Cruise Ship Speakers

Performance Poetry & Storytelling
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Heather Bowring
Art and the Tactile Artist
Coming from: Emsworth,  Hampshire  UK
Heather is a self taught artist. Her unique style of tactile painting has been acknowledged as such by the Tate Modern, who commissioned her to make a painting for their Touch Tours collection. Other commissions include the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth, who asked her to make a tactile copy of a 16th century painting of the Mary Rose ship. Heather enjoys creating different styles of painting including miniatures, portraits and contemporary works. In particular she likes to paint stories and is inspired by radio, text and dialogue of everyday life.

Christine Robinson
Creative Writing
Coming from: Easington Colliery, Peterlee,  Durham  UK
Chrissie is a prize winning poet, spoken word artist and creative writing practitioner based in East Durham, UK. Since graduating from Teesside University with a Masters Degree in Creative Writing she has gone on to inspire and educate people of all ages, encouraging them to write and perform their own words. Writing is her passion and, combining this with her love of travel, in 2015 she took to the seas to run writing workshops on cruise ship. Her workshops are designed to be educational, inspirational, fun, interactive, relevant to the ports of call for each cruise and accessible to writers of all abilities.

Bryher Scudamore
Journalist & Editorial Director
Autobiography writer
Coming from: London,    UK
Bryher started her career in newspapers and then joined the BBC working her way up to becoming Editor of "That's Life!" one of the BBC's most popular programmes. She came up with the idea of "Autodotbiography" when her beloved mother, Peggy, died. Going through Peggy's papers Bryher realised how much more there was to discover and desperately wished she had found out more during her mother's lifetime. After 12 years of working on the idea, Bryher launched "Autodotbiography" in 2011 which allows people to create their precious stories about their families.