

How to self-publish a book
Have a story to tell? Fulfill an ambition and tell your family or tell the whole World. Malcolm Teasdale simplifies the whole process by taking an idea and putting it into print and electronic formats, without paying $$$ to Book Publishers

Soccer Expert – talks and on-board games
Talks about the World’s game and an on-board tournament featuring passengers and crew members, deck space and weather permitting. Loads of fun and camaraderie.
Presentations are "Special Interest" and "Destination" subjects. They are graphical and include photos, videos and animations that are factual, educational, and entertaining with an element of humor.

The following Cruise Lines have contracted me for speaking assignments:

.. for the following: geographic regions:
Scandinavia, the Baltics & Russia

.. for the following subjects:
Adventure travel
Language and culture
Various destinations related to itineraries - history, geography, tourist activities for Caribbean, Scandinavia, Baltic States, Russia, Asia
Sports related subjects
Business and Entrepreneurship
I hold passports for the United Kingdom, European Union and the USA.
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Presentations are factual, educational, interactive, and lighthearted.