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Ecology & Conservation
Wildlife & Nature
Hazel has been working as a speaker and guide on a variety of cruise and expedition vessels since 2017. Her areas of expertise are marine mammals and seabirds, but she possesses a broad knowledge of the wider natural world. Having volunteered as a marine mammal and seabird surveyor for numerous UK based conservation charities since 2014, her first job in as a guide/speaker came in 2017 working on a passenger vessel crossing the Bay of Biscay. From 2018 to 2020 she worked on a variety of itineraries (until the covid-19 pandemic) and is now extremely glad to be back working as a cruise naturalist since December 2021 to the present.

Hazel is routinely praised by guests for her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. Their feedback has commented on her 'outstanding ability to lecture and communicate' reflecting her dedication to creating high quality lectures and her skills as an engaging, entertaining and inspiring speaker. When not lecturing you will find her out on deck helping guests to enjoy wildlife observations. These abilities, along with her friendly, approachable personality, would make Hazel an asset to your cruise speaker programme.

Hazel's work as a cruise naturalist role has taken her to a variety of wonderful wildlife rich locations including Antarctica, the Arctic (Svalbard), Norway, Iceland, Alaska, Canada, the Faroe Islands, the Canary Islands, the Caribbean and Central America. She would be delighted to join your cruise and can be relied upon to enhance the experience for your guests.

All of the following lectures can be adapted to suit the itinerary; I can also create tailor-made lectures regarding a wide variety of wildlife for the region of travel and species we could encounter, as required. During time at sea, when not lecturing, I will gladly be out on deck helping guests to spot and enjoy wildlife!


* What Could We See? Marine Mammals - a talk about the species of marine mammals we could see on our trip; can be adapted to suit any itinerary

* Iceland’s Marine Mammals

* Alaska’s Marine Mammals

* Norway’s Marine Mammals

* Marine Mammals of the Caribbean

* World Cruise Wildlife hotspots - I can deliver one or more lectures relating to areas which are hotspots for within a world cruise itinerary

* New Zealand’s Marine Mammals

* Ice Bear: The Kings and Queens of the Arctic - a talk regarding the iconic polar bear

* Ocean Voices: cetacean communication - find out how whales, dolphins and porpoises communicate in their underwater world

* Awesome Adaptations - a talk about how whales, dolphins and other marine mammals are adapted for their aquatic lives

* 'How Do They Sleep?' - Answering this and other questions commonly asked about whales, dolphins and other marine wildlife!

* Food for Thought - How marine mammals find, catch and eat their food

* Beaked Whales: Ocean Enigmas - a talk about the species within this elusive, deep diving and rarely seen group of whales

* Ocean Giants: The World's Largest Whales - We live in a time when there are giants inhabiting the oceans; let's learn about them!

* On The Brink of Extinction - The species of marine mammal most at risk, factors threatening their survival and what is being done to save them

* River Dolphins - Strange looking and lesser known than their oceanic cousins, this talk sheds the light on the incredible river dolphin species

* Pinnipeds: the flipper footed marine mammals - an introduction to this amazing group of animals which includes seals, sea lions and walruses

* Pinnipeds of the Arctic - seals and the walrus, specific to Arctic itineraries

* Pinnipeds of the South - seals, sea lions and fur seals of the Southern Ocean

* Journeys: The Epic Migrations - this talk looks at the long migrations made by some marine mammals: Where? How? Why?


* What Could We See? Seabirds - a talk about seabird species we could encounter on our trip

* Spectacular Seabirds - an introduction to seabirds, their ecology, identification and enjoyment of these marvellous creatures!

* Winged Wonders: Albatrosses - a talk about this incredible group of seabirds

* Petrels, Prions and Shearwaters - enjoy getting to know this large and varied group of seabirds

* Underwater Flight: Penguins - a lecture about the iconic, flightless seabirds that everyone loves!

* SvalBIRD: feathered friends in Svalbard - an in depth look at the bird life of this Arctic archipelago

* Birds of Iceland/Norway - Exploring the bird life of these wildlife rich countries

* Seabirds of the British Isles - get to know the seabirds of Britain

* New Zealand’s Birds

* Seabird Conservation - What threats do seabirds face? What is being done to protect them?


* Life in the Freezer - a talk about polar wildlife and their adaptations to surviving the cold

* Turtle-y Amazing! - a talk about sea turtles

* From Worship to Whaling - the past, present and future of humankind's interest in and relationship with whales and dolphins

* Cruising and Conservation - how cruising can contribute to conservation and my experiences over five years working in this field

* Wildlife Round-up - What animals did we see during our trip; a recap of those memorable sightings from our cruise!
I am an experienced lecturer/speaker and wildlife guide; I have worked on board a variety of destination and expedition cruise vessels in this role since April 2017.

Regions I have travelled to include Antarctica, the Arctic (Svalbard), Alaska, Norway, Iceland, Canada, Panama Canal, the Azores, New Zealand, the Canary Islands, the Caribbean and the UK. Companies have included Oceanwide Expeditions, Noble Caledonia, P&O and Saga.

Depending upon the length of the cruise and the requests of the cruise company, I have created and delivered between one to eight different lectures, along with spending considerable time out on deck with guests looking for wildlife. Additionally, I have experience assisting with shore excursions, leading interactive workshops and Q&A sessions, writing daily sightings reports and post-cruise wildlife reports.