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History - General
MONTY DOBSON, PhD, is an archaeologist and documentary filmmaker who earned his doctorate in archaeology from the University of York and his MA in history from Central Michigan University, where he serves as a Research Assistant Professor. As a public archaeologist and historian, he has worked internationally on archaeological sites, as well as in senior and executive roles in museums.

Monty is the creator and Executive Producer of the award-wining public television series America from the Ground Up and his films have been shown on television internationally. 

Monty is an engaging public speaker and his passion for history, archaeology and culture shine through his lectures, presentations and roundtable discussions.

Viking Resident Historian Lecture with Dr. Monty Dobson:
“The Hanseatic League.”
Explore this dynamic maritime network of Baltic-area traders between the 13th and 15th centuries.

“The Vikings.”
Challenge traditional stereotypes and learn the real story, examining their influence and legacy.

“Vikings on the Move.”
Trace the conquests of these innovative explorers, stretching from the Old World to the New World.

“The Bayeux Tapestry.”
Examine the artistic and historic significance of this treasure chronicling the Battle of Hastings.

“Imperial Russia.”
Discover the world of the Romanov rulers between the 17th and 19th centuries."

Roundtable Discussion Topics:
“Inventing England Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon Kings.”
Explore the archaeology, history and symbolism of two ancient sites in terms of British royalty.

“Did the Vikings Create England?”
Take a closer look at what archaeological history reveals about the influences of Vikings in the UK.

“A Light in the Dark Ages?”
Discuss how medieval Irish monks helped preserve Latin and bring Christianity to Northern Europe.

"Viking Sagas: Myth, legend or fact? Are the sagas tall tales told on a long winter night or records we can rely on?

"Did the Vikings Create Russia? Were Vikings the first Princes of Russia? What does archaeology tell us about the Kievan Rus?"

"Secrets of Viking Long ships From the open sea to rivers and fjords, Viking shipbuilding technology made them masters of the sea."