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Wine & Spirits
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David Austin
Wine and Spirits Specialist
Coming from: Dunfermline,  Scotland  UK
David has been involved in the Wine and Spirits & Hospitality industry for nearly 30 years covering every level of the trade. During that time he has gathered a wide and strong knowledge which he enjoys relaying to others through tastings, presentation and classes. In whatever capacity he has been involved hosting and delivering tastings has formed a large part of his life. David is able to include talks on all manner of wine and spirits including Whisky & Gin and numbers coffee as one of his passions.

Rosalind Cooper
Wine & Food
Diploma of the Wine & Spirit Association, MA in French
Coming from: London,    UK
Rosalind began her career in California, leading wine tours and tasting wines for a wine warehouse near San Francisco. She then ran her own California wine import business in the UK. In recent years, Rosalind has written wine columns for many printed and online publications. Rosalind is passionate about wine, food and travel, which she sees as inseparable and complementary; the good things in life.

William Crowley
Geography, History & Wine
Coming from: Santa Rosa,  California  USA
Dr William Crowley obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Oregon, spending his teaching and research career at Sonoma State University. He is now Professor Emeritus, having retired in 2007. William taught classes in Urban Geography, Cultural Geography, Latin America, Field Experience in Baja California, Wine Geography, and History of Geographic Thought. William has spent time in all the countries of Latin America and is fluent in Spanish. Since retirement he has been both a destination speaker and special interest speaker for several cruise lines.

Douglas Harrison
Coming from: London,  Middlesex  UK
After many years of enjoying and learning about wine, Douglas’s wine career began in 1977 when he opened and operated three Wine Bars in the City of London and one in Leicester. And so began his long and successful career in wine wholesaling and shipping. In recent years Douglas has hosted a great variety of wine events ranging from formal dinners to tastings for local wine societies. He has also been the guest wine speaker on ocean cruises and river cruises. His talks are factual, informative, delivered with a touch of humour, and are always well received by wine imbibers at all levels.

Joseph Micallef
Age of Exploration, Military and Maritime History
Published Author, Fox News and CNN Commentator, Keynote Speaker
Coming from: Tualatin,  Oregon  USA
Joseph V. Micallef is a historian, best selling author, keynote speaker and commentator on military and international affairs. He has produced, directed or written dozens of documentary programs on military history and world politics as well as written a number of books. He has an M.Sc. degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and was a Fulbright Fellow at the Italian Institute of International Affairs. Joseph has lectured extensively on military history and world affairs at a variety of venues, and also frequently speaks on the history of food, wine and spirits. He is fluent in Italian and English.

Richard Nurick
Wine Expert
Coming from: Pangbourne,  Berkshire  UK
Richard has been in the Wine Trade for 53 years, starting in 1959 with an Apprenticeship in a wine shop, assessing and Buying and selling wines, culminating in a Stage in Bordeaux during the 1961 vintage. He then helped launch and run a new wine company, Dreyfus Ashby & Co Ltd, a subsidiary of a large American Company. For the last 10 years he has devoted much of his time to Wine Education and runs WSET courses and Wine Appreciation Courses courses at both Newbury College and Henley College.

Richard Rosano
Novelist and Wine Writer
Wine, Food, and Travel Writer
Coming from: Potomac,  MD  USA
Dick Rosano has been writing about wine, food, and travel for many years. His long-running columns have appeared in The Washington Post, Wine Enthusiast, Country Inns, United Airlines Hemispheres magazine, and many other nationally distributed publications. In a writing career that has spanned three decades, he has been the featured commenter – in print and in person – on every region of the world. Dick has lectured on wine for the American Institute of Food and Wine, the National Italian-American Foundation, and at the Smithsonian Institution, Johns Hopkins University, and at many conferences around the United States.