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Graham enjoys a good sense of humour so when he retired from the police he wanted a new career that was something completely different that is both funny and entertaining so Catch the Killer murder mysteries was born.

As far as Graham is concerned the main object of his murder mysteries is for everyone to get involved whilst having a good time.

He has written over twenty murder mystery stories most of which can be adapted to suit the needs of the client. He has included very brief description of some of them in the topics section.

Graham served for 30 years in the police, 24 years of which was in the C.I.D. He now does some after dinner speaking and calls his talks Criminal Entertainment. He relates stories, both serious and amusing, about the various departments of the police starting when he walked the beat.

His wife Jackie is a Port/Destination Speaker.
If you have booked traditional enrichment speakers for a cruise you may want another speaker that is completely different that will amuse and engage the passengers. Volunteer passengers assist Graham to perform his own funny, light-hearted and inter-active Catch the Killer murder mysteries in front of a room full of the fellow passengers. They say that laughter is the best medicine and that is what his murder mysteries are all about. Positive passenger feedback has resulted in him being used on 24 cruises in 5 years.

One Cruise Director said 'Graham's murder mysteries are great, the guests really enjoyed them. It is good because he gets everyone involved and on all four performances the lounge was very busy'.

The volunteer passengers play the parts of the suspects in each murder mystery. He has made it very easy to be a suspect as the script does not require any preparation in advance and by using volunteer it really brings the event to life with quick wit and repartee between the suspects and the audience. This leads to much discussion during the cruise which encourages the passengers to meet new people and make new friends. It also ensures there are strong topics of conversation whilst on board.

He performs a different murder mystery at each session and they can be adapted to the ship or destination. Each mystery has a logical conclusion so whilst the passengers are being entertained they can also use their powers of deduction to "catch the killer".

Graham gets lots of positive feedback from passengers. One passenger said everyone was involved in an interactive way which captured our imagination and gave the event a personal feeling. It was fun.

In October he will be performing a murder mystery on a river cruise called the Filia Rheni for Saga Holidays and in March 2020 he will be a speaker on the last leg of a world cruise. He has done this leg before and have been told by a cruise director that on world cruises the passengers want some daytime activity that is amusing and different to the normal speaker.

Graham was a police officer for 30 years with 26 years experience in the C.I.D. Apart from performing his murder mysteries he also relates anecdotes, both serious and amusing, about the various departments of the police starting from when he walked the beat.

Brief details on some of the mysteries are :

MURDER AT SEA – SOMEWHERE which is about the murder of a wealthy play boy called JUSTIN TIME whilst on board the cruise ship.
Which of the six suspects murdered him ? Was it the ships chaplain the REVEREND NEIL DOWN or a rich widow called DEE VINE ?

BODY ON THE BRIDGE when the cruise ship Captain was murdered. Which of the six suspects murdered him ? Was it the second officer MANDY LIFEBOAT or the navigator GAIL WARNING.

MURDER ON THE MENU - The bank manager, MAJOR DEFICIT had slumped over the table in the restaurant of the cruise ship clutching his throat. Which of the six suspects murdered him ? Was it the waitress LUCY LASTIC (pronounced loose elastic) or his table companion, a butcher called FRANK FURTER ?

DEATH REHEARSAL is about the ships choir when the choirmaster IVOR BATON was murdered. Which of the six suspects murdered him ? Was it SUE PRANO or BARRY TONE ?

HOLE IN ONE is about the murder of the golf club Captain COLONEL BOGEY. Which of the six suspects murdered him ? Was it the greenkeeper, LORNE MOWER or the club Handicap Secretary ANDY CAPP ?

DIAMOND EXPRESS is about the murder of GEM STONE who handles stolen diamonds stolen from an African mine. Which of the six suspects murdered him ? Was it a diamond thief called ROBIN BANKS or a stockbroker called RUSTY SETTING ?

Graham has had a lot of positive feedback so he has put a few at the bottom of the page.

As a retired Detective he also relates anecdotes, both serious and amusing, about the various departments of the police starting from when I walked the beat until his time in C.I.D.. He call his talks ‘Criminal Entertainment’.

Incidentally his wife Jackie is a Port Destination Speaker so she may be of use to you as well.
The below are some comments from pasengers about his murder mysteries -

From Ian Corbitt
The murder mystery was funny, intriguing and entertaining. On our cruise, we experienced four different mysteries, all adapted to match the environment and the audience. Everyone was involved in an interactive way which captured our imagination and gave the event a personal feeling. In one mystery I volunteered to be a suspect and had great fun trying to convince the audience that I had done the dastardly deed, only to discover that I had and it was fun.

From Pam Ginman, Chairman of Tops Drama Group, Kent
Your murder mysteries are very imaginative and genuinely funny. Anyone can join in and the results can be hilarious! They are very different to the normal murder mysteries. You brought some fun into the proceedings and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

From Susan J. Edge (Mrs.)
I just wanted to say what great fun we had taking part in your recent Murder Mysteries on board The Saga Sapphire. I had heard about these themed cruises but had never actually seen them, let alone taken part in them. It is something really different. It`s great fun for everyone, even if you are not a `suspect` you can still take part by trying to solve the crime. It was great. I was cast as a murderer in one play and the wonderful thing was, was that I had no idea until `the reveal` at the end....fantastic! Thanks again,

From Regards Roger and Dot
We thoroughly enjoyed taking part in your murder mysteries on board the Reina Filia river boat cruise. We particularly liked the way you had organised the scripts for the suspects which meant that we didn’t have to learn too many lines!! As to the content, the plot and the choice of names for the participants gave the shows the right amount of humour. Good luck with all your future efforts.
Graham has a very good sense of humour and he provides something that is completely different to the usual daytime enrichment speaker. In order to do that he performs his own funny, light hearted and inter-active murder mysteries. Six volunteer passengers play the parts of the suspects. Graham questions the suspects and based on the evidence they provide the audience decide which suspect is the killer. His murder mysteries are very popular and well attended. He has performed his mysteries on numerous cruises for Saga, Fred Olsen and Tui Thompson cruises and received excellent feedback.

Saga River - 19-3-2018 to 28-3-2018 on Johanne Brahms on river Elbe
Thomson (Marella) Celebration - 05-Nov-17 to 22-Nov-17 - Transatlantic
Saga River - 7-8-2017 to 14-8-2017 - Rex Rheni II on river Rhine
Thomson (Marella) Celebration - 12.3.2017 to 26.3.2017 - Dubai to Aqaba.
Thomson (Marella) Celebration - 26-2-2017 to 10-3-2017 - Barbados to Malaga.
Seaman's Discharge Book - DB00100449
ENG 1 - 994735 dated 16.01.2017 expiry date - 16.01.2019 as Guest Lecturer
Travel Insurance - AXA PPP with NARPO GROUP SCHEME no 44539
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Black Watch W1702 Around the World 107 Southampton Tuesday, January 3, 2017
Braemar M1630A Canary Islands to the Caribbean 14 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands Thursday, December 8, 2016
Saga Sapphire SA307 Captain Rentell's Final Mystery Cruise 23 Southampton Monday, November 7, 2016
Saga Pearl 11 P2147 South American Discovery 73 Southampton Wednesday, January 6, 2016
Black Watch W1525 Canaries Christmas & Funchal Fireworks 16 Liverpool Sunday, December 20, 2015
Boudicca D1516A Castles, Gardens & Mystery Cruise 9 Rosyth, Scotland Friday, July 10, 2015