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Derrick Baan is a best selling author, ships master and an innovative corporate and maritime Instructor. Spending his early career in the computer industry, he was Asia-pacific Training Manager for AT&T, responsible for the training of existing and new staff across twelve countries. With a love of all things nautical, he subsequently owned his own maritime training business, upskilling over 8000 people on how to safely operate boats.

He has part owned two hotels. Companies he has worked with include Accenture, Hudson, NCR and Unisys. He holds a Bachelor of Science, from the University of Tasmania and a Graduate Diploma in Strategic Marketing from Charles Sturt University. His first 25 years was spent in Tasmania and he later spent several years as an expat in Papua New Guinea.

He is currently employed as a casual Ferry Master on the Brisbane River, pursuing a childhood dream to be a ship’s captain.

1. Entrepreneurs behind Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon
In this informative and entertaining lecture, Derrick gives a fascinating insight into the drive, the passion, the vision, the perseverance and most importantly the self-belief of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg; Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Apple’s Steve Jobs.

Did you know that all of these enterprises started in a garage? Comparisons are made to early industry pioneers such as IBM’s Tom Watson.

2. Exploring Social Media
Exploring 5 of the most popular Social Media networks that connect us with one another, allowing us to create and exchange information: Facebook; Twitter; YouTube; LinkedIn and Instagram, sharing insightful facts and figures without being technical at all.
What are their origins, strengths, weaknesses and specialisations. Derrick will also present a series of Social Media ‘fun facts’.

3. Crazy, Bizarre & Interesting Facts about Information Technology
Wild, weird, whacky, bizarre and 100% totally true! In this lighthearted, informative and entertaining presentation, Derrick will present you with astounding, unbelievable facts and figures from the computer world.

Did you know that only 8% of the world’s currency is physical money, the remaining 92% only exists on computers. How about the retail price of printer ink being $1300 per litre or a whopping $5000 per gallon.

4.The evolution of cruise ships.
A must for ship lovers and romantics who enjoy travel by sea. Follow the changes in purpose, hull and superstructure design, size, propulsion, construction, amenities, areas of operation and more. What have we lost and what have we gained. What will cruise ships of the future look like?

5. James A. Michener's South Pacific
Nostalgic look at the Pulitzer Prize winning book “Tales of the South Pacific” published in 1947 and it’s spin offs including the musical “South Pacific” by Rodgers and Hammerstein, the movie versions and the TV series “Adventures in Paradise” set aboard a romantic south seas trading schooner.

6. Property Power's 27 principles of real estate investment
Is based on his best selling book which reached #7 on the National Best Sellers list and spawned four subsequent magazine articles appearing in the Australian Property Investment periodical.

7. Circumnavigation of Australia in a small yacht.
Based on Derrick's book "Once Around the Sharkpool" and a subsequent double article titled "Top 20 must visit Places when circumnavigating our Continent" appearing in Multihull World Magazine.

8. America's inland Waterways.
Based on Derrick's book "America's Great Loop, Aussie Style" and the subsequent article appearing in Australian Afloat Magazine. The circuit includes the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, Hudson River, Erie Ship Canal, Great Lakes, Illinois River, Mississippi River and Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.

9. Is the Magnetic steering compass obsolete?
Based on Derrick's article appearing in Australian Afloat Magazine. How modern navigation and ships operation technology is providing easier and more robust ways to get a vessel from Point A to Point B


1. Destination Speaker; Papua New Guinea, Great Barrier Reef, Brisbane, Airlie Beach, Cairns, Tasmania, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Auckland, Bay of Islands and Sydney.

Papua New Guinea
Introduction to the history, culture, anthropology and languages of Papua New Guinea and what to expect in Alotau, Milne Bay Province, Rabaul, New Britain Province and the islands including the Louisiade Archipelago and Trobriands. Some of the more bizarre terms used in the Tok Pisin (pidgin English) language

Brisbane: “The River City”
Let resident local ferry captain Derrick prepare you to view this enthralling city from the water. Learn about the history, highlights and new developments on the Brisbane River. How and where to get aboard Council’s free ferry or the fast Citycat’s paid services. Plus other river cruise operators that are licensed and offer catered cruises, including the classic paddle steamer Kookaburra Queen.

Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays:
One of Australia’s most iconic destinations, the Whitsundays are a group of 74 jewel like islands that sit right in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. Hop from Hamilton to Whitsunday or Long island, relax on Whitehaven Beach – one of the world’s best beaches – or get out on the water in the sailing destination capital of the country. Derrick will also explain how this stunning region came into being through geological time.
Don’t forget about the mainland, though. The Whitsunday Coast has charms of its own, with great beaches, national parks and the buzzing town of Airlie Beach

Where the Great Barrier Reef and World Heritage Tropical Rainforests converge in Australia’s far North paradise. Cairns is an bustling oasis where you’ll find plenty to do with brilliant cafes, fascinating markets and nearby beaches. Or take one of the tours to nearby gems that attract over 3 million tourists a year.

Let Tasmanian born Derrick explain about the scenery, food and beverages that make Tassy unique. Plus the profiles of two colourful Tasmanians, both former professional gamblers, now making a sizeable impression in their respective new fields of endeavour.,

Tahiti and Moorea
Papeete, the quintessential Polynesian port that has romanticised the concept of a South Seas island paradise ever since the days of Captains Cook and Bligh.
Moorea is the nostalgic version of what Papeete was like 50 years ago. Complete with coral reef, precipitous mountains and turquoise lagoons.

Bora Bora
Regarded by many as the absolute gem of the South Pacific. Equally it is bucket list item for many of us. It doesn't disappoint. Learn how to maximize your time in this magical tropical paradise.

City of Sails and the Americas Cup. Nearby attractions such as Viaduct Harbour, which is full of superyachts and lined with bars and cafes. Auckland Domain, the city’s oldest park, is based around an extinct volcano. So what is it about those Kiwis, how do they punch above their weight in sports.

Bay of Islands
A charming and utterly picturesque coastal location with unforgettable vistas encompassing more than 140 subtropical islands Learn about the Hole in the Wall, Russell and Keri Keri, plus much more.

One of the prettiest harbours in the world, Captain Derrick has explored every beautiful part of this unique waterway in the twelve years he has lived in Sydney. Learn how to enjoy this enthralling city from the water plus other must see nearby locations.
Booked as guest speaker aboard Golden Princess next April 2020.