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Al’s background is a mixture of science, economics, technology and education. Al was an electronics instructor while in the U.S. Air Force, a Programing Instructor at New York University, and a Computer Systems Engineer and Instructor at IBM.
His teaching experience includes a two-year assignment at IBM’s International Education Center in La Hulpe Belgium where he lectured on a variety of management subjects to students from a variety of countries,
His lectures on Data and Computer Security involved travel to locations in Western Europe and Singapore.

He has worked as a Certified Personal trainer for World Gym and received two first place trophies as a body builder in a senior division. Now, after cruising, he is trying to get back in shape

Over a period of 10 summers Al has given a variety of enrichment lectures at Sunrise Senior College which is associated with the University of Maine. His penchant for research has enabled him to give lectures in a wide range of subjects: Gypsies, Pirates, Privateers, Canals, Transatlantic liners, Oceanography, Salt, Lord Nelson’s love affair and tattoos.

Al has provided enrichment lectures on nine different cruises for four different cruise lines. His PowerPoint presentations include pictures and imbedded videos to support the narrative wherever possible.

His audience, laughs, argues, learns and in one case fell off the bar stool.
He is looking forward to developing more lectures and doing more cruising.

1. LIFE OF A BRITISH SEAMAN IN THE 17TH CENTURY - Though a hard and dangerous life, it was often better than life ashore. We examine all the factors that relate to a seaman’s life aboard an English ship of the line.

2.. LORD NELSON, ENGLAND’S MOST FAMOUS ADMIRAL – We review his role in the defeat of the French, and Spanish navies during the Napoleonic Wars. Discussed are the tactics at the Battle of St. Vincent, the Battle of The Nile and events leading up to the battle of Trafalgar.

3. LADY EMMA HAMILTON, THE MISTRESS OF LORD NELSON. – She had an affair with a navy captain, danced as the” Goddess of Health” at a sex clinic, became the mistress of a British rake then married his uncle, Lord Hamilton. Poets praised her ad artists painted her.

4. MASKS AND ILLUSIONS -. Examines the human drive to change one's persona and attempts to prove, that regardless of ethnicity, social status, geography and time, people will contrive to change their self-image, the way they look, and how they are perceived by others.

5. THE SIGNIFICANCE OF SALT IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND - Examines the influence of salt on the development of civilization, its' impact on language, taxes, national wealth, myth, diet and exploration

6. CANALS OF THE WORLD - Examines the reasons for canals, kinds of canals and a look at some famous canals. By looking at the maps, we come to understand how they made it possible to overcome natures challenges to reduce the distance and improve the comfort of travel and improve commerce.

7..THE AGE OF DISCOVERY: Discusses the European quest for discovering new worlds and finding shorter ways to get there. We look at the men who rounded the continents of Africa and South America, circumnavigated the earth and searched for the Northwest Passage.

8. GREYHOUNDS OF THE SEAS PART ONE - Looks at the evolution of ocean crossings from sail to steam, from wood to iron and steel, from paddle wheel to screw propulsion, from basic accommodation to luxury. All part of a relentless quest for speed, safety and comfort at sea.

9. GREYHOUNDS OF THE SEAS PART TWO - Highlights the great English, French, Italian and German ocean liners of the 20th century and the race for the "Blue Riband" among ships that continually raised the bar, changed history and often ended up tragically destroyed or forgotten.

10.THE DECLINE OF FISHERIES – Examines fishing techniques that threaten the sustainability of fisheries. Looks at the impact of overfishing, fish farms, ocean garbage, and climate change. Discusses Garrett Hardin’s, “Tragedy of the Commons” and declining fish.

11. OCEAN FEATURES - A look at the layers of the earth and the ocean features above and beneath the waves. We discuss plate tectonics, the ring of fire, continental drift, the sea bed, We examine phenomena like currents, gyres and the Ocean Conveyor Belt.

12. HISTORY OF THE PANAMA CANAL - Tells a story of political intrigue, gunboats, revolution and the struggle to overcome disease, engineering and geologic problems to finally link the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

13 BRIDGES OF THE WORLD – Bridges allow us to cross chasms bays and rivers to provide access and reduce distance. We look at kinds of bridges, historical bridges, beautiful bridges, and engineering marvels. UNDER REVISION

14. PIRATES AND PRIVATEERS – Looks at the causes of privateering and piracy and the difference between them. We look at the impact of films on our views of piracy and we take a look at some famous pirates and Queen Elizabeth’s famous “Sea Hawks”

15. HISTORY OF THE GYPSIES - They came out of India over a thousand years ago and have been a source of mystery and an object of fear, misunderstanding and persecution ever since.
I have lectured aboard the following ships. All sessions were well attended and received positive feedback. In a few cases the attendance overflowed the room and had to be moved to a larger venue.
1. Royal Caribbean - Adventure Of The Seas
2. Celebrity - Summit 2x
3. Princess - Island Princess
4. NCL - Epic 2x
5. NCL - Star
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Celebrity Eclipse EC191027 Hawaii Cruise 15 Los Angeles, California Sunday, October 27, 2019
Caribbean Princess B913 Eastern Caribbean Cruise 7 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Saturday, April 6, 2019