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Anthropology & Cultural Studies
Vikings & Scandinavia
Elizabeth Cassell presents lectures which are suitable for cruises in Northern waters –Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Russia, Canada and the Baltic as well as for British Isles cruises.

Elizabeth has travelled the length of the west coast of Greenland, has made teaching visits to the University of Tromso Centre for Sami Studies, and has made field trips to Eastern Canada. She spent a sabbatical year at the Scott Polar Institute, University of Cambridge. She has given conference papers on the changing face of the Arctic. Her book on the land rights of indigenous peoples in Canada is due for publication in 2020.

Elizabeth also lectures on the history of settlement in Canada, including colonial history, what it’s like to be Quebecois, and the continuing relationships between Canada and Indigenous Peoples, which is her main area of research.

Her research has given her insights into the histories of the nations within whose borders Arctic peoples live and so she also gives lectures on Russian History, Norwegian History, the Vikings and has prepared a new set of lectures on British history and culture of its remote coastal regions.

Elizabeth is a social anthropologist, but practiced as a commercial property lawyer before entering academic life. She has twenty years’ experience as a university lecture and has lectured for Voyages of Discovery, Fred Olsen, Saga, Cruise & Maritime and is an approved lecturer for Viking.

In lectures which bring together the rich culture of these ancient traditions, Elizabeth gives a deeper context to visits ashore.
Presentations include:
Arctic peoples – Inuit, Sami and Russian Indigenous Peoples, Canada, its Indigenous Peoples and History of Settlement, Norwegian History and Culture, the Vikings, Russian History and Culture, British History and Culture.

For Norway, Russia and Northern Lights Cruises:
1. Under the Sami Sky: Cosmology, Shamanism and the Northern Lights - Sami astronomy, religion and legends about the northern lights
2. Sami Culture - Origins, distribution, adaptation to their Arctic environment, costume and artefacts
3. The Reindeer People - Sami reindeer herders, following the reindeer on migration, place of reindeer in culture and belief systems
4. Sami Politics - the movement towards Sami self-determination, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish and Russian Sami working together, the Sami parliaments, Sami on the world stage
5. The Future of the Arctic - climate change, strategic importance, resource extraction
6. Amundsen and Nansen: Master of the Polar Regions
7. Norway at War: How the peoples of Finnmark faced the Arctic winter in wartime, how Norwegian fishermen ran the Shetland bus and a famous dog from Honningvag who captured the hearts of Allied servicemen
8. The Hanseatic League: Masters of the Northern Seas, they lent money to kings and princes, they were the most powerful merchants in Europe.

For Greenland Cruises:
1. Greenland Today - Parliament, Relationship with Denmark, History of Danish and Norse Settlement, Independence movement, A short lesson in Greenlandic
2. Inuit Culture - Migration to Greenland, Contact with the Norsemen, Traditional hunting life, The Greenland Mummies, Kinship relationships, Singing, Drumming, Dancing
3. Greenlandic Traditional Costume - a fascinating look at the components of these beautiful handmade costumes
4. Sled dogs, polar bears and narwhals - Greenland's iconic animals, their habitats and the challenges they face today
5. Knud Rasmussen: Greenlandic Superhero
6. Greenland's Future - the consequences and opportunities of climate change, mineral wealth,
independence, globalisation; the meaning of the changing face of the Arctic for all peoples of the world, strategic history of the American air bases
7.Viking settlements in Greenland
8.Peary, Nansen and the Race to the Pole
NB: I have twice taken part in the commentary from the bridge when the ship has sailed through Prins Christiansund, Southern Greenland

For Canada:
1. History of European Settlement in Canada
2. The Plains of Abraham: The Battle for Quebec
3. The American Wars of 1812
4. Canada's Original People: The traditions and culture of the First Nations People of Eastern Canada - a hunting culture which survived until the 1970's, First Nations spirituality and beliefs (several lectures - can be a complete lecture programme)
5. What it means to be a Quebecois in English-Speaking Canada - Canada from a French point of view, the explorations of the voyageurs, the movements for independence
6. Canada's Treasure - Canada's exploitation of its vast mineral resources
7. The Viking Journey to Canada
8.Early Exploration of Canada
9.Native Allies of the Early European Settlers
10.How Great Britain Conquered and Ruled Canada
11. British Settlement in Canada
12. The Voyageurs
13. Canada's Indigenous Peopes
14. My Work with the Innu in Quebec and Labrador
15. Lord Franklin and the Quest for the North West Passage

For Round Britain
1.The Story of the Clans
2.The Highland Clearances
3. The King over the Water - the Jacobite Rebellion
4. Brian Boru - Scourge of the Vikings in Ireland
5. The Viking Dukes of Normandy
6. The Channel Islands at War
7. The Lewis Chessmen

The Vikings:
1. The Norsemen and their Origins in Ancient History
2. The Danes, the Svaer and the Norsemen - The Vikings!
3. The Vikings in Iceland
4. The Vikings in Russia
5. The Viking Journey to America
6. The Icelandic Sagas and what they tell us about life in the Viking Age
7. The End of the Viking Era
8. Under a Viking Sky
9. Brian Boru - the Scourge of the Vikings in Ireland

Russian History
1. The Beginnings of Russia
2. The Rise to Power of Peter Alexeyevich
3. The Bronze Horseman and the Building of St Petersburg
4. The Siege of Leningrad
5. Catherine the Great
6. The Downfall of the Romanovs
7. The Soviet Empire
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