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History - Military
Jeremy Prescott was an Army Officer for 26 years reaching the rank of Lt Col seeing operational service in Northern Ireland and Dhofar, Oman.

After leaving the Army he was appointed CEO of a charity supporting rural communities. Initially he developed the Sacrifice and Remembrance presentation from a successful bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund to support communities in their own commemoration of the 100th anniversary of WW1.

From interest from audiences from this presentation this led on to the creation of a further 6 presentations in the Sacrifice and Remembrance series. To date he has delivered these presentations to over 8,000 people in 170 venues on a voluntary basis with all donations received from these presentations being passed to Combat Stress – the veterans mental health charity.
1. Sacrifice and Remembrance helps to commemorate the 100th anniversary period of WW1. The presentation is not about the rights or wrongs of going to war but the sacrifice made and how that sacrifice of 1.7m is commemorated through the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC).

2. The Miracle Flower – From Flanders to the Tower tracks the evolution of The Poppy in remembrance of the fallen from Capt John McCrae’s iconic poem "In Flanders Fields" to the “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red” display at the Tower of London in 2014.

3. For Valour the Victoria Cross Story covers the evolution of the Victoria Cross and the bravery of some of those who have been awarded this highest award for gallantry.

4. Iconic Memorials for the Fallen highlights those national memorials across the world which commemorate the scale of the sacrifice in particular WW1 and WW2

5. The Tragedy of War - Vietnam looks at different aspects of this war from both sides in a non judgemental way

6. The Forgotten Heroes of My Lai covers the story of the great courage of 3 US helicopter crewmen who intervened to stop the killing of over 500 civilians at My Lai, Vietnam in 1968 and 30 years later were subsequently awarded the Soldiers Medal for their bravery and moral courage

7. The Wall - Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The inspiring story of this memorial. The vision came from Cpl Jan Scruggs who defied all the odds to turn his idea into reality. The designer was Maya Ling a 20 year old Yale undergraduate whose competition entry was selected from 1,000 others. The memorial was initially criticised by veterans but now have embraced it and it is one of the most visited memorials in America.

8. The Sinking of the Laconia covers the torpedoing of this troop ship by a U Boat in September 1942 and the bravery of the three U Boat commanders who came to the rescue of the survivors.

9. 90 Minutes at Entebbe - The Story of Operation Thunderbolt. The story of how Israeli Special Forces freed the hostages from the Air France Aircraft which was hijacked to Entebbe.

10. Violette Szabo GC. The stirring story of this SOE operative in WW2 who through her bravery in combat and resilience in captivity was awarded the George Cross.

11. Bomber Command. The story of Bomber Command in WW2, the Avro Lancaster Bomber, it’s crew and their life, Op Chastise (Dambusters) and Barnes Wallis’ invention of the Bouncing Bomb, Op Manna (Food Drops in Holland), Op Exodus (Repatriation of POWs), how the fallen are remembered with memorials dedicated to Bomber Command and the personal story of a Pathfinder Lancaster Bomber, it’s crew and relatives left behind.
Although Jeremy has no experience on cruise ships he has delivered the 7 presentations in the Sacrifice and Remembrance series to over 8,000 people in 170 venues since 2014.

The testimonials received universally comment on how moving the presentations are. The presentations all of 45 minute duration are delivered using powerpoint and without notes.
As I am committed to 50 engagements in 2019 am realistically looking at gaining a placement from 2020 onwards