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Lynn Saboe, one of the “most outstanding women of the CIA”, is an engineer with a Masters degree and PhD. An accomplished cruise presenter, she tailors her talks about the profession of intelligence to destinations worldwide. She has personally been to over 100 countries during her career, and depending on destinations, she can tell of historical spy stories relative to those destinations.

Lynn is also a Florida wildlife tour guide and can give wildlife presentations for cruises enroute to Florida and Caribbean destinations.

She is one of the only people worldwide who knows, and is approved to give talks on, the CIA, history of intelligence, spy technology, both OSS and CIA museums, and a virtual tour of the CIA, because she worked there for 33 years and was a docent of internal CIA and OSS museums, which the public can not visit.

She gives spellbinding presentations on professional spies across history, spy technology, & the profession of intelligence! She explains the CIA’s greatest coup, greatest deception, and their still unsolved mystery.

She received two CIA medals, a Director of National Intelligence Meritorious Unit Citation, and 25 awards throughout her career including having started the CIA Mentoring Program of the Year in 2014 and being nominated as CIA Mentor of the Year five times.

She has known, and worked for, every Director of the CIA from Bill Casey to John Brennan, completing her career by working for The Director of National Intelligence General (ret.) Jim Clapper. She worked with about 100 former heads of corporations and Directors of Intelligence Community Agencies to provide the DNI with strategic assessments and studies.

Upon request, she will send a 15 minute YouTube video of the virtual tour of the CIA.

She has up to a dozen different spellbinding presentations and has enchanted audiences of 400-700 people at a time who are thrilled with learning and seeing things they never expected to see.

Lynn is an executive coach, is married, lives in Florida, and has a son in the US Coast Guard. Her husband is a 41 year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency and was formerly in the US Navy.

These PowerPoint presentations use visuals enhanced by the unique insights and descriptions by the speaker who was a docent for the OSS and CIA museums and employee of the CIA for 33 years, Lynn Saboe. They can be either ENRICHMENT talks OR TAILORED as DESTINATION related talks with the subject of intelligence stories related to the specific ports of call!!

Lynn worked as an engineering manager in science and technology as well as in the operations directorate and the analytic directorate. She travelled to over 100 countries and completed her career at the CIA by working with Directors of many of the intelligence Agencies, doing strategic studies for the Director of National Intelligence, General Jim Clapper. All presentations are CIA-approved, and are copyright free, and unclassified. Her experience in telling the stories is one of a kind.

1. History of intelligence gathering in the US to the establishment of the Central Intelligence Agency, with emphasis on intelligence events across Europe and the Pacific. This presentation gives the audience an appreciation for what the profession of intelligence is, how intelligence gathering began for the fledgling country of the US through World War II and the OSS heroes to the establishment of the Central Intelligence Agency. This talk will focus on stories SPECIFIC to the country from which the cruise originates and our intelligence historic relationships with that country.

2. OSS and US Intelligence support to the UK and France during WWII: The US was intertwined with the UK and France in the liberation of Europe during WWII. Intelligence played a huge part in that, and the British trained our first OSS Officers. The fight against the Germans includes some little known American heroes from the Office of Strategic Services. The most wanted Allied spy, for example, was a disabled woman from Baltimore, Maryland who had worked for the British Special Operations Executive and the French Resistance while being an “American reporter”. She later escaped from the Germans by traversing the Pyrenees into Spain. Hear her whole story and that of others, like the African American movie star Josephine Baker who used her French villa to spy on the Germans.

3. The profession of Intelligence and the impact of US Intelligence on our relationships in Northern Europe, including the breakup of the Soviet Union: In this spellbinding talk, Lynn will introduce the audience to the elements of the profession of intelligence, showing how it is done, and showing the tools and techniques of the trade. This will raise the passengers’ awareness of how these techniques have been exceptionally important throughout history. She will explain how the US developed a very capable intelligence service and then how US intelligence played a key role in Northern and Eastern Europe, including the back story of what happened to lead up to the break up of the Soviet Union, in which US Intelligence played a key part. That story itself moves from Russian wars to internal Soviet politics and ends with a hostage situation in Russia.

4. History of the OSS and US Intelligence support to, and operations in, Norway and Northern Europe primarily during WWII: The US supported Norway and Northern Europe with training, intelligence and critical operations during WWII. She tells of these critical support efforts, and how a key member of the OSS, who would become a future Director of the CIA, led a key team into Norway during WWII. She will show how that was done, what they took, and you will see the equipment, maps, tools and evasion techniques which they used. Hear the story of how that same OSS operative, later to be D/CIA, would recruit Lynn into the CIA. She expands on that with personal stories about how Intelligence has supported key operations in Northern Europe, including one which she personally worked on in the Barents Sea 40 years ago.

5. American Women in intelligence, with emphasis on stories of women working as intelligence gatherers for the Allies in various countries in Europe during WWII to the present day. Emphasis is on the country which is the destination of that cruise in particular.
This inspiring talk tells the stories of some of the most incredible women in the intelligence business from early America to the present day, their stories, and achievements. Many of them are well known personalities, like Julia Child who led a double life. Others are women who made amazing impacts but who have been in the shadows...including the Gestapo’s most wanted WWII spy in France, who happened to be a disabled woman from Baltimore Maryland who Worked for the British, escaped from the Germans by transversing the Pyrenees into Spain, then worked for the Americans in Spain and France to help liberate all of occupied Europe from the Nazis.

6. Stories of amazement in intelligence collection. This talk shows the amazing ways in which the intelligence community has collected information to help the President make decisions throughout World War II to the present day. These analytic achievements inspired world events which the audience may recollect from throughout their lifetime, including stories about how the president used intelligence to deal with the Cuban Missile Crisis, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the break up of the Soviet Union, and the CIA’s greatest operational achievement, the takedown of Usama Bin Laden. These stories are all tailored to those from the countries with specific ports of call.

7. Amazing technical collection stories In the Pacific, in Hawaii, and the greatest mystery at the CIA. This talk includes the story of the Glomar Explorer which did one of the most amazing feats ever accomplished under the noses of the Russians near Hawaii in international waters. Lynn tells stories specific to the Pacific rim, what happened in Intelligence there during and after WWII, including the intricate story of the Native American code talkers. Lynn also shares which technical capabilities today are based on research done through intelligence collection, and ends with the greatest mystery, still, within the CIA. These stories are all tailored to those from the countries with specific ports of call. These are stories which the general public seldom, if ever, hears!

8. Stories from the CIA Museum. In this fascinating talk, Lynn shows the audience a broad collection of artifacts from the CIA Museum which is located in the CIA HQs never seen by the general public. For each of these artifacts she shares the fascinating back stories of what happened to make these artifacts so amazing. Stories include Those occurring in the Middle East, including exotic stories from special operations teams and their operations. She explains how the AK47 that was owned by Usama Bin Laden himself was recovered when he was found, she shows the Obbatabad complex where he was hiding, and explains a blood chit used by special operations teams. She also tells of hidden devices embedded in CIA materials by the KGB, techniques used by the Gestapo, and a wide variety of technical devices used to see and hear what others don’t want you to. These stories are all tailored to those from the countries with specific ports of call

9. Stories from the OSS Museum: spellbinding stories from WWII punctuate this incredible collection of artifacts and actual pictures from WWII.
This museum tells the stories of the 13,000 Office of Strategic Services men and women who performed dramatic front line espionage efforts. You will feel what it is like to parachute in behind enemy lines into occupied France, and actually see what you have taken for performing espionage, evasion and escape. These stories are all tailored to those from the countries with specific ports of call.

10. The story of the Central Intelligence Agency and its headquarters in Langley, Virginia.
This is an overall history of the Central Intelligence Agency with emphasis on the five Directors who were leaders in the Office of Strategic Services during World War II, and who led the Agency through various facets of US history. The final OSS member who was Director of Central Intelligence was Bill Casey, her first boss, who was the only Director who had a cabinet level position in the President’s cabinet under President Ronald Reagan.

11. A virtual tour of the CIA headquarters in Langley Virginia. Told by this 33 year veteran of the CIA, and former docent and tour guide in the CIA and OSS museums, this is a guided virtual tour of the entire building and grounds in Langley Virginia. This fascinating tour is punctuated by mysteries on the CIA grounds, CIA aircraft, a few artifacts from their Museum and notable historical moments for the Central Intelligence Agency. This talk truly adds a full “destination” to any cruise itinerary and thrills the audience. Feedback reports it as a “HIGHLIGHT DESTINATION” for many on the cruise.

**NOTE: depending on cruise designations, stories pertinent to that continent, nation, and local area along the US interactions with that foreign intelligence service will be added and highlighted in the talks!

***ADDITIONAL BONUS: for cruises originating or ending in Florida or the Caribbean, I am a formal wildlife tour guide in Punta Gorda, Florida, and can provide an additional talk about the local wildlife the cruise members may see, to enhance their experience.
I have just recently (2019-January 2020) given enrichment talks to over 2,000 people from 53 countries on the Caribbean Princess. I am an engineer, executive manager, and a 33-year veteran of the CIA, office of the Director of National Intelligence and National Reconnaissance Office. I was a docent for the CIA and OSS museums located inside CIA HQs buildings in Langley Virginia. Based on my career’s experience, having recently retired, I have become an international speaker for other audiences, such as multiple Military Officers Association of America and American Association of University Women audiences. I have eight approved talks from the CIA to give to international audiences. My talks span stories from WWII and the greatest Allied spy who was a disabled woman from Baltimore Maryland, to stories of technology uses in intelligence, gifts to society from the world of satellites to the world of lock picking. I enthrall audiences with some of the hundreds of back stories of spies and the use of intelligence by US Presidents, from the Cuban Missile Crisis to the takedown of Usama bin Laden. If needed, I can create, and get approved by the CIA more presentations to suit the locations and audience. I know I deliver presentations which very few people have ever given, and audiences absolutely throng to hear.
I am very flexible and can add specific stories relative to the ship’s ports of call.

For example, for Norway, I can talk about the career and exploits of CIA Director Bill Colby, who I personally knew. He worked for the Office of Strategic Services during WWII and led a Jedburgh team which parachuted into occupied Norway. His team skied across Norway to determine the capabilities of the Germans and reported that back to the Allies.

For Baltic countries and ports in Russia, I have dozens of stories of the activities of the KGB and GRU, and the backdrop of what led up to the breakup of the Soviet Union, which allowed those satellite countries to determine their own governments and become part of the Commonwealth of Independent States. That story in itself is breathtaking in its boldness and how US intelligence played a very critical part!

For ports around Europe and the Mediterranean, I have stories about each country, our work with their intelligence services, and stories of now declassified Counter terrorism activities in which both the US and those countries participated.

In and around the Caribbean, I bring in stories of historic events which happened between the US and Cuba.

As a bonus, I am a wildlife tour guide in southwest Florida and can provide upon request a full presentation on the wildlife the cruise participants might see in the islands or in and around Florida.