Choirs at Sea

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Peter and Pam Larkin
Choirmaster & Accompanist
Coming from: Bury,  Lancashire  UK
Peter has a wide experience of all kinds of music. Having trained as a woodwind player and singer at the Royal Manchester College of Music from 1961-1964 he qualified as a teacher and taught in all types of secondary schools. Pam is an integral part of the team, being the regular accompanist. Having trained as a pianist and singer at the Royal Manchester College of Music Pam also spent several years teaching. For the past 20 years Peter and Pam have led their choir, "The Square Street Singers" from simple programmes through to a very high standard of performance of all kinds of music.

Nick Montague
Musician, Choir Master & Conductor
Lecturer on Stage and Film Musicals
Coming from: Knutsford,  Cheshire  UK
Nick Montague has spent over 30 years in music, conducting, teaching and playing piano and arranging music for different types of choirs. He is passionate about the power of music and specialises in teaching groups to sing and work together and enjoy fantastic music and sense of achievement which this brings. His choirs have appeared on both television and radio and raised thousands of pounds for charitable causes.