Cruise Ship Speakers

Fashion & Style
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Jenny Bersin
Speaker, Trainer & Personal Consultant
Fashion, Style & Image
Coming from: Allendale,  Northumberland  UK
Jenny is an international style and image consultant based in the North East. Think of her as a one woman Susannah and Trinny but much kinder … a female Gok Wan ... Nicky Hambleton-Jones without the knife! She works with individuals, small groups, corporations, charities, hotels - in fact with anyone who wants to spread the style word and give others confidence in their own style choices whilst having fun. All her presentations are developed to be as much about fun and entertaining as they are about disseminating information.

Luanne Hill
Personal Style, Colour and Image
Coming from: Lolworth,  Cambridgeshire  UK
Luanne is an international presenter of style, colour and image advice to small and large audiences, a keynote lecturer and a motivational speaker, based in Cambridge, UK. She is a multi-talented lady who spent the early part of her career in the computer and software business. Always looking for a new challenge, Luanne escaped to her first love – helping people realise their full potential by improving their image and boosting their confidence. An accomplished and entertaining speaker, Luanne involves the audience in her presentations and creates a fun atmosphere which everyone enjoys.

Paul Riley
Popular Science, Astronomy & Food Science
BSc, MSc, PhD
Coming from: Wirral,    UK
After academic life reading chemistry Paul joined Unilever’s Personal Care Products Group. He has talks on the history of everyday products, often humorous with amusing anecdotes, that we use on a daily basis thinking little about them: tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, sugar, makeup, deodorants, toothpaste and soap. For the festive season Paul has talks on the history of our Christmas traditions. With his academic background he has talks on astronomy but from the perspective of chemistry – looking at the world around us how did its building blocks and those for life originate?

Gillian Walnes Perry MBE
Social History & Destinations
Was CEO of the Anne Frank Trust UK for 26 years
Coming from: Southampton,  Hampshire  UK
Gillian was the CEO of the Anne Frank Trust UK for 26 years and is well known internationally for this. She retired from running the charity in 2016 and now lectures on the ‘Life and Inspiring Legacy of Anne Frank’, as well as other social history topics. Gillian has travelled extensively around the UK and internationally as a speaker and setting up educational projects and campaigns. She has met Presidents, Prime Ministers, royalty and people who actually knew Anne and have shared first hand recollections about her. She uses her engaging presentation skills to lecture on a range of popular social history topics, geared to the cruise destinations.

Jenni White
Colour & Style Consultant and Art Instructor
Art Instructor
Coming from: Bandon,    Ireland
Jenni White hails from North Yorkshire, where her first career was in the Hotel business, spending many happy years in the business involved in Event and Conference organising. This followed a career in Sales and Marketing which allowed much time for travel and working and meeting with people. Always having a creative flair, good with colours and people focused she trained in Colour and Style during the late 80's. Jenni loves the opportunity to teach art and speak about her passions aboard cruise ships.