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Health, Medicine & Wellbeing
History - General
After qualifying in medicine at Trinity College Dublin, John joined the Royal Army Medical Corps and served as a regular officer for six years, then transferring to the Reserve Army for a further twenty five years. He finally commanded a 200 bedded Field Hospital. He saw active service in The Gulf and also worked on civil aid projects in The Far East with The Red Cross.

John has also worked as a doctor for many years with a wide variety of organisations including the Steel, Brewing and Chemical industries. He was latterly a Consultant Occupational Physician in the Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham. John’s special interests include the advance of medicine and surgery due to war and the effects of work on health. 

John’s love of history combined with his long standing career in medicine really brings the talks and presentations alive with wonderful anecdotes and real life stories experienced by John or passed down the line from within the actual settings! John’s unique experience has resulted in talks to various societies and clubs over many years including Universities, Rotary and Probus Clubs. He was formerly Vice President of Nottinghamshire Red Cross and is a Trustee of Treetops Hospice. 
War and Medicine

1. Spectacular ground-breaking advances in medicine and surgery due to warfare through the centuries
This talk describes the innovative advances made in Medicine and Surgery as a direct result of warfare. It covers major wars from Greco-Roman times to the present day.

2. The Doctor’s dilemma – stethoscope or rife?
John describes what it is like to work in jungles and deserts where no doctor has ever been before. He describes his experiences while serving with the RAMC on civil aid projects in war zones.

Medical History

1. Who really was the first woman doctor?
Sometimes the records do not tell the whole truth. John uncovers an interesting story and describes the role “cross dressing” has played in the Army and throughout history.

2. Hard work never killed anybody – or did it?
A review of the effect work has had on health from Ancient Egyptian times up to today.

3. Crisis, Cross and Crescent
John explains how the International Red Cross and Crescent were formed and what part it has played in the service of humanity ever since.