Cruise Ship Speakers

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Lorimer Burn
Classic Car Owner
Coming from: Guildford,  Surrey  UK
Lorimer, now retired, has been a pilot all his life, first flying helicopters for the Royal Navy and then British Airways. Later he converted to flying fixed wing aeroplanes and joined the airline British Midland, later bmi, flying Boeing 737's and Airbus A320's out of Heathrow, around the UK and Europe. He talks about his 40 plus years of life in aviation.

Aldon Ferguson
Military Aviation Historian & Russia Expert
Coming from: Reading,  Berkshire  UK
Aldon was brought up in the North West of England developing a strong interest in aviation. After a period in the RAF he graduated as a Chartered Surveyor. He specialised in commercial property in London and then set up the first property company in post-Communist Russia. Initially opening in Moscow and quickly expanding into St Petersburg and Kiev in Ukraine. Simultaneously, Aldon's love of all things aviation and related buildings led to him becoming one of the leading experts in RAF history.

Dr Mike Gibson
Music & Destinations
Coming from: Southampton,  Hants  UK
An RAF medical air commodore, CEO of an occupational health company & a member of the Tribunal service, Mike was Honorary Surgeon to HM the Queen for 5 years. He has published widely with passions including history, bagpipes and travel.

John Hutchinson
Aviation History
Former Concorde Pilot
Coming from: Royston,  Hertfordshire  UK
John joined the RAF in 1955 and spent eight years in the service, flying the Avro Shackleton in Singapore and then as a Flying Instructor and Examiner on the Jet Provost. This was followed by three years in corporate aviation flying a variety of light single and twin engine aircraft. He joined BA in 1966, flew Boeing 707's and Boeing 747's before joining the Concorde fleet in 1977 where he spent the next 15 years until retirement. John presents a series of talks on his Concorde experiences.

Andrew Lambert
Military & Aviation Historian
Air Commodore, MPhil
Coming from: Lapford,  Devon  UK
Air Commodore Andrew Lambert flew Phantoms and went on to run the RAF's "Top Gun" school. A planner for the 1991 Gulf War, he then commanded a Tornado fighter squadron on operations over Bosnia. As an Air Commodore he commanded in the Falklands and the Iraqi Northern No Fly Zone. A Military Historian, he has also published a number of papers on the Psychological Impact of Air Power and Coercion and British Defence Policy.

Anita Mays
Pilot on Executive Jets; Humorous tales of venues and passengers
Coming from: Sunninghill,  Berks  UK
Anita Mays is the youngest of four and was born in Nigeria to Yorkshire Parents. She spent most of her young life in Africa while attending boarding school in England where she excelled in sports. At Birmingham university and Aix-En-Provence, she attained an honours degree in English and French. She is a qualified English teacher, speaks French & Italian, loves keep fit and many sports including recreational flying. After being turned down by many airlines to become an airhostess, Anita became an instructor then a qualified commercial pilot. She has enjoyed a remarkable and colourful career, flying executive jets, cooperate, airline, freight and some film work.

Rick Peacock-Edwards CBE
Aviation Historian
Coming from: Crowthorns,  Berkshire  UK
The son of a Battle of Britain pilot Rick is himself a decorated and highly acclaimed fighter pilot and leader. He has wide experience of high level command in the military, in senior appointments and in business at Managing Director level. He has great leadership capabilities and is recognised as a high achiever. He is also Past Master of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators Livery.

Captain Rick Reynolds
Aviator & Concorde Expert
ex-Concorde Pilot and BA Captain
Coming from: Kingston upon Thames,  Surrey  UK
At age 15 Rick skipped school to watch Concorde take-off from Heathrow on its first ever passenger flight to Bahrain, and his journey began. After leaving school in London aged 18 with minimal A-level grades he began work to pay for his flying training. He self-studied for the Airline Transport Pilots License theory exams and in 1985 completed the required flying tests at Oxford Air Training School, all self-financed. After years flying different commercial aircraft, in Nov 1996 Rick's bid to fly Concorde was successful and he flew supersonic until the Air France crash and subsequent grounding of the fleet in 2000.

Chris Rigby
Airline Captain
Coming from: Leamington Spa,  Warwickshire  UK
Captain Chris Rigby was trained by BOAC in the early 70s but left to join initially Cyprus Airways and then Britannia Airways at Birmingham. It was with Britannia that he gained his command at the age of 26, one of the youngest jet captains in the UK at that time. After a period of freelance work including private aircraft flying for Chris De Burgh, Nigel Mansell and other celebrities, he joined Easy Jet at its start up in Luton. Chris is still an active pilot doing freelance work. With over over 20,000 hours flying experience he is happy to share this experience through his series of aviation lectures.

William Thayer
History, Science/Technology & World Affairs
Coming from: San Diego,  California  USA
William Thayer received his BS in Math from Stanford, an MS in Aerospace Engineering from USC and an MBA from USC. He has spent 30 years in the aerospace industry in aircraft, missiles and spacecraft and 10 years in real estate/finance. Although he has a technical/financial background, history has always been his passion. He enjoys lecturing on great human accomplishments and great historical events. William enhances his historical experience by actually traveling to where history happened. He has visited all 7 continents, over 60 countries and been around the world 3 times.

Ken Verderame
Astronomy & Space Travel
Coming from: Indialantic,  Florida  USA
Col Verderame is currently the Director of the Joint STARS Combined Test Force at Patrick Air Force Base. He is a graduate of the US Air Force Test Pilot School and has flown in 56 different aircraft. While on active duty he was a NASA flight control & propulsion astronaut instructor, teaching astronauts to fly the Space Shuttle. While new to cruise ship enrichment lecturing, Col Verderame has been public speaking for over 25 years to a diverse group of audiences from Astronauts to students and community groups with a down-to-earth, engaging style that takes complex subjects and makes them easily understandable to anyone.