Cruise Ship Speakers

Comedy & Humour
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Clive Coleman
Comedy Writer & Broadcaster
Coming from: Palmers Green,  London  UK
Clive is the BBC’s Legal Correspondent, a role he arrived at via a career as a barrister, Principal Lecturer in Law, and then one of the country’s leading comedy writers. In 1992, he won the prestigious BBC Radio Light Entertainment Contract Writers Award. In 1998 he won the BBC’s inaugural ‘Frank Muir Award’, for outstanding comedy writing. Clive has delivered keynote speeches on a broad range of domestic and international legal stories and issues. His his combination of analytical, broadcasting and writing skills enables him to deliver talks that are sharp, intelligent and witty.

Freddie (Parrotface) Davies
Comedy & Showbusiness
Coming from: Boroughbridge,  North Yorkshire  UK
Freddie's amazing career has taken him from the tough working men's clubs of the North East of England for thirty shillings a night (£1.50) to the Royal Shakespeare Company. Seasons at the famous London Palladium with Cliff Richard, TV shows with the legendary Judy Garland and touring the world with his stand up comedy act. In a career spanning over 50 years in show business he has seem the demise of the music halls, variety dying along with the night club circuit during the sixties and seventies. Freddie has always been a very accomplished stage and cabaret performer and is constantly in demand as a speaker relating hilarious anecdotes from his long career as a stand up comedian, producer and director.

Philip Hesketh
Professional Speaker
The Psychology of Persuasion & Influence
Coming from: Harrogate,  North Yorkshire  UK
Philip is a Psychology graduate from Newcastle University and is a full time professional speaker on ‘The Psychology of Persuasion and Influence’. He combines a powerful mix of well researched, persuasive techniques with a unique brand of humour. He inspires, entertains and informs on how persuasion, influence and relationships work. He is inspirational, motivational and extremely amusing. He gives ‘can-use-today’ techniques to be more influential.

Graham Hoyle
Murder Mystery Events Organiser
Coming from: Ringwood,  Hampshire  UK
After retiring from a long career in the police force, Graham wanted to start a new career that was both entertaining and enjoyable, so “Catch the Killer” was born. Graham has written over eighteen original story lines that can be adapted to specific ships, cruise companies, captains or even specific passengers. The event is interactive, engaging and a lot of fun for the passengers who will find that working in small teams helps their thinking and leads to creating new friendships and contacts on board the ship.

Professor David Purdie
History, Philosophy, Literature & Humour
English & Scottish Literature, History and Philosophy
Coming from: Edinburgh,  Midlothian  UK
David is a Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Study at the University of Edinburgh where he specialises in English (and Scottish) Literature; British History; and Philosophy. He has a particular interest in the literature and history of the Enlightenment. As a speech-writer and editor, he advises Members of the House of Commons and individuals in public life. He also writes the humorous column for the magazine Golf International.

Stephen Smith
Comedy Music Speaker & Entertainer
Ukulele and Guitar Teacher
Coming from: River, Dover,  Kent  UK
Stephen has been entertaining cruise ship passengers since 2008. He is always keen to involve his audiences, and his PowerPoint presentations are a highlight of his talks, featuring cartoons, jokes, song lyrics, record covers, newspaper cuttings and animals, as well as photos and caricatures of composers and performers past and present. As a multi talented entertainer, Stephen and his wife Pam have also been teaching ukulele to beginners and improvers on cruises as well as running sea-shanty workshops.