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History - General
Royalty & Monarchy
Alan was born in Newhaven Sussex and educated at Newhaven Tideway School.
He joined the army at the age of 15 and was posted to the Junior Leaders Regiment at Bovington Camp, Wareham Dorset.

Alan joined the regular army in 1970 and became a tank gunner in the Royal Hussars, aged eighteen. He saw active service in Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Far East and Middle East and has travelled worldwide. Alan married his wife Pat in 1974. With the support of his wife he was quickly promoted eventually reaching the rank of Warrant Officer. Actually his first Annual report read: since Trooper Kingshott got married, he has grown up and is now ready for promotion, a point which his wife continues to remind him of, often!

25 years after joining the army, 1 marriage (celebrating 40 years this year), Alan and Pat have 2 children and 7 grandchildren. Alan left the army in 1992 and went from job to job before settling down to become a retail manager for Comet Electricals until 1998 when, he was recruited to become a Yeoman Warder at Her Majesty’s Tower of London. Promotion to Yeoman Serjeant came in 2004 and then he applied for and achieved promotion to Yeoman Gaoler and he took over the top role of the Chief Yeoman Warder on the 16th January 2012.

For the last 10 years Alan's wife, Pat, has worked with the Crown Jewels and they are soon to retire to their house in West Sussex, where they are both looking forward to spending their time pursuing their interests of gardening, ballroom dancing and giving presentations about their experiences.

All through his military career, from 1968 – 1992, Alan was an instructor and has a great deal of experience in giving presentations to a wide variety of audiences.

As a Yeoman Warder (Beefeater), he gave daily tours up to 300 visitors continuosly for 16 years, as well as this he has given presentations to: Schools, Universities, Colleges, Corporate Business and other social groups.

Recently Alan and Pat have given presentations on other cruise ships, something that they and their audiences enjoyed and they look forward to continuing in the future.

Alan has given a number of TV appearances throughout his career as Chief Yeoman Warder. He has appeared on the following programs; he gave daily tours up to 300 visitors continuously for 19 years.

Great British Menu (BBC2 2016)
My Story (CBeebies BBC 2014)
Secret's of Britain (on PBS TV 2013/14). 
Majesty and Mortar (BBC 3 2014)
The Tower (Lion TV 2000).

Alan was awarded Member of the Royal Victorian Order (MVO) in the 2017 New Years Honours List. This is a personal award given by the Sovereign for services to the monarchy.
1. History of the Tower of London
This subject deals with how the Tower was built and used for over the centuries, includes the events and use of the buildings, essentially an overview of this iconic Fortress.

2. Life of a Yeoman Warder (Beefeater)
The origins of this body of men, what they did/do, where the name comes from and all about the uniforms they wear. Also where they live, how to become a Beefeater.

3. Prisoners and Punishment
What type of prisoners were kept at the Tower, who they were and how some escaped. The type of punishment they could expect (without being too graphic)!

4. Duties and Ceremonies
What Beefeaters do ceremonially; Alan explains all the different types of events they do at the Tower.

5. The Ghosts and the Blitz
Essentially this is about some of the ghost stories and how the Tower faired during the WWII, Alan also introduces unseen pictures of parts of the Tower not visited by the public.

6. Hidden Secrets of the Tower
Learn about some of the hidden treasures, such as 'The Byward Angel', to be found in unseen parts of the Tower of London.

7. Poppies at the Tower
Find out how this very beautiful and for many, moving display of just under a million ceramic poppies found it's way to the Tower of London.

The presentations last around 45 mins with 15 mins for questions, invariably this goes on for a lot longer and so Alan and Pat stay for as long as necessary after the presentation to answer futher questions if required.

All presentations include about 10/15 mins talk by Alan's wife Pat, who worked in the Jewel House looking after the Crown Jewels. Pat has a vast knowledge of the origins and make up of the Crown Jewels. Pat explores the stories behind some of the most precious diamonds in the world.
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Braemar M1620 The Great British Cruise 11 Southampton Monday, August 8, 2016
Aurora R601 Aurora's World Circumnavigation 114 Southampton Saturday, January 2, 2016
Braemar M1514 Norwegian Fjords 7 Dover Saturday, May 23, 2015