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Prof. Bob Aalberts has been a cruise ship destination lecturer for over 10 years visiting many of the major ports of the world. Prof. Aalberts possesses a relevant academic background having earned an M.A. in geography at the University of Missouri-Columbia and then teaching world regional, political and economic geography at the University of New Orleans.

Prof. Aalberts also earned a Juris Doctor’s degree from Loyola University and practiced corporate law before becoming a business law professor for 33 years at LSU, UNLV, (where he is currently an emeritus professor), and the Pennsylvania State University from where he retired. Equipped with his extensive travel experience and academic background Prof. Aalberts delivers a holistic approach to the understanding of a port, region and country’s geography, history, political/legal system, business/economic characteristics and culture.

Prof. Aalberts earned numerous college, university and state-wide teaching and research degrees during his teaching career and has consistently received high reviews for his destination lectures as well.

Halifax- Exploring Eastern Canada's Maritimes
Geographic Perspectives of the North Atlantic Rim: Cruising from New England to England
Newfoundland to Reykjavik, Iceland: Retracing the Intrepid Vikings
Glasgow, Scotland- A Geographic and Historical Overview
London- A Geographic and Historical Overview
Historical Edinburgh: Scotland’s Inspiring, Buzzing, Old-Fashioned City
Dublin, Belfast and Liverpool: Historic Pasts, Bright Futures?
Cruising to Torshavn in the Faroe Islands- Denmark’s Historic Presence in the North Atlantic
Amsterdam--From the Dutch Golden Age to the Present: An Ongoing Legacy of Progress and Tolerance
Cruising to Antwerp-Belgium’s Historic City of Diamonds
Stavanger- Gateway to Norway’s Eidfjord Country
Bergen: Gateway to the Fjords
Cruising the Sognefjord to Flam
Cruising the Spectacular Geirangerfjord to its Village Namesake
Kristiansund and Alesund- Norway’s in the Heart of the Central Coast
Tromso- Norway’s Arctic City and
Bodo- Gateway to the Lofoten Islands
Cruising to Honningsvag- Gateway to the North Cape
Oslo-A Culture of Freedom, Autonomy and Mutual Support in a Challenging Environment
Stockholm- Fostering a Culture of Freedom, Prosperity & Mutual Support
The Vikings-A Legacy of Discovery, Exploration and Domination
Finland-Historically Dominated, Free Today to Prosper in the Information Age
Russia-Big, Beautiful and Brutal
Exploring Normandy and the Historic Channel Islands
Bordeaux-Culture, Lifestyle... and Wine!
Cruising to Bruges, Belgium-Historical city in the land of Beer and Chocolate
Bilbao-The Cultural Center of Basque Country
Lisbon-Cruising the Scenic Tagus River to an Ancient, Dynamic City

Cruising the French Riviera to St. Tropez & Monaco
Portofino-Basking in Italy’s Riviera
Portovenere- Gateway to Italy’s Charming Cinque Terre
Livorno- Gateway to the Fabled Tuscany Region
Sailing into the Rome’s Port of Civitavecchia
Cruising the Historic Andalusian Coast of Spain
Palma de Mallorca & Valencia- Fun, Food & History
Sailing the Ancient Mediterranean Sea to Ibiza
Barcelona-Catalonia’s Artistic, Open, Monumental Capital
Corsica & Sardinia-Ancient Lands, Beautiful Beaches, Culturally Blessed
Cruising the Aegean & Ionian Seas to the Legendary & Defiant Island of Malta

Connecting the Modern World: Egypt’s Suez Canal
Luxor- Center of the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt
Petra-The Rose City
Highlights of the places we will see as we cruise through the Red Sea and Gulf of Aqaba to southern
The Middle East-Do Oil and Politics Mix?
Islam-An Introduction to a Major World Religion some of its most important practices.
Salalah, Oman-A Journey to Bountiful
Muscat-A City Between Times
Dubai-A Diamond in the Desert
Victoria in the Seychelles-A Whole other World
St. Denis- A Bit of France on Reunion Island
Port Louis Mauritius-Picturesque, Inspiring
Maputo, Mozambique-A Capital City in a Land of Paradoxes
Richard’s Bay, South Africa- Exploring Zululand
Durban- Exploring the KwaZulu-Natal Coast
Port Elizabeth- Gateway to the Eastern Cape and Land of the Xhosa
Cape Town- South Africa’s Most Beautiful City on the Sea

Marquesas Islands- Gateway to a South Pacific Paradise
Pitcairn Island- Remote, Historical, Intriguing
Easter Island-Mysterious, Fascinating, Tragic
Cruising to Chile’s Robinson Crusoe Island

Valparaiso- “Syncopated, Dilapidated, Colorful & Poetic”
Cruising to Iquique, Chile- A Land of Stark Beauty & Bountiful Resources
Lima, Peru- “City of the Kings” and Capital to a Diverse Nation
Guayaquil- Gateway to Ecuador
The Panama Canal: “The Land Divided, the World United”
Cartagena & Santa Marta-Gateways to Colombia’s Historic Caribbean Coast
Cruising the Caribbean Sea to St. Barts- One Among 7,000 Islands of Adventure, Energy & Challenges
Key West Florida- Eccentric, Eclectic, Relaxed, Colorful
New Orleans- America’s City of Fine Food, Music and Culture
Cayman Islands-The Caribbean’s Premier Offshore Financial Center
Curacao-A Dutch Touch in the South Caribbean
Grenada-Savoring the Caribbean’s Spice Isle
Devil’s Island- France’s Former Caribbean Prison
Recife and Salvador de Bahia -In Brazil’s Historic Core
Rio de Janeiro – Hot, Exotic City of Many Cities
Montevideo, Uruguay-South America’s Small Island of Progressivism
Buenos Aires-Argentina’s Colossal, Electrifying & Stunning Capital
Ushuaia- Cruising to Tierra del Fuego and the “End of the World”
Puerto Montt- Cruising the Chilean Fjords to Where the Andes Tumbles into the Sea

Cruising the South China Sea to Hanoi, Vietnam’s Picturesque Capital
Da Nang, Hue & Hoi An-Central Vietnam’s Cultural Treasures
Cruising Vietnam’s Coast to Ho Chi Minh City-Vietnam’s Bustling Metropolis
Bangkok-Thailand’s Dominating, Colorful Mega-City
Vietnam & Thailand vs. the World: How Do These Countries Compare?
Singapore- Tiny in Size But Herculean in Aspiration
I have been a cruise destination lecturer for over 10 years on luxury cruise lines including Crystal and Azamara. I have lectured on destinations in U.S, & Canada, Europe, Middle East, East & South Africa, Caribbean & South America, South Pacific (including Easter & Pitcairn Islands, and S.E. Asia.