Cruise Ship Speakers

Gemmology & Jewellery
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Michael Eyley
Spanish Teacher/Spanish History & Culture speaker
Jewellery, Watches and Gemstone Expert B.S. Dip. M.I.L.A.M.
Coming from: Sheringham,  Norfolk  UK
Mike was born in Bedford, England, but at an early age his parents moved to Spain. He returned to the UK as a bi-lingual 9 year old to complete his formal education. He went on to study Business and Marketing at Sheffield University and followed a career in the leisure industry. At the age of 45 he decided to follow his passion for watches and jewellery, initially as a watch and jewellery dealer and later setting up his own Auction House. Mike presents a series of talks on jewellery, watches and gemstones as well as the opportunity to run workshops to appraise and value jewellery.

Joanna Hardy
Jewellery and Gemstones
Coming from: -,  London  UK
Joanna has over 30 years experience working with jewellery beginning her career as a goldsmith before joining De Beers as a rough diamond valuer. She then went to work in Antwerp as a polished diamond dealer before joining Philips the auctioneers in London. She moved to Sothebyís in Bond Street and for 14 years was their senior jewellery specialist and auctioneer where she was responsible for jewellery auctions worldwide. Joanna is an accredited NADFAS lecturer and presents a range of talks to help broaden peopleís awareness and help them become discerning jewellery appreciators and collectors.

Johanne Leahy
Gemstones & Jewellery and Destination Lecturer
Coming from: Belfast,  Northern Ireland  UK
During a successful broadcasting career with Ulster TV, Johanne has cruised extensively and collected many interesting pieces of jewellery. She offers talks on famous jewellery collections like that of Elizabeth Taylor and the Duchess of Windsor. She has an extensive knowledge of all the Mediterranean ports with a love of ancient history bringing these places to life. Her travels include the Caribbean, Mexico and Costa Rica. Visiting family in Dubai she has watched itís mesmeric development and that of other Arabian Gulf destinations. However she regards Hawaii as her spiritual home, talking with passion about the essence of Aloha.

Cally Oldershaw
Earth Science & Gemmology
BSc (Hons), FGA, DGA, FGS, CGeol, CSci, EurGeol
Coming from: Truro,  Cornwall  UK
Until recently, Cally was the Curator of Gemstones for the Natural History Museum, London. She is a Director of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. An accomplished and experienced speaker with an international reputation, she has delivered presentations to audiences that have ranged from the general public to academics and politicians. She is the author of 15 books on Gemstone and geology, as well as an acknowledged expert on glaciers, volcanoes, forests and mountains, minerals and crystals.

Paul Riley
Popular Science, Astronomy & Food Science
BSc, MSc, PhD
Coming from: Wirral,    UK
After academic life reading chemistry Paul joined Unileverís Personal Care Products Group. He has talks on the history of everyday products, often humorous with amusing anecdotes, that we use on a daily basis thinking little about them: tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, sugar, makeup, deodorants, toothpaste and soap. For the festive season Paul has talks on the history of our Christmas traditions. With his academic background he has talks on astronomy but from the perspective of chemistry Ė looking at the world around us how did its building blocks and those for life originate?