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In July 2018, Brian Sims was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Birmingham City University, in recognition of his outstanding achievements within the international motorsport industry.

He has also just completed a fascinating autobiography, outlining his 45-year career and expects this to be published later this year. Its title is the same as that for his cruise ship series of talks: YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A CHAMPION TO BE A WINNER

Brian is a highly entertaining and experienced speaker, appealing to a wide range of audiences. His talks focus on the inspirational, innovative and often highly amusing ways in which he made it to the top level of motorsport, rather than on motorsport itself. This often included working with well know TV celebrities, including the cast of the Are You Being Served? BBC sitcom. His talks are filled with amazing anecdotes.

Brian has enjoyed a colourful and exciting career in international motorsport, including becoming Marketing Director of the Benetton F1 Team.. He has an has an enviable reputation for acquiring innovative, multi-million pound sponsorship deals, including those bringing FedEx, Marconi and Gillette into F1 for the first time.

He is the Founder, former CEO and an Honorary Life Member of the prestigious Motorsport Industry Association, which in 1994, formalised motorsport as a world-leading industry in its own right. He created the MIA Awards programme, recognising business and technical achievement within motorsport. The Awards are presented annually at a House of Lords Reception.

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SERIES TITLE: You don’t have to be a Champion to be a winner!

TALK 1: Help from the world of entertainment:!
How a famous BBC News Reader, the cast of “Are You Being Served?” and Monty Python’s John Cleese helped me reach my goals in the glamorous world of professional sport

TALK 2: Be careful who you talk to on an aircraft:!
How a conversation with a fellow passenger on a flight to South Africa, who later hit the headlines in more ways than one, led to my facing up to a group of striking Formula 1 drivers

TALK 3: Tea at the House of Lords:!
How an invitation to tea at the House of Lords led to my gaining the UK Government’s formal recognition and support for a world-leading British industry that attracts over 450 million TV viewers annually

TALK 4: The Statue that Came to Life:!
How I worked with the heir to the Benetton Group of Companies and created a statue that came to life in the City of Barcelona in front of the world’s press

TALK 5: Lunch with a Dame:!
How I had lunch with Dame Kelly Holmes and tried to help her move into a new and very different sport!

TALK 6: Would you get into a driverless taxi?!
How our world of motoring and motorsport is changing and what it will mean for us all
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