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Psychology & Behavioural Studies
Colin Johnson is an internationally accredited and operational Geographic Profiler and was the first ever European Fellow of his discipline. He holds a master's degree in psychology. A police officer for 30 years, principally as a detective, he specialised in investigating major crime, including murder, stranger rape and abduction. He became one of the first officers selected to the National Crime Faculty. This pioneering team was set up to provide, on request, specialists to support enquiries across the UK following police failings in the Yorkshire Ripper case. Working as a Geographic Profiler, he continued this support role, most recently with SOCA and the National Crime Agency.

A committed interest and long professional involvement with behavioural sciences has enabled Colin to support famous cases, involving infamous offenders . These have included the serial killers Robert Black, Levi Bellfield, Richard Wright, the London Nail Bomber, and Railway Murderers, as well as serial sex offenders including the M25, London Night Stalker and DJ rapists. He has also been directly involved in the first two solved familial-DNA cases worldwide. Such collaboration provides a fascinating and rare insight into investigations from an active geographic profiling practitioner's perspective.

Colin has worked operationally and lectured across several continents, including in Australia, Dubai, France and the U.S. He has presented for MI5 and GCHQ, Europol, universities, the Royal Geographic Society, the W.I. and Probus, amongst others.
Examples of presentations:

1. Geographic Profiling - Identifying the 'Bus-Stop Serial Killer'.
A fascinating insight from the geographic profiler who assisted in identifying the serial killer who murdered Milly Dowler through the Amelie Delagrange murder enquiry.

2. Geographic Profiling - Using offender geography to identify the 'M25 serial rapist'.
An intriguing insight from the geographic profiler used to interpret the geography to assist in the identification of the 'M25 serial rapist'.

3. Criminal Profiling: Behavioural and Geography - A practitioner's perspective to UK development since the 'Yorkshire Ripper' case.
A look into the development of criminal profiling in the UK including a practical perspective of profiling support in a range of serious crimes.

4. Geographic Profiling - Murder most foul!
Revealing some practical approaches used in geographic profiling a variety of murder and suspicious missing person cases, including the 'Suffolk Strangler' serial killer, and the search for April Jones - the biggest such case ever in the UK.

5. The use of familial-Deoxyribonucleic - What is familial-DNA and how can it help solve serious crime?
An absorbing insight into fDNA - a cutting edge investigative process developed to help solve difficult to detect serious crime using a familial DNA algorithmic technique. Shows how this supported and helped solve the first two fDNA investigations worldwide.

6. Geographic Profiling - The value of assessing the 'time' component in crime investigation.
A practical insight revealing how understanding temporal aspects of crimes can add to their solvability using real cases and maybe even the super-sleuths in the audience to assist!

7. Geographic Profiling - Where did you come from, where did you go?
How criminals' pre- and post-offence movement can lead to identifying them using serious crimes to illustrate this.

8. Geographic Profiling - A taste of early 2016.
Revealing some contrasting events as 2016 unravels, as seen through geographic profiling eyes - from Banksy to Black and beyond.
I have experienced 4 different cruise lines to date.
My talks have given an almost unique insight from a specialist geographic profiling practitioner's own perspective, looking at my role within renowned, high profile crimes and criminals, using cutting edge investigative processes.
Passenger attendance has been consistently high with an eagerness shown to liaise during, after and outside inputs. The excellent overall impression left is illustrated by my score and the number of positive feedback comments left for my first cruise - (Saga Pearl 2) and subsequent ones.
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