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Param is a nature photographer with a special interest and passion for photographing tigers in the wild.

He is concerned about their dwindling numbers and the threat to this glorious animals’ habitat. Param is immensely knowledgeable about the various factors having a deleterious effect on tiger numbers; these include deforestation, human development, the prey base, man-animal conflict, mining, lack of animal corridors and the ecosystem, not to mention poaching. Param has a formidable understanding of the behaviour of wild tigers. All his tiger images are taken in the forests and tiger reserves of India.

Param has travelled extensively; including as far afield as the Galapagos Islands and Fiji. He has trekked to Everest Base Camp and up Kilimanjaro and he has documented the beauty of Ladakh in the Himalayas through his lens. These images constitute a significant part of his landscape portfolio.

An experienced and confident public speaker, Param’s talks on nature photography have been well-received and he is currently in demand to speak at various events and at distinguished photographic societies in the UK and as a guest speaker on cruise ships.

Param trained as a medical doctor. He had a long and interesting career across the National Health Service, the Civil Service, Her Majesty’s Reserve Forces and in the Corporate world, working as a Medical Director for multinational healthcare information technology companies.

He voluntarily retired from work, as we know it, several years ago to seek more pleasurable alternatives! He lives in Ponteland in Northumberland., UK

Param saw active service in Bosnia with the British Army and was decorated with the Nato Medal for the former Yugoslavia, the Queen’s Jubilee Medal and The Territorial Decoration.

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Param is able to provide several lectures on tiger and nature photography. All is lectures are illustrated with exquisite photographic images. All of Param's tiger images are taken by him in the wild, in the forests and tiger reserves of India.Here are some examples of the titles of his talks with a brief description of the content, this is by no means a complete list:

1. Nature and wildlife photography
Param provides an introduction and overview and shares some photographic considerations for this genre.

2. A photographer at work: Life on the brink
Param introduces you to his passion and eccentricity - photographing tigers in the wild! He describes concepts of pre-visualization & fieldcraft.

3. Working the light: Adventures in different worlds
Param presents to you a unique juxtaposition of images from two places where he has lived, ie, Scotland & India. Images of gannets and wild elephants and their young are a treat to witness.

4. A Himalayan journey
Param is off to Everest Base Camp and then to Ladakh in the Himalayas. Other than the beautiful scenery, Param shares the difficulties of altitude.

5. Developing vision & style: The Cubs of Bandhavgarh
Param feels privileged to share images taken in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, Central India. Some images of cubs at the entrance of a cave are a world exclusive. Aspects of teamwork and safety are also emphasized.

6. A summer at the Farne Islands: Photographing Birds
Param is nearer home this time photographing the avi-fauna. The sea birds photographed include puffins, arctic terns, razorbills, guillemots,

7. Remaining focused: The Rajbehra tigress and her Cubs
Not many would argue that the tigress is at her most dangerous when she is with her cubs. Param lets you decide whether he was brave, foolish or skillful in bringing these images to you!

8. Capturing Biodiversity: From the kingdom (Part -1)
Param explores the biodiversity of the ecosystem of the tiger habitats. Photographic approaches and technique are mentioned.

9. Developing a theme and a story: A tigress called “Spotty” & her cubs (Part 1)
Param tracks this tigress for days and captures her majestic images and finally he finds her cubs.

10. “Spotty” & her cubs (part - 2)
Param returns to see how the wee ones are doing; they are not little any more! Another world class collection of images, including an unique sequence of “tiger ballet”

11. A Photographic Diary: From the Galapagos Islands
This remote archipelago has some unique biodiversity that inspired Charles Darwin too.

12. Patience & Perseverance : The wildlife photographer’s tools
Param takes you to Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, the most popular tiger safari destination of the western tourist. He tracks “Noor”, the Queen of Ranthambore, her cubs and much more.

13. Capturing Biodiversity: From the Kingdom (part -2)
We return to capture the diversity of these habitats. Images of several indigenous birds are also included.

14. Sailing with Cruise Ships
Param really values and enjoys his association with passenger cruises. He brings to you images of nature and wildlife, including from Iceland & the Norwegian Fjords.

15. The importance of critiquing: Simply the Best
We share some images you liked and some you could have liked!
Additional material is shared too. The approach here is analytical. The subject in wildlife can have a big emotional impact on the viewer.
Have been a guest lecturer on several ships of Cruise Maritime Vouages. Also Cunard & Fred Olsen.
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