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Anthropology & Cultural Studies
Travel & Destinations
Professor Michael Fuller is an expert in the archaeological discoveries of both the Old World and New World. He has directed large excavation projects in Syria and the Republic of Macedonia, plus served as a staff member on digs in Greece, Egypt, Jordan, England and the USA. He received a PhD degree in Anthropology in 1986 and taught archaeology to thousands of students over a career of 40 years. Michael is an active field archaeologist, writer, lecturer and cruise ship speaker.
Decades of fieldwork in Old World and New World archaeology give me a broad perspective. I have lectured on dozens of cruises in the Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, Caribbean, and on repositioning cruises. I do destination lectures as well as Enrichment lectures.

December 2017: Celebrity Constellation: Cultural Tapestry of Goa and Mumbai, Islam from a outsiders perspective, Indus Valley Civilization, Cultural Tapestry of Oman and Abu Dhabi, Ancient Arabia.

November 2017: Norwegian Star: Romans in Spain, Funchal and the Heritage of the Phoenicians, Archaeology of Wine and Beer, DaVinci Code and Templar Knights, Cultural Heritage Crisis in Syria, Viking Raiders and Explorers, Anglo-Saxon skeletons tell tales, Roman Afterlife, Pirates…Art, Maya Civilization, Archaeology of Florida.

October 2017: Celebrity Eclipse: History of Catania, Heritage of Mallorca, History of Southampton.

October 2017: Celebrity Constellation: Heritage of Dubrovnik and Kotor, History and heritage of Catania, History and Heritage of Mallorca and Ibiza, History and heritage of Valencia, History and heritage of Barcelona, History of Rome and Naples, History of Malta

September 2017: Celebrity Constellation: Olympia - archaeology and cultural heritage, Heritage of Minoans and the archaeology of Santorini, Corfu - the Ionian Islands and the story of King Odysseus, Venice is for lovers

May/June 2017: Silverseas Whisper and Silverseas Cloud: History of London, Heritage of Honfleur, History of Saint Malo, Heritage of Bordeaux, Heritage of Bilbao, History of Dijon, History of La Coruna, Heritage of Oporto, Heritage of Lisbon, History of Gibraltar, Heritage of Malaga, Heritage of Cartagena, History of Barcelona, History of Marseille, Heritage of San Tropez, Heritage of Livorno, History of Santa Margherieta Ligure, Heritage of Monaco.

April 2017: Celebrity Equinox: History of Barbados, Heritage of Saints Kitt/Thomas/Maarten, Pirates - Arr

March 2017: Silverseas Cloud: Ancient Arabia, Heritage of Dubai, Indus Valley Civilization, What is Islam, Middle East Revolutions

February 2017: Celebrity Silhouette: Pirates - Arrr, History of San Juan, Archaeology of Florida

January 2017 - Celebrity Eclipse: Pirates - Arrr, History of San Juan, Archaeology of Florida

December 2016 - Silverseas Wind: Maya Civilization, Archaeology of Florida, Pirates - Arrr, History of Grand Turk, Heritage of St. Barts, History of San Juan, Heritage of Barbados, History of Tortola

October 2016 - Celebrity Equinox from Spain to USA: Romans and their Pets, Archaeology of Wine and Beer, Templars and the DaVinci Code, Cultural Heritage of Morocco, Archaeology and the Crisis in Syria, and Romans in Spain.

April/May 2016 - Norwegian Spirit from USA to Spain: Pirates, Archaeology of Wine and Beer, Templars and the DaVinci Code, Anglo-Saxon Burials Tell Tales, Archaeology and the Crisis in Syria, Painted Caves of Spain and France, Phoenicians in Spain, Romans in Spain, and Medieval Spain