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Criminology & Law Enforcement
Leslie Kim is a Private Investigator with John Cooke Investigations, the Executive Director of Fight Fraud America, the most extensive fraud information site on the Internet, and was Executive Editor of The John Cooke Fraud Reports, a publication that educated all levels of fraud investigators and law enforcement personnel. (Psssssst: She's also secretly John Cooke!) Leslie has appeared on Dateline, Maury, TBS and other shows as a fraud expert, has published hundreds of articles, authored "123 Main Street ... the Scamming of America," has taught/lectured on five continents, and has served as an Enrichment Lecturer for major cruise lines since 2009. What you learn from her may save your fortune. Or it may save your life. Her message is amazingly relevant in today's world, so pay attention.
Schemes, Scams & Flimflams Around The World
Enrichment Lecturing
Fraud Series


1. INTRODUCTION (to this Fraud Series and to me.)
Fraud is the fastest growing crime affecting the global economy. Everyone is at risk and most of us have been/will be victims. Session #1 will be five minute “teasers” on all to come between Departure and Arrival. (It will also be an opportunity for some audience interaction directed at identifying and adding specific fraud topics of interest to be covered in this sailing.)
Audience participation, throughout, is both welcomed and encouraged.

2. IDENTITY THEFT -- the singular fastest growing form of fraud.
How bad is it? Where and how does it occur? What steps can you take to protect yourself from being compromised by those who seek to skate into your life and destroy your financial reputation and security?
From the simplest to the most complicated.

3. FRAUDS THAT CAN GET YOU DEAD: Actual Case File #1:
Today we’ll focus on an old crime that has taken on new momentum -- Life Insurance Fraud. We’ll talk about the “Angelo” case, a crime that extends around the world and is stacking up dead bodies ... for profit. (Warning: Reality trumps all of those television crime shows.)

4. CREDIT CARD and other LOAN SCAMS -- Have you ever read the small print, word for word, before you’ve applied for credit?
What are the points of comparison? What should you know that you don’t know? And if you get into a jam, how do you fight back? We’ll also touch on Contest and Lottery scams -- separating the real from the bogus.

5. FRAUDS THAT CAN GET YOU DEAD: Actual Case File #2:
“Kathy” went out dancing one night and fell into an unimaginable romantic entanglement. This is a current case file and active investigation continues. Audience participation is encouraged; sometimes it takes many eyes to solve a case.

6. AUTOMOBILE SCAMS: It doesn’t matter where you live, the vast majority of world travelers own a car.
What’s going on out there that you don’t realize? From personal auto insurance frauds, to rental car woes, to sabotaged safety equipment, to maintenance, to much much more. It’s amazing how many frauds are connected to cars and driving.

7. NIGERIAN LETTER SCAMS: The email (or phone call) may read, “Dear Sir, I would like to give you $12.9 million dollars. All you have to do is respond to me.” Etc., etc. etc.
The real story behind how these scams started and progressed to where they are now -- a global epidemic. (Yes, Leslie has traveled to Lagos in search of this very real story.)

8. FRAUDS THAT CAN GET YOU DEAD: Actual Case File #3:
Today we’ll cover the haunting case of Donna Saylor, a woman who ordered one too many pizzas and ended up on an autopsy table in the Middle East. We’ll also discuss how cultural mores affect investigations and those who investigate.

9. MEDICAL FRAUD: What is really going on?
This is a big topic for a single hour, but we’ll whiz through pharmaceutical frauds, miracle cures, billing scams, hospital tricks, bogus treatments, and, best of all, prosecutions! How can you protect yourself against “the system?”
(My cruise partner/husband, who will be sitting in the front row if he knows what’s good for him, is conveniently … a retired Orthopedic MD/Surgeon.)

10. INVESTMENT SCAMS: Famous Science Fiction writer Robert Heinlein said it best.
“There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.” TANSTAAFL. The heavier the GUARANTEE that you are assured a higher rate of return, a doubling of your money, or a “once in a lifetime opportunity” – the bigger the risk. Charles Ponzi was certainly not the first ... and he won’t be the last. What to look for to assure only smart investments.

11. DANGERS OF THE INTERNET: Got a computer? A tablet? An I-pod? A smart phone?
Technology can be your best friend, but it can also be your worst enemy. And since we’re getting closer to the end of this series, we’ll cover all those odds and ends of Senior Specific crimes.

12. FRAUD SERIES WRAP UP: How do you really protect yourself from becoming a victim?
So many sources of information are nothing more than a hidden invitation to participate in a Protect Yourself scam. Can you tell the difference? When and to whom do you report fraud?
What are your reasonable expectations? Exactly what constitutes Due Diligence? Finally, a big sigh and a few wrap up Q&A’s.

13: EXTRA PROGRAM: Cultural Diversity for the World Traveler: This can be added as a second program near the end if all has gone according to schedule.
(I do not mind two sessions in a day if the Activities Director likes this idea.) In a one hour whirlwind tour, Leslie will share insights into diverse cultures around the world. Body language, hand signs, personal space issues, superstitions, eye contact, posture -- what do all of these non-verbal signs tell us? In other words, what TO DO and NOT TO DO in various areas of the world. (Asia, Middle East, Africa, Mexico/Central and South America, Russia and beyond.) This is a presentation similar to “Kiss, bow or shake hands?” – but gleaned from personal travel to an estimated 85 countries.

NOTE: I’ll also bring along additional case files if any of the above topics go slowly. I am an Audience Participation speaker -- and can change it up or charge it up when needed. FRAUD: You name it -- I almost surely know it.