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Shipping industry expert Gavin W Roser is a charismatic and highly engaging speaker whose presentations are informative and entertaining. If you think shipping doesn’t interest or affect you be prepared to be surprised!

Gavin is Secretary General of the European Freight & Logistics Leaders Forum, a Brussels based think tank that brings together major shippers and transport providers from 17 countries to look at best practice across the global supply chain. He recently chaired sessions at a major conference in Paris looking at the emergence of the "Physical Internet" - a real game changer like Uber.

Gavin has been in the shipping & logistics sector industry for 45 years, and in this time has seen remarkable changes in one of the few industries that operate regardless of national boundaries. He has been Managing Director of a major ship agency, Chairman of a joint venture in the Falklands, Maritime Advisor to the National Shipping Line of Iran and a Maritime Consultant at the centre of the privatisation of the shipping industry of New Zealand that earned him a reputation as ‘Roser the Razer’.

Back in his own hemisphere Gavin lead a rail freight organisation to win the coveted IFW award as European Rail Freight Operator of the year, was Vice Consul for Norway in his home city Glasgow..

A keen member of The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Gavin is also President of the Scottish Shipping Benevolent Association, a 115-year-old maritime charity, and a member of the Board of the European Railway Agency based in France. He also runs his own maritime consultancy firm, recently advising the Scottish Government on developing new approaches to moving vital freight to the Scottish islands, and assisting the International Transport Forum {OECD} on publishing a paper on sustainability. As passionate about educating as presenting Gavin also works with maritime universities in northern Europe, promoting new thinking in maritime education for all ages, whilst also encouraging graduates to explore career opportunities in the shipping industry.
The majority of my talks are based on the maritime sector, how global trade operates, the different modes of transport and most importantly "to bring to life topics we should not take for granted"

1. What your eyes see at sea
This lecture looks at the geography of the voyage, seas, oceans, rivers, passages and straits, ships and great events that occurred in the areas we pass through. This has included the Coral Sea, waters around Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, South China Sea, Indian Ocean, Atlantic, Mediterranean, North Sea and Caribbean.

2. Who does what at the Foreign Office {Ministerial} this also looks at specific areas of responsibility. Major agencies that impact on global trade also feature.

3. British Overseas Territories, of which there are 14 are seldom in the news, a look at what is going on in some of these exciting locations including the Falklands and Chagos Archipelago

4. Can you live without a container? Well can you?
What impact do containers have in everyday life, do we really need 20,000 TEU ships?

5. Can you live without a tanker?
Energy impacts on us all, so what is the role of tankers in sustaining our daily lives. What are the sources of oil and gas, a look at some of the geo - political issues that impact on global energy policy and strategy.

6. Can you live without ships and ports like Singapore or Rotterdam?
Why are major hub ports so important in global trade, how does that effect you? Did you know that ships carry 90% of world trade?

7. Sustaining life at sea - a look below stairs
what happens below decks on a cruise ship, in the galley, store rooms, housekeeping, engine room, bridge and other areas which passengers never see?

8. Unusual ships
What do they do and where do they go?

9. Speed?... but at what cost?
Why do we always rush, would a sea passage not be more comfortable than an aircraft and transit through busy airports?

10. Burma and the Irrawaddy flotilla.
This lecture looks at this fascinating river and the ships that sailed upon it. What were the origins of the Burmah oil Company, very important given the re-emergence of Burma today.

11. Trade routes yesterday, today & tomorrow
Have they changed since the time of the silk or spice routes? The new Chinese initiative OBOR - One Belt One Road. The critical waterways of Suez and Panama (expanded in 2015 & 2016) the emergence of the Arctic, North Sea Route, and the North West Passage, all vital to sustain global trade.

12. A fascinating insight to trade and the Mekong Delta
This lecture speaks for itself, many people rely on the Delta to sustain their lives.

13. The Bosphorus and the Black Sea
Especially important given events of 2014/2015. This is the gateway to major markets in Eastern Europe.

14. Dramatic events between the 74th and 80th meridians
This looks at Anguilla, British Honduras {Belize} Cuban Missile crisis, Darien Scheme and Deepwater Horizon, are a few examples. You may have forgotten about some of these events!

15. Captain William Kidd and the Pirates of the Caribbean
Are there any parallels with piracy today?

16. Bananas, Sugar, Tea and Spices,
We may take them all for granted, but where do these daily items come from and how to they get here?

17. UK to Borneo by ship in the 60's- a distance of 10,622 nautical miles. What would you see en route to the booming markets of Asia?

New lecture commemorating "100 Years of Shipping on the River Clyde ". Published in November 2014. This lecture looks at the impact of history on the future of this vital industry. I helped to compile this book commissioned by the Scottish Shipping Benevolent Association of which I am currently President

Under construction:

- Joint ventures in the Falkands post conflict.
- Today's commercial potential of the Falklands.
- My Falklands experience just after the conflict.

Optional extras:

- Bridge commentaries on river passages, Suez Canal & Saigon River. These can be adapted to any location.
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