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Michael was born outside Cardiff in the UK but now lives close to the west of London in the Bucks countryside. For 30 years his working life was as a highly successful International Sales Director and CEO travelling the world presenting, working in and visiting many diverse countries and cultures. It's these eye opening and entertaining adventures that make up his highly popular Accidental Salesman talk. But at the end of 2011 he decided to hand in his Frequent flyer cards and retire.

This didn't last very long because by a series of accidents and good fortune (and via a prominent character role in the 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony) he has become a multi-award winning character and comedic actor and author. A hilarious journey that is now documented in his highly entertaining talk - The Accidental Actor. He has appeared in over 70 films and TV productions e.g. Downton Abbey, 50 Ways to Kill your lover, Urban Hymn, Churchill's Secret plus award winning shorts and has also recorded an original soundtrack (Urban Hymn), recorded at Abbey Road Studios and appeared in five stage productions in major character parts.

A highly sought after and accomplished speaker and presenter, who is enjoyed by audiences from all around the world.
1. The Accidental Actor
Humorously exposing the trials and tribulations of an innocent in the land of luvvies . Hilariously showing what goes on behind the camera and what it takes to remain sane in the mad world of film and tv. Why you must never annoy your co star, never trust a Director and always say yes to a challenge .My most popular talk and most requested.

2. The Accidental Salesman
Describing 30 years of travelling the world and surviving wars, earthquakes, foreign food, Indian taxi drivers, Japanese terrorists, line dancing cowboys and still staying sane. What happens when a complete novice enters the world of International sales and despite everything becomes a successful salesman .. Relating the scrapes and adventures that can befall you if you just go with it.

3. The REAL Pirates - Robert Louis Stevenson has a lot to answer for.
Looking at and exposing the myth of pirates in the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. A humorous and informative talk showing how little we really know about the likes of Blackbeard and Captain Kidd, what an eye patch is really for and why would anyone want to be a pirate. Were there women pirates?? There certainly were and they were tougher than the men !

4. David Niven The Golden Years of Hollywood
A presentation on one of Britain's most charismatic actors covering his film career and extraordinary life in Hollywood.

5. Well I Never Knew That !
The origin of everyday phrases and sayings. Two amusing and educational presentations explaining the amazing origin of many everyday phrases such as "Paint the town red" or "Resting on your laurels".

6. The Bermuda Triangle
Looking at mysterious events and possible explanations for this mythical region. Could it be because of Atlantis, aliens or thin sea?? This talk explores all the possibilities and offers some possible explanations.

7. The Arctic Circle
The Arctic is the most unusual region on our planet and it is not surprising that it is called enigmatic and mysterious because this region is hiding many miracles.