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Adventure & Exploration
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Rob Bayly
Balloon Pilot and former BBC TV Producer
Radio Presenter
Coming from: Bristol,  Somerset  UK
Rob has flown balloons in the Arctic, deserts and mountains. Among his record-breaking flights he has flown the Atlantic by balloon. In parallel Rob was a member of BBC staff for 33 years, starting as a TV producer on ‘Tomorrow’s World’ and finishing his career on the ‘Antiques Roadshow’. Rob draws on extensive first hand knowledge of ballooning and broadcasting, both very visual and entertaining subjects. He is also happy to volunteer for other cruise roles such as tour guiding and on board radio/TV broadcasting.

Barney Broom
Author & Film Director
Coming from: Blakeney,  Norfolk  UK
Barney Broom works in the film industry. As a writer/director he has won awards for his work having made commercials, documentaries for both TV and cinema. In 2002/03 Barney was involved in the Borobudur Ship Expedition sailing a replica vessel across the Indian Ocean in the wake of 8th century Indonesian migration to Africa. The documentary produced entitled Braving the Cape was sold to Discovery. His first novel Haute Cuisine was recently published, with a second book Podric Moon and the Corsican Tyrant due out next year. He is a member of BAFTA and the Director’s Guild of Great Britain.

Paul Covell
Ocean Yachtsman, Adventurer & Maritime Historian
Round the World Sailor
Coming from: Chalfont-St-Giles,  Buckinghamshire  UK
In July 2000 Paul took early retirement from the Printing Ink Business and that year he was a crew member aboard "Quadstone" in the BT Global Challenge round the world yacht race, otherwise known as the worlds toughest yacht race. After 17 days crossing the Atlantic, “Quadstone” won the 1st. Since returning from this epic voyage Paul has undertaken many adventures including walking and cycling the length and breadth of Britain, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and travelling the high Andes of South America.

Mick Dawson
Adventurer & Professional Speaker
Rowing 7000 miles across the North Pacific Ocean
Coming from: Saltdean,  East Sussex  UK
Mick is a Professional Yacht Skipper, adventurer, film maker and former Royal Marine. He successfully rowed across the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in 2001, with his brother Steve. He then repeated this feat in 2005 as a last minute stand in with new rowing partner Andrew Morris. In his talks he recounts his experiences of these epic adventures.

Ricky Deutsch
Adventure Traveler and Author
Coming from: San Jose,  California  USA
An avid outdoor adventurer, Rick Deutsch has explored the seven continents from Antarctica to Egypt. His talks present the geology, history, and culture of prominent “bucket list” places. He covers popular destinations, such as Venice, Barcelona and Galapagos, but also gives presentations on unusual but fascinating topics to round out his offerings. Rarely touched by other special interest speakers are his lectures on UFO’s, The Space Age, and the History of the World. As member of the National Speakers Association, he regularly gives presentations to organizations, museums, associations, and companies.

Peter Gordon Drake
Exploration & Expeditions
Africa, Middle East and Med. Expert also USA
Coming from: Holmfirth,  West Yorkshire  UK
Peter was born in England but spent part of his school years in Southern Africa returning to Yorkshire to study Industrial Management at University. He has led or been a member of 48 expeditions visiting 72 countries in five continents. He has driven overland from the UK to Nepal to climb in the Himalayas, has twice crossed the Sahara to the River Niger and has followed the Nile route south to East Africa. He gives talks on the history, wildlife and people of Africa and the Middle East.

Dr. Peter Durrans
Historian (General, Exploration & Travel)
BA, MA, DPhil
Coming from: Tyne and Wear,  Sunderland  UK
Dr Peter Durrans was educated at the universities of Hull (BA), Carleton, Ottawa (MA) and Oxford (DPhil). A professional historian he has been a university lecturer in the UK, Canada and the United States and was a history adviser to the UK's Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA). His last appointment was as Associate Dean at the University of Sunderland. Peter now lectures regularly on cruise ships. His aim is to both inform and entertain and he has been described in cruise reports as 'a great speaker and orator'. His specialist interests include empire, exploration and travel.

Jack Hardy
Destinations, History, and Marine Exploration
BA-Univ. California, MS-Oregon State, PhD-Univ. of Washington
Coming from: Portland,  Oregon  USA
Over the past 13 years professor, historian, and underwater explorer Jack Hardy has lectured on 56 different topics on more than 55 cruises. His richly-illustrated lectures focus on the history and culture of many popular cruise ship destinations, from the Baltic to the Mediterranean and Pacific. Also, as a diver and underwater photographer, other lectures include regional marine life, ancient shipwrecks, and famous ocean explorers. He has published more than 100 research papers and books. His research and exploration has taken him to 98 countries around the world.

Steve Harvey
Adventurer and Poet
Coming from: Edinburgh,  Scotland  UK
Steve’s been an English teacher, youth worker, police officer, volunteer teacher in Iraq, lecturer in Modern Poetry at Suleimaniyah University, and Safety & Security Officer for an NGO in South Sudan. He's run creative writing courses in Normandy and had poems published in the UK, Ireland, France and Iraq, and his memoirs, Between Dreams: Difficult Paths & Dangerous Places, were launched in November 2016. The Irish writer, Eoin Colfer, called it, 'A memoir that reads like a swashbuckling novel', and of Steve's poems Scottish poet, Liz Lochhead, said that some 'will break your heart... some will make you laugh out loud.'

Adrian Hayes
Adventurer & Business Coach
Keynote Speaker & Corporate Coach
Coming from: Netley Marsh,  Near Southampton  UK
Adrian Hayes is the British double World record-breaking polar explorer & adventurer, keynote speaker, corporate coach and sustainability ambassador. He set a Guinness World record in 2008 for reaching the Earth's "3 Poles" - walking all the way to the North Pole, South Pole and summiting Mt Everest - in the shortest period of time in history, becoming one of only 18 people ever to achieve the feat.

Ivar Hellberg OBE
Nordic & Viking Specialist
Coming from: Wembury,  Devon  UK
Ivar has Norwegian blood in his viens and has spent long periods of time in the country of his fathers, climbing and skiing as well as participating in winter deployment training when he was in the Royal Marines. He left the Armed Forces in 1998 after serving many years in operational service in South East Asia and the Middle East. Ivar was instrumental in setting up the Resilience Centre at Cranfield University where he lectures in Risk and Security Management, corporate security and military history.

Jacki Hill-Murphy
Explorer, Speaker & Film-maker
Coming from: Kilmersdon,  Somerset  UK
Jacki has travelled to some of the most inhospitable places on earth to re-create the journeys of daring women adventurers from the past. In tracking four valiant women who left inhibition at home and journeyed into the unknown, she pays tribute to their invincible spirits and achievements. Jacki's journeys are unique and so are her presentations. In her talks, she tells the stories of following in the footsteps of Victorian explorers Isabella Bird who travelled by yak across the Digar-La Pass in Ladakh, India; Mary Kingsley, who pioneered the route to the 13,255 summit of Mount Cameroon; and Kate Marsden who trudged from Moscow to Siberia in search of a cure for leprosy.

Cliff Jones
Naturalist, Oceanographer & Environmentalist
FRGS. Ornithology, Cetaceans & Large mammals, Conservation
Coming from: Huntly,  Aberdeenshire  UK
Over the last 50 years Cliff Jones has been a professional safari guide, broadcaster journalist and is currently a regular lecturer aboard cruise ships talking about natural history and special interest and associated subjects. His broadcasting career includes working with the BBC Natural History Radio Unit in Bristol and BBC World Service. Cliff has travelled widely having visited 139 countries of the world. He is an accomplished photographer and has had many articles published in newspapers and magazines. As a regular cruise ship lecturer he has led many whale and birdwatching sessions.

Patrick Keen
Explorer & Adventurer
Coming from: Cowes,  Isle of Wight  UK
Patrick joined the Royal Hampshire Regiment (The Tigers) and so began his life of Exploration and Adventure. His first posting was to Georgetown Guyana, in 1961, where his platoon helped quell the riots on Black Friday. Following this Patrick lead an expedition through the unexplored Amazon Rain Forest and was the first team to reach the 800 ft. King George VI Falls over land, then thought to be the highest in the world. after leaving the Army he travelled worldwide demonstrating the Singlepoint gun sight. In his series of talks Patrick recounts his adventures.

Mike Laird
Travel Photographer, Cameraman & Videographer
Coming from: Edinburgh,  Midlothian  UK
Mike was born and brought up in Scotland then moved to London to read Accountancy. He continued to live in the SE of England for over 20 years working in Risk Management before returning to Scotland. In 1999 he was selected to be a participant in the BBC1 reality TV series 'Castaway 2000'  filmed on the Hebridean island of Taransay. He has travelled to more than 75 countries often as an expedition leader. His adventures have included walking to the Magnetic North Pole and cycling solo across Australia.

Robin Lloyd-Jones
Award Winning Author & Adventurer
Traveller, historian, later life researcher
Coming from: Helensburgh,  Scotland  UK
Robin spent part of his childhood in India in the last years of the British Raj. He studied social anthropology at Cambridge University, before moving to Scotland to start a career in teaching, eventually becoming the director of Scotland’s first curriculum development centre. He is an award-winning author of 11 published books, and for nearly half a century has climbed and walked in the Scottish mountains and paddled his sea kayak amongst the islands and lochs of Scotland’s amazing coastline.

Tiiu Lukk
Journalist & Naturalist
Art, History, Natural History & Culture
Coming from: Santa Monica,  California  USA
Tiiu has served as an enrichment lecturer and a naturalist for more than 23 years. She has visited 119 countries throughout the world and has served on 8 different cruise lines, as well as a Smithsonian Journeys Expert on both land and sea. Her career has encompassed work as a journalist, a foreign correspondent in southern Africa for ABC News and the Washington Star, as a documentary filmmaker, and an author. Tiiu’s beautifully illustrated presentations focus on the history, culture, art, architecture, and natural history of destinations, so that passengers step ashore with more understanding and knowledge of their cruise destinations.

Derek Maltby
Hot Air Ballooning
Coming from: Bishop Sutton,  Bristol  UK
Derek was a police officer in the Avon and Somerset Constabulary based in Bath during which time he ‘scrounged’ his first hot air balloon flight. He went on to crew and then obtained his first sponsorship to fly a balloon from a car dealership. He has achieved over 1,100 flying hours during the past 28 years and is the holder of the British Balloon and Airship (BBAC) Gold Medal for duration, distance, accuracy and altitude. There are only 12 holders of this prestigious award. Derek presents a series of talks about hot air and gas ballooning.

Jan Meek
Motivational Speaker & Adventurer
FRGS (Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society)
Coming from: Bexhill on Sea,  East Sussex  UK
Jan started her diverse and dynamic career in the early 1960s, working as a continuity girl in the film and TV industry. After ten years of rubbing shoulders with the Hollywood elite, including working with household names like Roger Moore and Sammy Davis Jr, she changed direction and moved to Saudi Arabia to work for the United States Geological Survey. Jan then developed her career with the running of several businesses. In 1997, the lure of a world record breaking adventure was too much and before she knew it she was rowing the Atlantic Ocean with her son.

Peter Newsham
Cultural Geography
BA, MA, FRGS (Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society)
Coming from: Croydon,  Surrey  UK
Peter’s teaching career in Sub-Saharan Africa and London, as Head of Humanities, and Lecturer at King’s College London was punctuated by educational journeys, and travels with family and friends. In addition to travel writing and journalism, he is the author of ‘Occidental Odyssey’, and, with Dr Claudine Fournié, ‘Kissing Candles; Venetian Loves’, a romantic mystery based on truth. His lectures combine accessibility, scholarship and humour about the personalities who populate history. Peter also offers Poetry Interludes; from the amusing to the sublime, from Seduction to Romance.

Geoff Peters
Maritime Explorers and Adventurers
Coming from: Sunshine Coast,  Queensland  Australia
Edu-tainment is the best way to describe Geoff’s speaking style, providing educational, entertaining and authoritative presentations whilst also injecting humour and personal experiences documenting his time at sea. Recently retired, Geoff and his wife Leanne have purchased a boat in the UK, cruised across the English Channel and now spend much of each year cruising the rivers, canals, and coastlines of Europe, creating their own adventures.

Tim Severin
Explorer, Traveller & Author
D.Phil, Gold Medallist Royal Geographical Society
Coming from: Timoleague,  Co. Cork  Ireland
Acclaimed adventure writer and explorer Tim Severin, was born in 1940 and educated at Tonbridge School and Oxford University. He has made a career of retracing the storied journeys of mythical and historical figures and has many published books to his credit. His travels have been the subject of award winning documentary films and a major BBC documentary series title "TIME TRAVELLER". He has written regularly about his expeditions in the National Geographic Magazine and has won the Thomas Cook Travel Book award.

Edwin Sobey
The Ocean, Polar Zones & Coral Reefs
Coming from: Redmond,  Washington  USA
Ed is an explorer, author, and former museum director. Holding a Ph.D. in oceanography, he has participated in two dozen research expeditions from the poles to the tropics. On his expeditions and travels Ed has taught or conducted research on all seven continents and three oceans, and visited 110 countries. Along the way he spent a winter in Antarctica, crossed the Pacific Ocean in a sailboat, studied whales from ocean kayaks, and explored natural wonders at every opportunity. Global encounters with whales, sea lions, sharks, and underwater treasure hunters have given Ed experiences that spark enthusiastic interest in his audiences.

Sue Stockdale
Explorer & Adventurer
MBA Entrepreneurship, MSc Quality Management
Coming from: Swindon,  Wiltshire  UK
Sue Stockdale is a polar explorer and adventurer; author, and inspirational speaker who has undertaken more challenges to date than many people do in a lifetime. In 1996 she became the first British woman to ski to the Magnetic North Pole, and has also participated in expeditions to Chile, Antarctica, Geographical North Pole and Greenland. In her richly inspirational presentations she combines her personal expertise as a polar explorer with her profound business knowledge, including areas like Change Management, Leadership, Motivation, Risk Management and Managing Diversity.

Ian Stone
BA, BSc, MEd, PhD
Coming from: Isle of Man,    UK
Dr Ian Stone retired from the University of Kent in 1996, and today is an Honorary Polar History Research Associate at the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge. He is also an Editorial Advisor to 'Polar Record', the principal journal of polar studies. Although a polar specialist, having visited the Arctic and Antarctic more than 50 times each, he has an in-depth knowledge of, and experience in, the Mediterranean, the Baltic, the Black Seas and the Atlantic Islands.

Melva Stone OAM
Enrichment & Special Interest Speaker
Australian Outback & The Flying Doctors Service
Coming from: Broome,  Western Australia  Australia
Melva is a practical, entertaining and highly motivational speaker. Chosen by ABC Radio as the first story to be told on its “Story Catcher” program, Melva brings a down-to-earth and often very humorous approach on how to survive – and, in fact, thrive on rare challenges. Accredite by the National Speakers Association, Melva also won many awards during her speaker training with the Dale Carnegie Foundation. From her stories of life in very remote, Australian outback towns, Melva shares with a rare ability to engage her audience, stories of true tragedy and triumph, a remarkable career and a rare and positive outlook on life.

Malcolm Teasdale
Author, Adventurer and Enrichment Speaker
Coming from: Destin,  Florida  USA
Malcolm Teasdale was born in Coventry, England and is a successful entrepreneur who now spends his time traveling to “off-the-beaten-track” places. Since retiring from the technology industry, he now travels to the more unusual destinations in the World in search of rich cultural experiences. His 4th travel book has just been published called, “Religion, Spirituality and the way of life in the Himalayas” which describes his experience in the Himalayan Kingdoms of Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet and Myanmar. Malcolm has a wide repertoire of talks on destinations, adventure and travel.

Lou Thieblemont
Former Airline Pilot, Astronomical Society of Harrisburg, PA
Coming from: Camp Hill,  PA  USA
Lou Thieblemont has always been fascinated by the sky. Even before graduating from New York Institute of Technology, he was working for Air France Flight Dispatch at JFK airport making computerized flight plans. After graduation, he worked for 37 years as a commercial airline pilot, first for TWA and then for American Airlines when the two carriers merged. Since his retirement Lou has been an active volunteer for a number of organisations and offers a series of talks on topics as diverse as astronomy, aviation, Antarctic exploration, optical illusions, and computer graphics.

Marshall Ulrich
Extraordinary Life
Adventurer, Mountaineer, Extreme Athlete
Coming from: Evergreen,  Colorado  USA
The author of Running on Empty, Marshall Ulrich is a versatile, world-class extreme endurance athlete: an ultrarunning icon, Seven Summits mountaineer, and competitive adventure racer. His prolific athletic career has earned him numerous wins, records, and firsts on some of the toughest courses in the world and taken him to the top of the highest mountains on every continent—all in his forties and fifties. Dubbed by Outside magazine as an Endurance King, he defies the ideas of “too far,” “too old,” and “not possible.” Revered among athletes, Marshall Ulrich is also an acclaimed speaker.

Don Wales
Land Speed Record Breaker & After Dinner Speaker
Coming from: Addlestone,  Surrey  UK
Born in 1960, Don is the grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell MBE and the nephew of Donald Campbell CBE the famous father and son World speed record breakers in their famous ‘Bluebird’ vehicles. He left school at the age of 17 to work in photography, which is where he still earns his main income specialising in advertising, fashion and lifestyle work. World record breaking is still in his blood and he has continued the family tradition! He started breaking records in 1998 with his first UK Land Speed Record for an Electric car in ‘Bluebird Electric’, and went on to break a further 7 UK records which he held for over 12 years.

Tony Waltham
Geology & Exploration
Volcanoes, Glaciers & Caves
Coming from: Nottingham,  Nottinghamshire  UK
Dr Tony Waltham is a geologist who graduated from Imperial College, London, and studied in the mines of Norway for his PhD. He was then a university lecturer for many years in Nottingham, where he taught mining and civil engineers. Travel to faraway places has always taken all his free time, and the geological interest has taken him all over the world, notably to almost every country in Asia. Tony has made films for television, still manages his Geophotos picture library and is on the Editorial Board of Geology Today.

Alan Whelan
Adventure & Travel
Coming from: Lytham St. Annes,    UK
Alan trained as a journalist and now works as a ghostwriter, copywriter and travel writer. Brought up in a London-Irish household his overriding ambition as a child was to travel. He has travelled extensively through Africa and written about the continent in travel books and magazine and newspaper articles. Alan has given many talks about his travels to clubs, associations and literature festivals.

Isobel Petrie Williams
Antarctic Explorer & Author
Coming from: Essendon,  Hertfordshire  UK
During her medical training at St George’s Hospital, University of London, Isobel discovered that Edward Wilson, who died with Scott on the return from the South Pole in 1912, had qualified in the same hospital in 1900. His iconic paintings of Antarctica fired Isobel to research his life and the Heroic Age of Antarctic exploration. This interest continued throughout her busy medical career and on retirement, she published the biography of Edward Wilson. Isobel has made presentations on Antarctica and the Antarctic heroes for fifteen years to many different audiences including on cruise ships.

Martin Woodward MBE
Professional Diver and Marine Consultant
Treasure & Commercial Deep Diving, RNLI work, Adventure Challenges,
Coming from: Bembridge,  Isle of Wight  UK
Martin has been a professional diver since 1968, and is still actively diving in the UK and other locations worldwide. He was also involved with the RNLI for a total of 38 years. Martin’s diving career includes “deep saturation” diving in the North Sea, oilfields in the Persian Gulf and many other locations worldwide. His great love has always been finding shipwrecks and artefacts from under the oceans.