Cruise Ship Speakers

Money, Property, Finance & Tax
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Kevin Duckworth
Finance & The City
Coming from: Merseyside,    UK
Kevin has experience of lecturing on cruise ships from the massive ‘resort’ type ships to the more intimate and smaller cruise ships, as well as entertaining and informing business and entrepreneur groups in the commercial world. Kevin’s talks are designed to look at an incredibly wide range of topics with a financial under-current and take an entertaining and insightful approach to explaining the impact that the ‘world of money’ has on our lives.

Adrian Huston
Tax Consultant
former Tax Inspector
Coming from: Belfast,    UK
Adrian is a well-known tax consultant, speaker & journalist. A regular on the BBC, he gained his tax knowledge as a senior Tax Inspector before setting up in business with his wife Felicity. Huston & Co has flourished over 20 years due to Adrian’s high profile in the media. Adrian’s speaking style is to make learning about tax easy, but also entertaining, and he has a wealth of anecdotes, valuable nuggets and knowledge to share.

Stanton Marcus
Specialist Taxation Advisor & Destination Lecturer
Coming from: Westcliff-on-Sea,  Essex  UK
Stanton works as a specialist legal advisor in the field of taxation law, a professional career he has been following for more than 30 years. It’s a full time job but he slots in a few cruises each year, giving talks to passengers on "Keeping tax bills down - legally of course". Stanton is also a highly-skilled Destination Speaker and is widely regarded as an outstanding communicator on the history, sights and culture of ports of call visited by cruise ships. Stanton has the knack of involving his audiences in his presentations in a friendly and fun way and is proud to say that they always leave with a smile on their faces.

Michael Taylor
Stock Trader, Investor & Historian
Coming from: Hartlepool,  Durham  UK
Michael Taylor is a successful full time private investor, having achieved triple digit compounded portfolio returns for each of the last three years. Currently he is seeking to analyse previously unseen primary material on the life of Vice-Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood. He has been invited to speak in front of investment clubs, and delivered the results of a commissioned research paper on populism and the socio-economic effects on the European Union to leading academics and industry experts. Michael expects to publish his book on investing with Harriman-House in Q4 2018.

William Thayer
History, Science/Technology & World Affairs
Coming from: San Diego,  California  USA
William Thayer received his BS in Math from Stanford, an MS in Aerospace Engineering from USC and an MBA from USC. He has spent 30 years in the aerospace industry in aircraft, missiles and spacecraft and 10 years in real estate/finance. Although he has a technical/financial background, history has always been his passion. He enjoys lecturing on great human accomplishments and great historical events. William enhances his historical experience by actually traveling to where history happened. He has visited all 7 continents, over 60 countries and been around the world 3 times.