Cruise Ship Speakers

Classical History
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Caroline Boggis-Rolfe
Cultural History
Coming from: Haywards Heath,  West Sussex  UK
Caroline took a BA Hons in Italian at London University, and a MA in French and the Theory of Literature. She followed this at UCL with a PhD on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century. For some years she lived abroad, in Berlin and Italy, and much of her career was spent teaching at school and university. She has been lecturing regularly since 2009 on cruise ships and for charity events, offering a variety of subjects ranging from the Romanovs and Russian and Scandinavian history, the Portuguese royal family and the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, to the events that shaped the Caribbean.

Armida Bordi
Destinations & Enrichment Lecturer
Coming from: Genoa,    Italy
Dr Armida Bordi, a former professor of literature and the history of civilisations, lives in Genoa, Italy. After gaining 2 degrees from Genoa University she was the recipient of several British Council grants to British universities and a three time Fulbright scholar to the US. She is now teaching lifelong learning programs offering adult learners courses combining history and art with foreign languages. As a long-time lecturer for many cruise lines, Armida has travelled extensively in different continents. She likes exploring new places and she can communicate in Italian, English, Spanish, French, Greek and Portuguese.

Stephen Carr-Smith
Military History
Major General
Coming from: Nether Wallop,  Hampshire  UK
Major General Stephen Carr-Smith spent 33 years in the Army. During this time he served in Germany at the height of the Cold War and served in NATO after the demise of the Warsaw Pact and the USSR. His last appointment was as the Deputy Director General of the NATO Communications Agency in Brussels. Since 2007 Stephen has been a regular speaker on cruises with several different cruise lines. His particular interest is history, and his style is to present an historical event that is relevant to the geography of the particular cruise.

Peter Clayton
Classical & European Archaeology and Egyptology
Coming from: Hemel Hempstead,  Hertfordshire  UK
Peter is an Egyptologist, archaeologist and numismatist who has excavated on sites in England and Egypt. A Fellow of the Society of Antiquities of London, he has lectured widely in England, in most of the major museums and universities, and in Europe and Australia. Peter is a best-selling author of "Chronicle of the Pharaohs" and expert Advisor for coins and antiquities to several museums.

Judith Cranswick
Crime Writer, Tutor & Destination Speaker
Coming from: Swindon,  -  UK
Judith has two great passions – writing and travel. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe, China, Indochina and Japan, Asia, India, Africa and Central and South America. Judith is an award-winning novelist and author of the Fiona Mason Mysteries and several stand-alone psychological thrillers. Travel has always been the inspiration for Judith’s novels. Judith is an experienced speaker and in addition to writing her novels, she now works part time teaching Tai Chi and cruise ship lecturing.

Hugh Ellwood
Architectural Historian & Artist
Coming from: Lytham St. Annes,  Lancashire  UK
Hugh has devoted his life to architecture and the arts. He studied philosophy in Rome, followed by a degree in architecture at the university of Manchester. After graduation, he became a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects. For 31 years he pursued a career as an architect with Building Design Partnership, the largest multi-discipline design organisation in the UK, and then 21 years as a partner in a practice. An accomplished architectural artist, his subjects are mainly buildings, the landscape and the relationship between the two.

Geoffrey Farrell
Archaeology & Natural History
BA BSc(Hons) Dip Ed
Coming from: Woking,  Surrey  UK
Geoffrey attended Grammar School in Penzance and went on to train as a lecturer of Geology. His interests are Archaeology and Geology and he participated in a glaciology expedition to Iceland and Archaeology digs with Professor Philip Rahtz at Glastonbury. He was commissioned from RMA Sandhurst in to the Royal Army Educational Corps for four years and then the civil service before returning to teaching from which he semi-retired in 2014.. He now lectures to adults and leads visits to Classical sites in Italy, Greece and the Aegean Islands.

Diane Fortenberry
Archaeologist & Ancient Art Historian
Coming from: London,    UK
Diane studied Classics at the University of Mississippi, and earned her PhD in Mediterranean archaeology from the University of Cincinnati before moving to London in 1990. She has excavated and surveyed in Greece and Italy at sites that include Pompeii, Corinth, Nemea and Pylos. Diane has lectured to diverse groups of non-specialists while living and working in Greece in the 1980s, speaking on Greek, Roman and Egyptian art, architecture and archaeology there and in Egypt, including both classroom-based lectures and escorted tours.

Kate Garnons Williams
Ancient Greek & Roman History
BA, MA (Ancient History)
Coming from: Shrewsbury,  Shropshire  UK
Kate graduated from Bristol University with a degree in Ancient History and Archaeology. When her husband was seconded to the UN in Cyprus in 1971 for 3 years, Kate taught at the English School in Nicosia as well as visiting Classical sites in Greece, Italy, Syria and the Lebanon during this time. On returning to the UK, Kate began teaching a course on 5th-Century Athens for the Open University. She has also been lecturing on Classical History for the past 25 years on Cruise ships.

Patrick Goodness
Cultural Anthropology-Global Religion & Mythology
Coming from: Escazu,  San Jose  Costa Rica
Patrick Goodness is a globally recognized thought leader in the study of ancient cultural mythologies, and brings a profound knowledge of global cultures with an engaging approach to storytelling. Patrick has traveled and lectured in more than 110 countries around the world, studying and teaching global culture. Patrick lectures frequently at universities and global conferences and is a popular enrichment speaker among discerning cruise lines. His lectures are peppered with valuable research, thoughtful observations, powerful analogies and dry comedic wit that always bring smiles.

Graham Howard
History - Roman to Tudor Period
Coming from: Edinburgh,  City of Edinburgh  UK
Graham has had two lifelong obsessions. One with the Sea and the other being History. After being educated at Kingsbury Grammar School, Dunstable, he joined the Merchant Navy, being accepted as an Engineer Cadet by P&O. During his career at sea he served on cargo vessels worldwide and the School Cruise ship SS Nevasa. His other big interest is history especially the period from the Roman Empire up to the 15th Century. He talks in a entertaining way hoping that each audience member learns something that they did not know before.

Dan Jones
Historian & Archaeologist
Dip Arch, MA, PhD
Coming from: Suffolk,    UK
Dan holds a PhD from University of East Anglia and is currently working on post-doctoral mediaeval material from Norwich. He has been a Member of Kent Archaeological Society since 1965 and has assisted in excavations, mainly on Roman and Mediaeval sites in UK and France since 1965. Dan is particularly interested in practical archaeology, ecclesiastical architecture and near-eastern ancient and classical history and talks on specific sites, or the general history of an area.

Ronnie Landau
Classical and Modern European History
BA (Hons) Classics, PGCE Classics, M.Phil (History & Education)
Coming from: London,    UK
Ronnie Landau is both a Classicist and modern European historian. A widely published author, his books are used extensively throughout the British and American university systems. His illuminating lectures on Graeco-Roman civilisation and the History of Israel are authoritative and thought-provoking, yet his style is relaxed, accessible and full of humour. He can also offer ‘enrichment’ sessions on a variety of topics, including The Seven Deadly Sins, on which he has written an amusing book.

Alan Lloyd
Egyptologist and Classicist
MA, DPhil, FSA
Coming from: Swansea,  Wales  UK
Born in Wolverhampton, Alan was a pupil at Tredegar Grammar until 1960 and then went on to graduate from The Queen's College Oxford in 1965 (Ancient Egyptian and Coptic). Currently he is Professor Emeritus in the Department of History and Classics at Swansea University. Apart from participating in many tv and radio programmes, Alan has lectured on many tours to Egypt and also to many Egyptology societies in the UK.

Caroline Malloy
Coming from: Chicago,  IL  USA
Dr. Caroline Malloy is a freelance educator and scholar based in Chicago, IL. She earned her Ph.D. in Art History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has taught Humanities and History at both Villanova University and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Other academic ventures have included working on an archaeological dig in Italy and reviving the Latin language at an independent Academy in Philadelphia. Dr. Malloy has been invited to deliver lectures on Empires, Nationalisms, and Heritage Projects throughout the US and Europe to both professional and public audiences. She is a specialist in both the British Empire and Ancient Rome.

Charles Moseley
Art, Literature & Maritime Historian
Coming from: Reach,  Cambridgeshire  UK
Dr. Charles Moseley is Life Fellow and Director of Studies in English at Hughes Hall, Cambridge, and Affiliated Lecturer in the Faculty of English, University of Cambridge. His areas of academic specialism are Classical, medieval and Renaissance literature, drama, music and art, but in addition he lectures often on early navigational techniques, travel writing, early maps and charts, the Age of Discovery and the Vikings in Greenland, Iceland and in the Americas.

Chris Newlands
Classical History & Religion
Coming from: Lancaster,    UK
Chris was born in West Yorkshire and his love of drama and the stage led to him going to Bristol University to study Drama and French, before his love for travel took him to Algeria, where he remained for two years, teaching English and encouraging an interest in theatre, music and the arts on behalf of the British Council. He returned to England to study Theology at Cambridge, before being ordained as an Anglican priest. In 2010 he became Vicar of Lancaster, working in the historic setting of Lancaster Priory Church. Chris presents a series of talks on classical history subjects.

Peter Newsham
Cultural Geography
BA, MA, FRGS (Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society)
Coming from: Croydon,  Surrey  UK
Peter’s teaching career in Sub-Saharan Africa and London, as Head of Humanities, and Lecturer at King’s College London was punctuated by educational journeys, and travels with family and friends. In addition to travel writing and journalism, he is the author of ‘Occidental Odyssey’, and, with Dr Claudine Fournié, ‘Kissing Candles; Venetian Loves’, a romantic mystery based on truth. His lectures combine accessibility, scholarship and humour about the personalities who populate history. Peter also offers Poetry Interludes; from the amusing to the sublime, from Seduction to Romance.

Helen Poole
Archaeology & History
BA, Dip Arch, AMA, PGCE
Coming from: Haywards Heath,  West Sussex  UK
Helen studied English, History and Archaeology at Bristol University before going on to postgraduate studies in archaeology at Durham and museum studies at Leicester. Teaching qualifications at Brighton followed later. A vacation studentship at the British Museum led to a lifelong enthusiasm for a museum career. Helen is an enthusiastic sharer of information and she has been lecturing on cruises in and around the Mediterranean and the Red Sea from 2005.

Nicholas Reed
Classical & Art History
BA (Oxon), MA (Manc) MPhil (St.A.)
Coming from: Folkestone,  Kent  UK
Nicholas took his first degree at Oxford in Greats (Latin, Greek, Ancient History and Philosophy). He was President of Oxford University Archaeological Society in 1969. From 1970 to 1986 he had 15 articles published in learned journals on subjects in Roman History and Archaeology, including articles on the Romans in Germany and on the Greek Islands. In the 1980s he moved into the field of art history, on which he is the author of some six books, mainly on the French Impressionists. He has been a lecturer for NADFAS, the fine arts organisation, since 1991.

David Rohl
Ancient World History & Archaeology
Ancient Egypt, Biblical History, Aegean Bronze Age, Anatolian History
Coming from: La Vall de Laguar,  Alicante  Spain
David Rohl is recognised as the UK's highest profile Egyptologist and one of the world's best-known historians. Always controversial, he is not only a best-selling writer but also an explorer, TV Presenter and internationally renowned public lecturer. With degrees in Egyptology & Archaeology, David is a genuine scholar with a full list of academic credentials but, at the same time, is seen as a highly original thinker. His cruise talks are not only interesting but thought provoking.

Jennifer Scarce
Expert on Middle Eastern Culture
B.A., F.S.A.(Scot)
Coming from: Edinburgh,  Scotland  UK
Jennifer studied Classical and Ancient Middle Eastern History at University College London before moving to Edinburgh as Curator of Middle Eastern Cultures in the National Museum of Scotland. She is now an Honorary Lecturer, Middle Eastern Cultures, at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee. Her many publications include articles and books on Middle Eastern dress and textiles mainly from Iran, Turkey and Morocco. She has lectured for many tours to the Middle East and North Africa including cruises to the Red Sea to visit archaeological sites in Jordan and Egypt.

Marcus Sherwood
Classical History & Destinations
Coming from: Chichester,  West Sussex  UK
Marcus is a Classics graduate who has travelled widely in Europe as a teacher and lecturer in Classical History. He now enjoys lecturing on cruise ships both as a Classical Historian and as a Destination Lecturer. His expertise is in tracing the influences of ancient civilizations on modern culture. Marcus draws on his years of foreign travel and knowledge of popular destinations to help passengers get the very best out of ports of call, covering history, geography and culture. He is a popular, experienced and enthusiastic speaker who engages his audiences with pace, passion and humour.

Bryan Shorrocks
African Wildlife
Coming from: Middleham,  North Yorkshire  UK
Bryan is a retired population biologist who has worked on a variety of species from lichens to giraffes, but for the last 20 years has worked exclusively in Africa. Born in the North of England, he studied Biology at Leicester University and Population Biology for his doctorate at Manchester University. He spent most of his academic life at the University of Leeds, becoming a Professor in 1991. He is now an Honorary Professor at the University of York. His hobby is ancient Mediterranean civilisations and military history.

William Sterling
Cultural History
MA, PhD, Cert Ed
Coming from: Eltham,  London  UK
William took early retirement from the Civil Service in 2008 with a generous redundancy package. He was educated at Colfe’s Grammar School, Lee and Keele University. His BA in 1980 was in History and Geography. He specialised in Mediaeval History (Anglo-Saxons and Hundred Years War) winning the Wedgwood Prize for an essay on King Athelstan. He has a wide range of talks on Composers, Music of the Sea, Vikings & Anglo Saxons and Classical History.

Rt Revd Tim Stevens
Lecturer in History, Classics, Culture & Religion
Coming from: Bury St Edmunds,  Suffolk  UK
Tim Stevens is a recently retired senior Church of England bishop, who served as lead bishop in the UK House of Lords. He has lectured in Europe, Africa, Caribbean, South America and The Arctic on the cultural, historical, religious and political background in 23 countries. Tim was for 16 years Bishop of Leicester, the UK’s most multi-religious city. Tim travels extensively as a cruise lecturer and as Prelate of the International Order of St John, with responsibility for chaplains in 40 countries world wide.

Olga Stone
Classical Historian & Concert Pianist
Russian History Expert
Coming from: Andreas,  Isle of Man  UK
Olga Eggert was born in the Crimea, now Russia. She attended the Crimean Musical College, and then the Conservatoire in Odessa and graduated with top marks in piano, piano accompaniment and the teaching of music. After leaving the Conservatoire she embarked on a career as a professional pianist and accompanist and has performed in various venues around the world. Olga talks on all aspects of classical music, on European history and European art. She illustrates her talks with extensive PowerPoint presentations and often includes extracts from literature, poetry and piano pieces, playing herself, to emphasize the atmosphere of a period.

Michael Taylor
Stock Trader, Investor & Historian
Coming from: Hartlepool,  Durham  UK
Michael Taylor is a successful full time private investor, having achieved triple digit compounded portfolio returns for each of the last three years. Currently he is seeking to analyse previously unseen primary material on the life of Vice-Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood. He has been invited to speak in front of investment clubs, and delivered the results of a commissioned research paper on populism and the socio-economic effects on the European Union to leading academics and industry experts. Michael expects to publish his book on investing with Harriman-House in Q4 2018.

David Wilson
Historian & Film Maker
Coming from: London,    UK
David has been making films about history and archaeology for twenty-five years. Passionate about history since the age of six, he studied history at Cambridge University and went on to work at Thames TV where he learned his trade. Since then David has directed some of the top talent in television. He has worked for all the British TV channels and his films have been shown around the world. His enthusiastic approach to his subject has garnered audiences in their millions on television, and nothing excites him more than telling his stories in the places where they happened.