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Motivation & Inspiration
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Anne Baker
Motivational Speaker
Coming from: Knutsford,  Cheshire  UK
Anne is a Baby Boomer who has every intention of living life to the full now and into the future - challenging the stereotypical view of older people! She offers lively presentations encouraging people to consider how they can ensure their retirement is exciting and challenging. Anne developed the series of ‘Recycled Teenager’ talks to stimulate thought (and plan actions) about how to ensure retirement is a fulfilling, healthy, happy and LONG one! She has an enthusiastic and engaging style and sends audiences away with a smile and plenty to think about!

Bill Belew
History and Impact of Social Media and Social Networks
PhD, Professor of Social Media Marketing
Coming from: Sunnyvale,  California  USA
Bill spent a half dozen years in the US Navy climbing the enlisted ranks and making the jump to Lieutenant where he served as a Surface Warfare, Communications and Intelligence Officer. After his military time, Bill spent nearly 20 years in the Far East – Japan, China, Russia and India where he taught university and created and grew his own language school throughout Japan and Far East Russia. Bill speaks to audiences of all sizes and has a network of 4000+ individuals who follow him in the Silicon Valley Bay Area to learn about Social Media and Internet marketing.

Professor Ian Cooper
Travel Writing & Cultural Conversation
Travel & Cruise Writing / Art of Conversation & Influence
Coming from: Borehamwood,,  Hertfordshire  UK
Professor Ian Cooper is an internationally published author of 16 books in 56 countries, and an established travel writer who writes for national; regional and specialist media including ‘World of Cruising Magazine’. Over many years, Ian has had over 1000 professional speaking and training engagements on his specialist subjects of The Art of Conversation; Influencing People; Communications and Business Success. His light, entertaining and down to earth style has made him a very popular speaker, wherever he appears including on cruise ships.

Susan Croft
Public Relations, Communications & Management
Motivational Speaker
Coming from: Hove,  Sussex  UK
Susan is an international public speaker, corporate trainer and PR practitioner. She has entertained audiences all over the world with her motivational speaking and engaging anecdotes. Her flagship presentation on networking skillsHow to Work a Room has been written up by several national newspapers and has featured in radio and TV interviews. Susan trained as a journalist and worked on a London newspaper in the early part of her career but now specializes in media and public speaking training for executives, educators and cruise ship passengers.

John Dabrowski
Motivation & Inspiration
Mental Resilience Expert
Coming from: Langley Mill,  Nottinghamshire  UK
John has enjoyed a wide ranging and successful career which has seen him work across a number of sectors in the business and sporting world. He has played basketball both as a professional and for England in the Commonwealth Games. He has travelled extensively in his search for new skills and techniques to help himself and now other people. He has a desire to make a difference in this world and wants to use his extensive knowledge and skills to help people 'unlock their full potential'. John is a gifted communicator and his talks will both inspire and motivate the audience.

Laurie Faulkerson
Life Enrichment Lecturer
Coming from: Chesterfield,  Missouri  USA
Laurie is a native from St. Louis, Missouri. She is a charismatic high energy speaker with an infectious enthusiasm for life. She has turned the tables on life and is an exciting Television & Radio Talk show Host, Life enrichment speaker, Life coach and fitness expert who make better the lives of those surrounding her. Laurie has spoken before and provided lecture series, motivational & inspirational talks and a rage of participatory programs to audience’s reflecting all ages, cultures, ethnic groups and economic levels throughout a career spanning over 25 years.

Frank Furness
International Motivational Speaker & Author
Using social media to make the most of your cruise
Coming from: Watford,  Hertfordshire  UK
Frank Furness is an international motivational speaker, trainer and author. His credentials include 20 years of exceptional business success in sales, management, training and consulting and is a social media specialist. Frank has helped audiences around the world to shine with improved sales, leadership and communication skills. Frank offers a series of workshops on cruises dealing with personal computing and social media.

Philip Hesketh
Professional Speaker
The Psychology of Persuasion & Influence
Coming from: Harrogate,  North Yorkshire  UK
Philip is a Psychology graduate from Newcastle University and is a full time professional speaker on ‘The Psychology of Persuasion and Influence’. He combines a powerful mix of well researched, persuasive techniques with a unique brand of humour. He inspires, entertains and informs on how persuasion, influence and relationships work. He is inspirational, motivational and extremely amusing. He gives ‘can-use-today’ techniques to be more influential.

Alastair Hignell CBE
Sports Broadcaster, Motivational Speaker & Writer
ex. England Rugby player, County Cricketer & BBC Commentator
Coming from: Brighton,  East Sussex  UK
Alastair was the greatest all-round sporting talent of his generation. In 1974 he made his first-debut at rugby for Bristol and at cricket for Gloucestershire. While still a teenager he won the first of four rugby Blues for Cambridge, the first of four cricket Blues and the first of 14 rugby caps for England. In 1977 he played in all of England’s matches in the Five Nations’ Championship, was a reserve for the Lions tour of New Zealand, scored over 1,000 runs in a first-class cricket season and captained Cambridge at rugby & cricket. Alastair presents an interesting series of talks on Sport & Sport commentating.

Philip Hopkins
Journalist & International Conference Speaker
Hollywood - The Golden Era
Coming from: Leeds,  West Yorkshire  UK
Phil is an adventurer and a veteran of both stage and the media industry. He spent 30 years in mainstream journalism – newspapers, radio and TV – and, as a graduate of the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art, has appeared in some 50 musicals. He has performed at the highest level in theatres, and his love for all things Hollywood led him into a period of research on the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Errol Flynn, Clark Gable....and a raft of other icons from Tinsel Town's Golden Era. He has been to Everest Base Camp, taught crisis media management in Kazakhstan, and is a motivation speaker. Phil is the ultimate 'versatile' performer.

Jan Meek
Motivational Speaker & Adventurer
FRGS (Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society)
Coming from: Bexhill on Sea,  East Sussex  UK
Jan started her diverse and dynamic career in the early 1960s, working as a continuity girl in the film and TV industry. After ten years of rubbing shoulders with the Hollywood elite, including working with household names like Roger Moore and Sammy Davis Jr, she changed direction and moved to Saudi Arabia to work for the United States Geological Survey. Jan then developed her career with the running of several businesses. In 1997, the lure of a world record breaking adventure was too much and before she knew it she was rowing the Atlantic Ocean with her son.

Eilidh Milnes
Motivational Speaker, Psychologist & Author
Coming from: Sandbach,  Cheshire  UK
Eilidh (that's Ay-lee) Milnes is a teacher turned international keynote speaker, author and coach. Her clients call her "Captain Positive! In 2013 Eilidh took on the prestigious role as National President of the Professional Speaking Association UK. For 10 years, she was the senior external trainer for Cheshire Constabulary. Eilidh has used her experience from working in education and business to create this series of talks especially for the cruise liner industry. So you can expect upbeat fun talks full of enthusiasm and insights. Eilidh's talks are themed, "When You Laugh You Learn!"ť

Diana Moran
Health & Wellbeing
Coming from: Middlesex,    UK
Diana Moran is TV’s original fitness guru known as The Green Goddess. In 1983 she was the first person to present fitness on TV in the UK on BBC Breakfast Time and her successful career as a fitness guru has spanned four decades. She has appeared on virtually every UK TV channel since. Diana is an amusing motivational speaker and has been a regular Celebrity Guest Speaker on major cruise lines for over 25 years.

Lisa Phillips
Confidence Coach & Empowerment Expert
Stress, Worry, Confidence, Happiness, Fun Self Develpment
Coming from: Corby,  Northamptonshire  UK
Previously based in Australia, (UK from Feb 2017) Lisa Phillips is a regular on the TV, Radio and Media. She regularly appears on morning TV sharing her fun and engaging tips on how to feel good, reduce stress and have more fun. Lisa is also the author of 'The Confidence Coach'. Lisa's work has been offered as a prize for Sony Entertainment and Women's Weekly and she has a large social media following. Lisa has been awarded several awards for her light hearted ways of presenting fun self development topics. She has a Coaching column in the UK press and a highly fun, entertaining and engaging speaker.

Laurie Philp
Thinkolgist & Brain Trainer
Coming from: Deal,  Kent  UK
Laurie Philp is an award winning trainer who specialises in creativity, problem solving and memory. He helps people to be more effective when using their 'necktop' computers! A qualified member of the Magic Circle and a member of Equity, his presentations include tricks and illusions, and he has been widely described as an entertainer. He gives talks to Rotary, Round Table and numerous other business and social groups as well as on cruise ships.

Helen Pointer
Caricaturist & Artist
Coming from: Caterham,  Surrey  UK
As an artist Helen is quick to set her audience at ease and is marvellous at caricaturing. She provides an absorbing, effective and spontaneous style of presentation, using her art to exemplify her perceptive facilitation of group work. By pulling people out from the audience Helen guides you through personal impact and interpersonal skill areas whilst sketching humorous caricatures – it’s interactive, gripping and novel, and people come away understanding so much more about their choices. Helen’s starting points deals with the everyday issues that face us all.

Suzanne and Conrad Potts
Personal Development & Self Fullfillment
Coming from: Rustington,  West Sussex  UK
Suzanne and Conrad have been motivational speakers and personal coaches for over 30 years. They have appeared in a number of TV programmes associated with assertiveness and confidence building. They are contributing authors to a number of magazines and publications. Over the last 30 years Suzanne and Conrad have helped literally thousands of people increase their confidence and lead more fulfilling and healthy stress free lives. Suzanne and Conrad have found the core messages of assertiveness resonate as loudly in the boardroom as they do in the bedroom.

Paul Sloane
Author & Speaker on Lateral Thinking & Innovation
Conference & After Dinner Speaker
Coming from: Camberley,  Surrey  UK
Paul is an entertaining and thought-provoking speaker and a recognized expert on innovation, lateral thinking and leadership. He is the author of over 20 books on lateral puzzles, creative problem-solving and lateral leadership. Paul took a first in Engineering at Cambridge. He joined IBM where he came top of Sales School. As a conference and after-dinner speaker he is renowned for the humour, challenge and stimulation of his talks on lateral thinking and innovation.

Clive Steeper
Motorsport & Business
Coming from: Swindon,  Wiltshire  UK
Clive knows about what it takes to achieve world-class performance in both motorsport and business. He has worked with many motorsport legends in his role as Formula 1 race Tyre Engineer for Goodyear and as Team Manager for TWR Silk Cut Jaguar Sports Car team at Le Mans; he also races regularly. As a business leader, he has led many international fast-growth companies to achieve record profits. Clive is an engaging speaker who draws on his experiences & knowledge to deliver thought-provoking and entertaining lectures that offer insight into risk, performance and leadership.

Sue Stockdale
Explorer & Adventurer
MBA Entrepreneurship, MSc Quality Management
Coming from: Swindon,  Wiltshire  UK
Sue Stockdale is a polar explorer and adventurer; author, and inspirational speaker who has undertaken more challenges to date than many people do in a lifetime. In 1996 she became the first British woman to ski to the Magnetic North Pole, and has also participated in expeditions to Chile, Antarctica, Geographical North Pole and Greenland. In her richly inspirational presentations she combines her personal expertise as a polar explorer with her profound business knowledge, including areas like Change Management, Leadership, Motivation, Risk Management and Managing Diversity.

Melva Stone OAM
Enrichment & Special Interest Speaker
Australian Outback & The Flying Doctors Service
Coming from: Broome,  Western Australia  Australia
Melva is a practical, entertaining and highly motivational speaker. Chosen by ABC Radio as the first story to be told on its “Story Catcher” program, Melva brings a down-to-earth and often very humorous approach on how to survive – and, in fact, thrive on rare challenges. Accredite by the National Speakers Association, Melva also won many awards during her speaker training with the Dale Carnegie Foundation. From her stories of life in very remote, Australian outback towns, Melva shares with a rare ability to engage her audience, stories of true tragedy and triumph, a remarkable career and a rare and positive outlook on life.

Malcolm Teasdale
Author, Adventurer and Enrichment Speaker
Coming from: Destin,  Florida  USA
Malcolm Teasdale was born in Coventry, England and is a successful entrepreneur who now spends his time traveling to “off-the-beaten-track” places. Since retiring from the technology industry, he now travels to the more unusual destinations in the World in search of rich cultural experiences. His 4th travel book has just been published called, “Religion, Spirituality and the way of life in the Himalayas” which describes his experience in the Himalayan Kingdoms of Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet and Myanmar. Malcolm has a wide repertoire of talks on destinations, adventure and travel.

Marshall Ulrich
Extraordinary Life
Adventurer, Mountaineer, Extreme Athlete
Coming from: Evergreen,  Colorado  USA
The author of Running on Empty, Marshall Ulrich is a versatile, world-class extreme endurance athlete: an ultrarunning icon, Seven Summits mountaineer, and competitive adventure racer. His prolific athletic career has earned him numerous wins, records, and firsts on some of the toughest courses in the world and taken him to the top of the highest mountains on every continent—all in his forties and fifties. Dubbed by Outside magazine as an Endurance King, he defies the ideas of “too far,” “too old,” and “not possible.” Revered among athletes, Marshall Ulrich is also an acclaimed speaker.

Alan Wright
Travel Writer & Motivational Speaker
After Dinner Speaker, Enrichment and Destinations
Coming from: Hartlepool,  County Durham  UK
Alan’s career as a travel writer and professional speaker goes back over thirty years. He was an award-winning BBC broadcaster for over 25 years and is busy these days on training in presentation skills and media for some of the biggest companies in the UK and Middle East. In the 1990's he became Chief Executive of Durham County Cricket Club. He specialises in business and VIP travel to the Middle East about which he gives talks as well as on cricket.