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Dr. John D. Wineland, Ph.D. is an archaeologist and History Professor currently living, excavating, and teaching in Central Florida.

He has spent thirty-five years traveling, teaching, leading tours, and researching around the world.
He teaches a wide range of courses in Archaeology and History, including Archaeology Fieldwork, World History, Ancient History, Medieval History, and European History.

He is a Registered Professional Archaeologist who has excavated on three continents. His lively cruise presentations follow the development of civilizations ancient through modern, through Europe, across the Middle East to India, over the sea to North and South America.

He has been featured in world media as a leading archaeologist. John enjoys giving engaging presentations to engaged travelers, and also meeting and speaking one on one to the diverse cruising community.
A Day in the Life of an Archaeologist

Life of an Artifact

Archaeology of Christmas

Day in the Life of the Maya/Aztec/Inca

Meet the Real St. Nicholas

People of the Ancient Americas: Maya/Aztec/Inca

Ask an Archaeologist

A Day at the Dig:What Indy Really Does

My Favorite Sites in Roman Britain

My Favorite Sites in Jordan

My Favorite Sites in Israel

Cutting Edge Technology: The Future of Archaeology

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

The New Seven Wonders of the World

Secret Stories about Amazing Artifacts

Why Did the Europeans Cross the Sea?

Sugar and Spices: Trade Around the World

Underwater Archaeology

New World - New Foods

Age of Exploration

Florence: Birthplace of the Italian Renaissance

Rome: Bread and Circus

The Golden Age of Ancient Greece

Ephesus: Culture Clash of Biblical Proportions

Santorini: Then and Now

In the Shadow of Mt. Vesuvius

Barcelona: Jewel of the Western Mediterranean

Black Gold: How Oil Changed the Region

Caravans, Camels, and Trade

The Kingdom of Cochin: Trade and Spices

Diversity of India: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christian, Jainism, and Sikhs

West meets East: Imperialism and India

Science, Philosophy, and Astronomy: The Legacy of the Muslim Empires

The Portuguese Trade Center and Vasco de Gama

The Panama Canal: The Eighth Wonder of the World

Sailing with the Vikings: Raids, Plunder, and Exploration

Norse Culture

Estonia: Land of Battles

St. Petersburg: The Third Rome

The End of the Roman Empire: The Rise of Germanic Tribes

Celts, Saxons, and Normans

Mykonos: Center of Aegean Trade

Rhodes" Home of the Colossus

Its Istanbul Not Constantinople

Malta: Home of the Warrior Monks

Sicily: Battleground of the Mediterranean
I have been a destination speaker and an enrichment speaker for Celebrity, Princess, and Royal Caribbean.
I have spoken on cruises in the Persian Gulf to India; the Baltic to Russia, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, UK; the Caribbean through the Panama Canal to California; From Chile to Argentina around the area of Patagonia; and around the Mediterranean from Spain, France, Italy, Greece, and Turkey .
I am a professional archaeologist and a university professor of World History.