Cruise Ship Speakers

Diplomacy & International Affairs
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Charles Anson
Diplomacy & International Affairs
Coming from: Alfriston,  East Sussex  UK
Charles is a Communications consultant who has held senior positions over the past 20 years as an official spokesman in both the public and private sectors. At Buckingham Palace he was Press Secretary to The Queen from 1990-97, coordinating media relations for the Royal Family at an exceptionally difficult and busy time. As a member of the British Diplomatic Service from 1966-87, Charles Anson worked at 10 Downing Street as a spokesman for two Prime Ministers, James Callaghan and then Margaret Thatcher.

Jacques Arnold, D.L.
Former Parliamentarian & Royal Genealogist
BSc (Econ), LSE
Coming from: West Malling,  Kent  UK
Jacques is a former Member of Parliament, and during this period he travelled to exotic and sometimes dangerous locations in his role as a Parliamentary Observer of the introduction of democracy in a number of countries in both Latin America and Eastern Europe. Armed with large numbers of photographs of his many travels, and a keen interest in international events, he provides amusing, interesting and informative talks on his many and varied experiences and lifetime of interest in royal genealogy.

John Berryman
International Relations & Russia Expert
Coming from: London,    UK
John teaches International Relations in the Department of Politics at Birkbeck College, University of London, and is an Associate Professor of International Studies at Ithaca College, New York (London Division). His research focuses primarily on Russia’s foreign and security policy and he has held a British Council Award for research in Russia. He also has a research interest in the role of seapower and has been awarded the Julian Corbett Prize in Modern Naval History by the Institute of Historical Research, University of London.

Sir Tony Brenton KCMG
Diplomacy & International Affairs
Russian History & Culture Expert
Coming from: Cambridge,  Cambridgeshire  UK
Sir Tony Brenton is a distinguished British diplomat, writer on international issues, and Fellow of Cambridge University. He joined the British Diplomatic Service in 1975 and, in the course of a 33 year career, served in the Arab world, the European Union, Russia and the USA. He served as British Ambassador in Moscow 2004-2008 during the most difficult period in modern British/Russian relations. He talks on a wide variety of international affairs and history, including Russian history and culture, middle eastern affairs, the history of diplomacy, and environmental issues.

Sir Stephen Brown
Diplomacy & International Affairs
BA (Asian History); KCVO
Coming from: Ben Rhydding,  Ilkley  UK
After leaving school, Sir Stephen served for 10 years with the Royal Artillery in Germany, Northern Ireland and Oman. In 1976, he joined the Diplomatic Service which was the start of over a decade of service in the Asia-Pacific region. Appointed Ambassador to The Republic of Korea in 1997, he was involved in helping Korea overcome the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 and then in supporting President Kim Dae-jung’s “Sunshire Policy” towards North Korea. Sir Stephen was High Commissioner to Singapore from 2001 – 2002 before becoming Chief Executive of UK Trade & Investment.

Sir Andrew Burns
World Affairs & International Diplomacy
KCMG Retired Ambassador
Coming from: Minehead,  Somerset  UK
Sir Andrew Burns is a retired British Diplomat with extensive experience of South and SE Asia and China/Hong Kong, Israel and the Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe, the US and Canada. His final post was as High Commissioner to Canada, having previously been Ambassador to Israel and Consul-General in Hong Kong and Macau. Sir Andrew lectures on historical, cultural and foreign policy subjects in a tailor-made way that illuminates the geographic region of each cruise and draws on his own experiences as a diplomat with an eye for the humorous.

Sir Michael Burton KCVO, CMG
History & World Affairs
Coming from: London,    UK
Sir Michael Burton is a highly experienced Lecturer. His wide-ranging diplomatic career and extensive travels in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and South and South East Asia provide the material for many of his lectures. These cover the history and current affairs of regions visited – ranging from Indonesia to the Panama Canal - as well as more general subjects such as the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Royal Visits and the British Honours System. A retired ambassador and Arabist, he currently advises a global conglomerate and gives master classes on current affairs.

Roger Carrick KCMG, LVO
Diplomacy & International Affairs
Coming from: Minehead,  Somerset  UK
Sir Roger Carrick is a retired senior British career Diplomat, Consul-General, Ambassador and High Commissioner. A skilled public speaker with Cold War experience behind the Iron Curtain, four years in Paris and eight around the USA, he also has a profound knowledge of South East Asia and Australasia. Sir Roger is an accomplished and entertaining lecturer in professional circles and at Literary and Arts Festivals, and a sought after speaker aboard cruise ships.

Alan Charlton CMG CVO
Diplomacy & International Affairs
MA, BLing, PGCE, Professor Nottingham University, Fellow Institute of
Coming from: Crawley,  West Sussex  UK
Alan Charlton left the Diplomatic Service in 2013 after 35 years . He was: British Ambassador to Brazil (2008-13); previously Deputy Ambassador to the US and Germany (and in Berlin when the Wall fell); and worked on former Yugoslavia and Middle East. In addition to advisory and governance roles in UK Higher Education, he enjoys presenting in an informative and entertaining fashion and has done so in Brazil, Italy and the UK over the last year. He provides insights into all aspects of Brazil, and stories from Diplomacy around the world.

Jim Clement
Destination Lecturer & Maritime Historian
Baltic, Mediterranean. Asia, Caribbean,Latin America, Panama, Norway,
Coming from: Largo,  Florida  USA
Jim is a retired USA Diplomat who lived in 13 countries and has given Destination/Maritime History Lectures on more than 120 cruises in Europe, Asia, S. America. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy (BSc) and University of Chicago (MBA). He was a US Navy Submarine Officer, VP International for Fortune 500 companies. He was a University Professor for History, Geography, Logistics, and International Marketing. Having lived and worked in Panama and transited the Panama Canal 30 times and Suez Canal 4 times, Jim can give the ship's bridge commentary about the history of the Canal in English or Spanish. He has also narrated bridge commentary about Glaciers in Chile and Norway.

Stephen Cole
Presenter / Al Jazeera / BBC World
Coming from: London,    UK
Stephen Cole is the senior anchorman and correspondent for the Royal Television Society Award winners Al Jazeera English based in the Middle East and London. He is considered as one of the best known faces of international news television. He is the longest-serving British male Presenter of 24-Hour news. Stephen presents a series of talks on cruise ships about his 40 years in the News and the history of Arab TV.

Sir Christopher Coville
Military History, World Affairs and Humour
Coming from: Sherborne,  Dorset  UK
Air Marshal Sir Christopher Coville joined the RAF in 1964 as a Flight Cadet. After flying training, he served several tours of duty as an operational Lightning, Phantom and Tornado pilot in the Air Defence role. Later in his career, he achieved senior rank and completed several command appointments, in the UK and in NATO. Following retirement in 2003, Sir Christopher has pursued a diverse second career, embracing both charitable and professional appointments. He is a seasoned after dinner speaker, and has lectured extensively on a wide range of topics, from World Affairs to Military History, and on some of the mysterious and unsolved stories associated with various ports of call!

Charles De Chassiron CVO
Diplomat & Historian
Coming from: Epsom.,  Surrey  UK
Charles was born in 1948, and was educated at Cambridge (History) and Harvard (Public Administration). He served in the Foreign Office from 1971 to 2006, working in Europe as British Ambassador from 1994 to 1997, and in Mozambique and Brazil. He was awarded a CVO in 2000. Charles speaks French, Swedish, Portuguese and Italian. He lectures on aspects of the Baltic Sea and Mediterranean history, especially Italian, history and culture. His interests include travel and art history.

Paul Dimond CMG
Diplomacy & International Affairs
Far East, Japan & West Coast US
Coming from: London,    UK
Paul has extensive experience in senior diplomatic roles in three Continents, with responsibility to meet FCO objectives across a range of issues, in business, economic, political, cultural, public diplomacy, immigration, consular and scientific fields. His most recent diplomatic assignment was HM Ambassador to the Philippines (2002-2005). He is currently a sought after director to a number of high profile public companies. Paul presents a diverse range of talks on the culture, politics and economics of Japan and SE Asia.

Dr. Robert Donaldson
Political Science & World Affairs
Ph.D., Russian and American Foreign Policy
Coming from: Tulsa,  Oklahoma  USA
Robert (“Bob”) Donaldson retired after 45 years of College teaching in Political Science, specializing on Russian and American Foreign Policy and World Politics. At the University of Tulsa, where he was President in the 1990s, he was chosen “Faculty Member of the Year” in 2013. Dr. Donaldson has three degrees from Harvard and is author or co-author of 6 books and two dozen articles and book chapters. In addition to teaching at 4 universities, he has spoken to Foreign Relations Committees in 25 cities has lectured for the U.S. State Department in Europe and the Indian Sub-continent.

Sir David Durie
International Affairs & Geographical History
KCMG / Former Governor of Gibraltar / Scottish Heraldry
Coming from: Richmond,  Surrey  UK
Sir David Durie, who has had a distinguished career in the public service, was Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Gibraltar, from 2000 to 2003. Between 1995 and 2000 he was Director General for Enterprise and Regions in the Department of Trade and Industry in London, and before that he was UK Permanent Representative to the European Union in Brussels. David's talks include the history of Gibraltar and his experiences living there, the Ottoman Empire and the Mediteranean more generally, the workings of the European Union and Scottish heraldry.

David Fitzpatrick
World Affairs, Journalism & Television News
Coming from: Fairfield County,  Connecticut  USA
A three-time Emmy Award winner, David Fitzpatrick spent more than 40 years as a producer & manager at the highest levels of network television news. He had a 25 year career at CBS News where he served as both a producer & manager, including a 3 year run as one of Morley Safer’s producers at “60 Minutes.” He joined CNN in September 2001, days after the attacks on Sept. 11. He became the principal producer for CNN Anchor Aaron Brown and again began to travel the world for CNN. David is new to cruise ship speaking and is keen to share his experiences as a TV producer both behind the scenes and covering world events.

Peter Hawthorne
Coming from: Cape Town,    South Africa
Peter, a veteran journalist, foreign correspondent and author, was born in England but has been in Africa for most of his working career. His experience stretches into most countries of Africa over more than 40 years, during which he has been witness to many of the momentous events of Africa’s dramatic winds of change. He has been a correspondent for various international media organizations in press, radio and television, including the British Broadcasting Corporation, the New York Times and several British national newspapers. Peter presents a wide range of African topics.

Michael Hindley
International Relations & Current Affairs
MA. Former Member of the European Parliament
Coming from: Great Harwood,  Lancashire  UK
A child of the post-war welfare state baby boom, Michael was educated at Clitheroe Royal Grammar, studied German and French at London University and University of West Berlin and gained his MA in Comparative Cultural Studies from Lancaster University. He now freelances as a consultant and lobbyist on international political and economic relations, and his cruise lectures reflect his quest to understand and communicate how modern Britain relates to modern Europe and how modern Europe relates to the modern world.

Sir James Hodge
History & Current Affairs
Coming from: London,  Surrey  UK
Sir James spent 37 years as a British diplomat. His career was focused on East Asia and on economic and trade promotion work. His overseas postings included Ambassador to Thailand and to Laos, Consul-General at Hong Kong and at Macao and Deputy Ambassador to China. Since retirement from the Diplomatic Service, Sir James has performed with great success in a range of business and voluntary roles, and he has been in demand as a speaker on cruise ships. A Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Commerce and Manufactures, he is also a Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and has been for many years a Member of the Viking Society for Northern Research.

Alan Hunt CMG
History & Current Affairs
Former Ambassador
Coming from: London,    UK
Alan Hunt is a former Ambassador, who served in Tehran, Jedda, Panama, Madrid, Oslo and Buenos Aires (where he played a central role in the restoration of diplomatic relations after the Falklands conflict) and was Consul General in Düsseldorf and High Commissioner in Singapore. He was for seven years Director of the Oxford University Foreign Service Programme and is now an independent consultant, lecturer and trainer in diplomacy and diplomatic practice. Alan is a regular cruise speaker and is happy to prepare bespoke lectures relating to the ship’s itinerary.

John Kelly CMG, LVO, MBE
Diplomat & Historian
Caribbean & British Overseas Territories Expert
Coming from: Royston,  Hertfordshire  UK
John Kelly retired from HM Diplomatic Service in 2000 having served in Leopoldville, Cairo, Bonn, Canberra, Antwerp, Grenada, Bermuda, and Turks and Caicos Islands. He was the Resident British Representative in Grenada from 1982 to 1986 and was Deputy Governor of Bermuda from 1989 to 1994. His last overseas appointment was as Governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands from 1996 to 2000. He gives talks on cruise ships on a variety of subjects including his experiences as a diplomat, in matters mainly related to the Caribbean and the British Overseas Territories.

Andrew Lambert
Military & Aviation Historian
Air Commodore, MPhil
Coming from: Lapford,  Devon  UK
Air Commodore Andrew Lambert flew Phantoms and went on to run the RAF's "Top Gun"¯ school. A planner for the 1991 Gulf War, he then commanded a Tornado fighter squadron on operations over Bosnia. As an Air Commodore he commanded in the Falklands and the Iraqi Northern No Fly Zone. A Military Historian, he has also published a number of papers on the Psychological Impact of Air Power and Coercion and British Defence Policy.

Clive Leatherdale
International History and Geo-Politics
Coming from: Southend-on-Sea,  Essex  UK
Clive Leatherdale is an author, editor, publisher and lecturer. He has been a cruise-ship lecturer, for various cruise-lines, since 2013. He specialises in international history and geo-politics. His preferred destinations are worldwide. Clive is the author of more than a dozen books.

Professor Ed Lynch
International Relations & Foreign Policy
Coming from: Roanoke,  Virginia  USA
Dr. Ed Lynch is Chair of Political Science at Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia. He is a recognized expert on foreign affairs, international relations and diplomacy, especially that of the Mediterranean world. He has sailed with several cruise lines as an expert speaker, traveling to South America, the Caribbean, Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia, India and the Middle East. Ed is a frequent commentator on political affairs for television, radio and newspapers. His travel adventures include visiting 20 countries in one year, experiencing a minor earthquake in Guatemala, and nearly getting killed in Ecuador, protecting a fellow traveller.

Thomas Macan
Diplomacy & World Affairs
Retired Ambassador and Governor
Coming from: Ambleside,  Cumbria  UK
Tom Macan is a retired British Diplomatic Service Officer with extensive experience of western and central Europe, the Caribbean, South Asia and the Portuguese-speaking world. His final post was that of Governor of the British Virgin Islands, having previously been Ambassador to Lithuania and Deputy High Commissioner to India. His history talks range from the Baltic region, South America, Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

Anthony Malkin
Military Historian and Battlefield Tour Guide
Coming from: Salisbury,  Wiltshire  UK
Anthony Malkin's career in the British Army saw him undertake several operational tours in Northern Ireland and later becoming Loan Service Officer to the Omani Armed Forces during that country’s conflict in the southern province of Dhofar. He has been the Defence Attaché to the British Ambassador, Abu Dhabi and has established an equivalence of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. He presents on Israel’s military history from Crusaders to modern times.

Leslie John McLoughlin
World Affairs
Arab world specialist since 1960
Coming from: Exeter,  Devon  UK
Professor Leslie McLoughlin was Director of Studies at the Middle East Centre for Arab Studies (MECAS), Shemlan , Lebanon 1965-68 and 1970-75. He lectured in Arabic and Islamic studies at Edinburgh University 1969-70 and also taught at Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania in 1969 and 1970. In 1987 he founded the MECAS Association. Leslie has lectured in Arabic in many Arabic countries most recently in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. He is also a guest speaker on cruises specializing in three areas : the Mediterranean, the Baltic area and Arab waters.

Joseph Micallef
Age of Exploration, Military and Maritime History
Published Author, Fox News and CNN Commentator, Keynote Speaker
Coming from: Tualatin,  Oregon  USA
Joseph V. Micallef is a historian, best selling author, keynote speaker and commentator on military and international affairs. He has produced, directed or written dozens of documentary programs on military history and world politics as well as written a number of books. He has an M.Sc. degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and was a Fulbright Fellow at the Italian Institute of International Affairs. Joseph has lectured extensively on military history and world affairs at a variety of venues, and also frequently speaks on the history of food, wine and spirits. He is fluent in Italian and English.

Jeffrey Morton
World Politics
Professor & Foreign Policy Association Fellow
Coming from: Lake Worth,  Florida  USA
Dr. Jeffrey S. Morton is Professor of World Politics at Florida Atlantic University and a Fellow at the Foreign Policy Association in New York City. He received his Master’s degree from Rutgers University and his Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina. The author of three books and numerous journal articles, Professor Morton received the FAU Researcher of the Year Award and Master Teacher designation. In 2012, he was awarded the prestigious Foreign Policy Association Medal, an honor bestowed to leading academics and foreign policy makers.

Keith Muras
Diplomacy, Espionage, Politics & Crime
International Diplomacy, Politics, Espionage, and Crime
Coming from: Princes Risborough,  Buckinghamshire  UK
In a British Diplomatic Service career spanning 23 years Keith focused on the intelligence and security dimensions of international politics. Keith served in Central, South and East Africa, in the Former Soviet Union, and in the Caribbean. From South Africa at the heights of apartheid to Moscow in the depths of the ‘Cold War' and to combating drug trafficking and crime in the Caribbean, Keith’s talks are based around his unique personal experiences in the many parts of the world in which he lived and served.

Alan Nazareth
Former Indian Ambassador
MA (Economics & Politics)
Coming from: Bangalore,  Karnataka  India
Holding a Masters Degree in Economics from Madras University, Alan was selected for the Indian Foreign Service in May 1959. He has served in India’s diplomatic and consular missions in Tokyo, Rangoon, Lima, London, Chicago and New York and as India’s High Commissioner to Ghana and Ambassador to Liberia, Upper Volta, Togo, Egypt, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador & Belize. Ambassador Nazareth retired in May 1994 and since then has been guest lecturer at several Institutes as well as lecturing on cruise ships. He presents a diverse range of talks on Indian culture & history, Africa & the Middle East and general history.

Prof. Dr. Daniel Nijensohn
Cultural Historian
Professor of Neurosurgery, MD, MS, PhD, FACS, FAANS (L)
Coming from: Fairfield,  Connecticut  USA
Dr. Daniel E. Nijensohn was born and raised in Mendoza, Argentina, where he graduated in the National University of Cuyo Medical School with an MD degree. He interned at the University of Buenos Aires teaching hospitals, followed by a surgical internship at Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Medical Center. He subsequently moved to Rochester, Minnesota where he trained as a neurosurgeon at the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Nijensohn is an Honorary (Emeritus) Professor, Department of Neurosurgery, Yale University. He has lectured extensively including on about 30 ocean cruises. His interests include History, Geography, Biology, the Arts, Science, World Affairs and/or Extraordinary Lives.

Rick Peacock-Edwards CBE
Aviation Historian
Coming from: Crowthorns,  Berkshire  UK
The son of a Battle of Britain pilot Rick is himself a decorated and highly acclaimed fighter pilot and leader. He has wide experience of high level command in the military, in senior appointments and in business at Managing Director level. He has great leadership capabilities and is recognised as a high achiever. He is also Past Master of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators Livery.

John Penycate
History & Current Affairs
Historian, author & former Correspondent for Panorama
Coming from: London,    UK
John was for seventeen years an on-screen Correspondent for Panorama, The Money Programme and Newsnight, and worked in Iraq, Afghanistan and other hotspots. He has given widely-praised lectures on his historical specialisms: Constantinople; the fall of the Romanovs; World War II issues; and the Vietnam War (as co-author of The Tunnels of Cu Chi) - plus current topics like demography and the media.

Sir Tom Richardson KCMG
Former Diplomat & Historian
BA History
Coming from: London,    UK
Sir Tom Richardson , whose last diplomatic job was Ambassador to Italy, has given many cruise lectures on Italian, Mediterranean and Black Sea topics, and has travelled extensively round the region. He also had two postings to Britain's UN mission in New York, the second as Deputy Permanent Representative, and has lectured on diplomacy and international relations in Britain and Italy. He is an avid traveller and historian, likes getting off the beaten track, and can talk nostalgically about his early foreign service years in Africa.

Jon Roper
American History, Politics and Culture
B.A. (Oxon) Ph.D Kent
Coming from: Swansea,  West Glamorgan  UK
A graduate of St. Catherine’s College, Oxford and the University of Kent, Jon is currently Emeritus Professor of American Studies at Swansea University. He has travelled widely in the United States, which has been the focus of his academic career as a lecturer, researcher and advocate for international education. One of the UK’s leading authorities on the American presidency, he is an engaging and popular speaker on topics that reflect his wide interests in American politics, history and culture. He is also a frequent commentator on contemporary American issues for BBC Radio Wales.

Gavin Roser
Shipping & Transportation
Coming from: Ayr,  Ayrshire  UK
Gavin has been in the shipping industry for 45 years, and in this time has seen remarkable changes in one of the few industries that operate regardless of national boundaries. Over the years he has been in many senior positions and in between times he runs his own maritime consultancy firm. Gavin also works with the Northern Maritime University in Northern Europe promoting new thinking in maritime education. His talks on how shipping affects us will surprise and entertain you.

Ashok Sajjanhar
International Relations, World Affairs, History, Culture
Former Ambassador of India
Coming from: Noida,  Uttar Pradesh  India
Ambassador Ashok Sajjanhar has worked in the Indian Diplomatic service for 34 years. He was Ambassador of India to Kazakhstan, Sweden and Latvia and has worked in senior diplomatic positions in Indian Embassies/Missions in Washington DC, Brussels, Moscow, Geneva, Tehran, Dhaka and Bangkok. He contributed significantly to strengthening ties and promoting political, strategic, economic and cultural cooperation between India and USA, EU, Russia and other countries. He writes, travels and speaks extensively on issues relating to international relations, foreign policy and themes of contemporary relevance and significance.

Robert Schrire
Poltical Science
Coming from: Rondebosch,  Cape Town  South Africa
Robert Schrire, described by the former editor of the New York Times as "one of South Africa's leading political analysts," is an internationally recognized expert on international and African affairs whose views have been published by The Economist, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times amongst many others. He has been a regular contributor to the BBC, ABC and SABC television networks. Robert Is presently based on Cape Town and he has also held faculty positions at many universities including Princeton, Johns Hopkins, Western Australia, Kent and Sciences Po in Paris.

Bob Smolik
Diplomacy & International Affairs
Coming from: tba,  tba  USA
Bob Smolik is a veteran diplomat who has represented the United States at embassies throughout Europe and at international organizations such as the United Nations, NATO, and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. His experience during and following the Cold War spans the capitals of Western Europe, where he served at U.S. Embassies in London, Madrid, Paris, and Rome. While working with NATO, with the OSCE, and at the UN, he addressed the "frozen conflicts" that divide Russia from NATO: Ukraine, Georgia, and the Balkans. He engages audiences with passion and expertise, offering a look “behind the scenes” at how foreign cultures view the world.

Joseph Snyder
Destination and Special Interest
International Relations
Coming from: Kensington,  Maryland  USA
Snyder was a diplomat with the U.S. State Department Foreign Service for thirty years. He served in Thailand, Iran, Taiwan, Malaysia and Austria, as well as in Washington. Among his positions was Director of the State Department Press Office and Spokesman, when he often delivered a televised daily briefing with reporters, and Deputy U.S. Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, where he directed work on nuclear issues in North Korea, Iran and Iraq. For the past nine years he has been a destination and special interest lecturer on cruise ships, private jet tours and Smithsonian Journeys land tours.

Struan Stevenson
Global History
International Lecturer and Broadcaster.
Coming from: Girvan,  Ayrshire  UK
STRUAN STEVENSON served three terms as a UK Member of the European Parliament from 1999 to 2014. He is an award-winning author, lecturer, newspaper feature writer and broadcaster. 'The Course of History - Ten Meals That Changed The World' is his fifth book and reflects his fascination with global history and the way major decisions are often taken over the dinner table, assisted by generous quantities of food and wine.

Anthony Terry
Maritime History & Antique Cartography
Former Diplomat - South America, Caribbean & Pacific
Coming from: London,    UK
Anthony is a former officer of the Diplomatic Service with extensive experience of South America in a variety of roles covering political, intelligence, economic and commercial issues. His other overseas experience includes Cuba, Chile, Kenya, Guatemala and the former Yugoslavia. He makes annual visits to Chile in connection with his map business and related research, and since 2007 has lectured regularly on cruise ships on the subject of early voyages and antique cartography.

Richard Thomas
Political Historian & Africa Specialist
GeoPolitics/Imperial and Colonial History
Coming from: Farnham,  Surrey  UK
Richard was educated in England, Canada and Ireland obtaining his Masters in Development in 1971 and his PhD in Political Science from Trinity College, Dublin in 1975. He has worked in the field of International Development for most of his career. From 1991 to 2011 he was a senior adviser for the Overseas Development Administration (part of the Foreign Office) and its successor the Department for International Development. Since retirement he has undertaken several consultancies and has lectured to local U3A groups, Rotary, Nadfas and on several Cruise ships.

Dr Christopher Whelan
The European Union
Coming from: Woodstock,  Oxfordshire  UK
Dr Christopher Whelan is Associate Director of International Law Programmes at the University of Oxford and a Visiting Professor of Law at Washington & Lee University School of Law (since 2005, Spring Semester) in Virginia, USA. He is also a practising barrister, specialising in Employment Law, at 3PB in the Temple. His current research interests are in the fields of Lawyers’ Ethics and European Union Law, but he has over 70 publications on a wide variety of topics in international and comparative law. Dr Whelan is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Professor Jon A. Wiant
World Affairs, Intelligence & Military History
SES (Ret.), Adjunct Professor of Intelligence Studies
Coming from: Falls Church,  Virginia  USA
Jon Wiant is an authority on the intelligence and international affairs. His career spanned the Cold War and the global national security challenges that followed. He served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and the NSC Director for Intelligence Policy as well as senior positions at CIA and Defense. In retirement, this recipient of the Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal has taught at Washington universities. Cruise passengers will be intrigued by his talks on intelligence and international affairs.

Colin Williams
Globalisation & World Affairs
Coming from: Bristol,  Somerset  UK
Colin is a graduate of the University of Bristol and a Chartered Accountant who has travelled the world extensively. Working for a number of years as an international accountant, and subsequently as a tax consultant he has seen how, in the modern age, globalisation dramatically affects the lives of each of us on a daily basis. All of Colin’s talks are topical and entertaining as well as being informative. They are tailored to suit the audience with specific reference being made to the countries to be visited.