Cruise Ship Speakers

Wildlife & Nature
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Dr. Charlie Berger
Enrichment Speaker - Natural History
Coming from: East Thetford,  Vermont  USA
Dr. Charles Berger, DVM obtained his veterinary degree at Cornell University, and enjoyed a 55-year career in both Berkeley, California and rural Vermont. He rescued, raised and lectured with two Alaskan wolves at universities, ecology centers, museums and public schools, bringing to his audiences both the natural history and mythology of wolves. Charlie’s lectures are supported by power point presentations as he engages the audience, without notes, but always with a sense of humor. He will leave the audience feeling both smarter and entertained.

Chris Bielby
Wildlife & Natural History
Coming from: Yarm,  Cleveland  UK
Chris has had a lifelong interest in Natural History. Since retiring from teaching after 32 years, he has sailed on adventure cruise ships as part of the Organisation Cetacea (ORCA) survey teams, giving presentations to passengers about Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises as well as Birds, Ecological issues, Butterflies & Wild Flowers. Chris tries to spend as much time on the outer decks with passengers, spotting all the wildlife.

Dr Carin Bondar
Nature, Wildlife & Biology
Coming from: Chilliwack,  British Columbia  Canada
Dr. Carin Bondar is a biologist, author, TV host and public speaker from British Columbia Canada. She is an accomplished science storyteller, with a number of television credits including National Geographic, The Discovery Channel and The Science Channel. Dr. Bondar is writer and host of the online smash hit series 'Wild Sex', which has amassed over 100,000,000 views. In addition to her media work, Bondar is also an adventurer and naturalist. This allows her to craft lecture performances that are specific to any region of the world, any ecosystem or any specific port destination.

Keith Buchanan
Wildlife & The Environment
Coming from: Hexham,  Northumberland  UK
Keith is an environmental consultant working on biodiversity and landscape issues. He started his career as a zoologist, managing nature reserves, and later worked in the UK agriculture ministry. Keith has led wildlife watching trips in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece, Estonia, The Canaries and Iceland. He has participated in biological expeditions in Madagascar, Indonesia, Central and South America. He has lectured on cruise ships about the wildlife and environmental issues in Scandinavia, The Mediterranean, South East Asia, Australia and South America.

Ian Bullock
Marine Wildlife Expert
Coming from: St. Davids,  Pembrokeshire  UK
Ian, who lives on the south-western seaboard of Wales, trained as a zoologist and since 1978 has specialised in seabird surveys, conservation of endangered species and habitat management on remote island nature reserves. For 25 years he worked for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds as both research biologist and nature reserve warden, establishing new reserves for conservation and managing offshore islands. Since 1990 he has also worked as guide and lecturer on cruise ships sharing his love of the sea, wildlife and wilderness.

Dr Ann Burgess
Naturalist, Ornithology, Astronomy and Destination Speaker
Coming from: Parksville,  British Columbia  Canada
Dr Ann Carroll Burgess is an award-winning writer, photographer, and lecturer who has had a varied and distinguished career in several disciplines. After graduation, she was hired by the Museum of Science in Boston as a planetarium lecturer, the youngest and only the second woman to hold that position at that time. Fifteen years ago Ann took up the challenge of lecturing at sea, sharing her passion for nature and astronomy as an enrichment lecturer. She continues to write and her Deck Chair Naturalist website is devoted to how you can to best observe nature from a ship.

Clive Catchpole
Professor of Animal Behaviour, University of London
Coming from: Wells-next-the-Sea,  Norfolk  UK
Clive is a professional zoologist with an international reputation for his research on wildlife biology in many parts of the world. He is currently Emeritus Professor of Animal Behaviour at the University of London. Clive has lectured all over the world and broadcast on many aspects of animal life for over 30 years. As an enrichment lecturer, he is able to bring to life the amazing world of animal behaviour in lavishly illustrated and lively presentations. His talks can be tailored to particular parts of the world where passengers look forward to seeing the local wildlife on excursions.

Jim Clement
Destination Lecturer & Maritime Historian
Baltic, Mediterranean. Asia, Caribbean,Latin America, Panama, Norway,
Coming from: Largo,  Florida  USA
Jim is a retired USA Diplomat who lived in 13 countries and has given Destination/Maritime History Lectures on more than 120 cruises in Europe, Asia, S. America. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy (BSc) and University of Chicago (MBA). He was a US Navy Submarine Officer, VP International for Fortune 500 companies. He was a University Professor for History, Geography, Logistics, and International Marketing. Having lived and worked in Panama and transited the Panama Canal 30 times and Suez Canal 4 times, Jim can give the ship's bridge commentary about the history of the Canal in English or Spanish. He has also narrated bridge commentary about Glaciers in Chile and Norway.

Pieter de Vries ACS
Cinematographer, Photographer & Documentary Expert
Coming from: Sydney,  New South Wales  Australia
Pieter de Vries is one of the leading documentary cinematographers in the world. As an ACS accredited Director of Photography, he has reached the very highest level of his craft. His films have won numerous awards, including several Emmys, and BAFTA’s. He has been awarded the Australian Cinematographer Society’s top accolade, Cinematographer of the Year. Based in Australia, he spends much of his time filming documentary programs for the BBC, NBC and ABC in Australia and National Geographic. On cruises Pieter will screen segments of his work and uncover some of the camera magic that is a part of his craft.

Tiiu Lukk
Journalist & Naturalist
Art, History, Natural History & Culture
Coming from: Santa Monica,  California  USA
Tiiu has served as an enrichment lecturer and a naturalist for more than 23 years. She has visited 119 countries throughout the world and has served on 8 different cruise lines, as well as a Smithsonian Journeys Expert on both land and sea. Her career has encompassed work as a journalist, a foreign correspondent in southern Africa for ABC News and the Washington Star, as a documentary filmmaker, and an author. Tiiu’s beautifully illustrated presentations focus on the history, culture, art, architecture, and natural history of destinations, so that passengers step ashore with more understanding and knowledge of their cruise destinations.

Stephen Marsh
Wildlife and Adventure Travel
Coming from: St. Leonards-On-Sea,  East Sussex  UK
Stephen has lectured about natural history around the world since 2007, having always been fascinated by wildlife. Although marine wildlife is his speciality, his love for and knowledge of other creatures and general ecology is extensive. In 2006 when a whale swam up the Thames into London, Stephen was volunteering on the rescue and this triggered an old passion. He left three decades in advertising behind to take up the challenge of rejuvenating the whale and dolphin survey charity ORCA and created a cruise programme for the charity that led to him lecturing on cruises worldwide. An inspiring speaker, his talks are enthralling and enchanting.

David Parkin
Ornithologist & Natural Historian
Emeritus Professor - University of Nottingham
Coming from: Trowell,  Nottinghamshire  UK
Raised on Tyneside, David started birding at school. The local Natural History Society motivated him to study Zoology and led to a successful university career, culminating as Nottingham's Professor of Avian Genetics. For 40 years David has enjoyed lecturing on birds and wildlife to a variety of organisations. On retiring he developed lectures for cruise audiences, tailoring these to the ship’s itinerary and including a mix of illustrative talks and others on the science behind bird biology and conservation. Escorting ashore or out on deck, he is always keen to share his enthusiasm for birds.

Robin Petch
Naturalist & Cetaceans Expert
Whales, Dolphins & Marine Conservation
Coming from: North Ferriby,  East Yorkshire  UK
Robin has been involved with the study and conservation of whales, dolphins and the marine environment for nearly 25 years. He now shares his wide knowledge and experience with cruise ship passengers in lively and informative lectures with stunning photographs and video. His experience as an educator enables him to adapt his talks to suit audiences of all types and age ranges. On some cruises, Robin's interest in Seals and Seabirds, Pirates and Privateers and Nautical Sayings and Superstitions adds an extra dimension to his talks.

Bernard Purrier
Marine Wildlife Expert
Coming from: Bradford on Avon,  Wiltshire  UK
Bernard has always held a great interest in Marine life with Cetaceans being a particular favourite and he developed this in 2005 after taking early retirement from a career in Medical Microbiology. He studied with the Whale & Dolphin Conservation [WDC] an International Charity and became a UK speaker for them in 2006. Since then, he has become well known all over the UK and abroad as he is increasingly invited to speak to groups and associations, both adults and children. He has been a cruise ship speaker since 2011 for many cruise lines. When not involved in wildlife matters, he spends time on his other interests such as British Roman History and live music.

Michael Scott OBE
Natural History Writer & Broadcaster
Coming from: Lochcarron,  Ross-Shire  UK
Michael is a natural history writer, consultant, and broadcaster, based in the north-west Highlands of Scotland. He is a botanist by training, but with a general interest in all natural history. Since 2005, Michael has been happily jumping onto cruise ships, anywhere from Greenland to Antarctica (and the warm places in between) with talks relating to the wildlife and environment of the areas visited. He usually travels with his wife, Sue, a marine biologist, and they both regard being on deck helping passengers spot and identify seabirds, whales and dolphins as an important and enjoyable part of their role on the ship.

Kathy Slamp
Enrichment Speaker - Destinations
Alaska & Mediterranean Specialist
Coming from: Vancouver,  WA  USA
Kathy Slamp's childhood was spent in Alaska. She is an experienced public speaker who has literally spoken around the world. Through her early Alaska experiences, Kathy has become a well-loved and frequently requested Alaska cruise ship naturalist and lecturer. She has presented on at least 150 different Alaska cruises! Her down-to-earth sincerity and sense of humor endear her to audiences wherever she goes. People relate to her quickly and easily. Kathy has also traveled extensively throughout the Mediterranean Region and into the Black Sea.

George Sranko
Nature, Wildlife & Human interest
BSc Biology (UBC), MA (Hons) Env Governance (Griffith)
Coming from: Victoria,  British Columbia  Canada
George is known for his dynamic and entertaining presentation style. He has a BSc in biology from UBC in Vancouver and an MA in ecological governance from Griffith University, Queensland Australia. He was born in Australia and has dual Canadian / Australian citizenship. He has been featured as an enrichment and destination lecturer on cruise ships throughout the world. Close encounters with snorting grizzly bears, erupting volcanoes, drooling Komodo dragons, and trumpeting elephants have all added spice to George's presentations.

Malcolm Welshman
Veterinarian, Writer, Broadcaster & Lecturer
Coming from: Near Crewkerne,  Somerset  UK
Malcolm is a retired vet, freelance journalist and author. He has written three pet novels, the ebook version of the first reaching number two on Kindle’s bestseller list. He has contributed many animal-orientated features for national magazines and is a feature writer for the Daily Mail. He currently partakes in a weekly talk show for a local radio station and is a regular panellist on Radio Somerset. He is in demand for his witty take on life as a vet and as an onboard raconteur has completed 36 cruise speaking engagements.

James Weston
Natural Historian
Coming from: Bognor Regis,  West Sussex  UK
Jim was born and bred in West Sussex. He has had a chequered career which has included being a greengrocer, a hospital porter, a theatrical agent, a social worker and a gardener. His major career time was spent as a social worker where he specialised in child protection and training. Jim’s interests, other than sport, have involved local natural history. He is a keen bird watcher with many years experience and has traveled world wide pursuing this hobby. Jim is a frequent speaker at local organisation and groups usually presenting subjects linked to natural history.