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During a teaching career which began in 1967, Peter has worked in schools in Sub-Saharan Africa and London as Head of Humanities, and has lectured in the English Department of King’s College, University of London.

Leading students, by land, sea and air, and travelling with family and friends, in Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Central and South America and Africa has been a recurrent theme. Writing about significant journeys has been both a professional duty as well as a pleasurable habit in a life punctuated by travel.

A recent addition to Peter's lecture programme has resulted from an extended African journey from May to July 2015, during which he travelled throughout much of South East Africa. The new talks cover especially the Anglophone countries of Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe, as well as Portuguese-speaking Mozambique and French-speaking Madagascar, and they reflect observations comparing the Africa in which Peter spent the early part of his teaching career from 1968 to 1971, with the Africa he found in 2015.

Many of these meanderings have been translated into articles for Geographical Magazine, Geography Review and UTI Magazine, (University of Perpignan), as well as newspapers including The Catholic Herald, The Tablet and The Times of Malta.

In addition to travel writing and journalism, Peter has written a novel, ‘Occidental Odyssey’, translated into French by Dr Claudine Fournié. It is based upon the remarkable experience of the journey along the Camino de Santiago to the Shrine of St. James in Santiago de Compostela.

In another collaboration they have published ‘Kissing Candles; Venetian Loves’, a romantic mystery based on truth, set in Venice, London and the South of France at the beginning and the end of the twentieth century. The story embraces the turbulent history and political turmoil of Europe in the 1920’s as well as fierce rivalries in the world of Literature and Music. Above all it is a celebration of Romance and it is populated by characters of the twentieth century who will be recognised by everyone. (Published as an ebook on Amazon/Kindle 9th April 2012).

As well as lectures, Peter is able to offer informal Poetry Interludes, with a repertoire of poems which range from the amusing to the sublime; from Romance and Loss, to Seduction and Travel

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1. A medieval journey for our own times. The experience of the extraordinary journey from your own front door along the ancient pilgrim road to Santiago de Compostela in North-West Spain.

2. What Spain owes to its Moorish past. Christian/Muslim fusion in Andalucia, and the rich legacy of Islam in modern Spain.

3. Malta and Sicily: historic crossroads in the Mediterranean and islands at the centre of the World. One, which repulsed Suleiman the Magnificent and won the George Cross; the other, the seat of power of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick the 2nd - 'Stupor Mundi', the Wonder of the World.

4. An adventure on the Mythical Mountain; how to conquer Mount Olympus and bask in the presence of the Gods.

5. An Arcadian Odyssey. Part 1. From Corinth to Crete - from myth to reality.

6. An Arcadian Odyssey. Part 2. From Kalamata to Corfu, in the company of poets and adventurers.

7. Arabia and the Middle East; From Solomon and Sheba and Anthony and Cleopatra, to Gordon of Khartoum and Lawrence of Arabia, at the nexus of the World.

8. India and the East; How the curious Occident met the mysterious Orient; and how it changed them both.

9. Mystery, Tragedy and Romance in British and Mughal India. A missing person, the value of a pet lizard, and the extraordinary seductiveness of India's Mughal Empire for the British - until they began to bring their women to work with them!

10. The Black Sea and its Mysteries. From Ovid in exile, and Stalin at work and at play, to Xenophon and his ten thousand and the Black Sea's submerged history - by way of Insula Serpitor and Jason and his Golden Fleece.

11. Madagascar - the French Connection. How a love affair between a tyrannical Madagascan Queen, and a bold French adventurer shaped the European colonial experience in the 'Red Island' of the Indian Ocean.

12. Africa; a Riotous Cultural Kaleidoscope. Four vignettes which tell a story of Africa's extraordinary diversity and expose a little of its mystery.

FOOTNOTE; These last two lectures are the result of a three year sojourn from 1968 to 1971, and a two month journey in May, June and July 2015, in South-East Africa.

Future lectures will embrace particularly the Anglophone countries of Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe, as well as Portuguese-speaking Mozambique, and they are set within the context of a current understanding of the Continent.


Popular poetry focused around four main themes is presented as a series of stand-alone entertainments within the programme. These are envisaged as brief, informal diversions for smaller, more intimate audiences, and are designed to take place in locations suited to the theme and the atmosphere of the poems.

There are four main categories into which the poems are divided:

1. Romance
2. Travel
3. Seduction
4. Loss

Some of the poems are intrinsically humorous; some are sad and some are playful. Yet even though many are shot through with the longing of lost, or impossible, or unrequited love, an element of wistful humour pervades many.
There are poems by Betjemen, Donne, Marvel, Auden, Baudelaire, Neruda, Yeats, Byron, Marlowe, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Jonson, McGough, Keats, Raleigh, Herrick, Elroy-Flecker, Lewis, Cavafy - and others.

Each of the four themes is presented as a 20 to 30 minute 'interlude', the titles for some of which are; 'A Journey is a Poem', 'The Fragrance of Temptation', ' Poems for Lovers', 'The Scent and Sound of the Ocean' and 'Losing You'.

Some of the poems are accompanied by subtle animations, and a few involve the participation of another person. Music also accompanies some of the verses to create a sympathetic ambiance.
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