Cruise Ship Speakers

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Joyce Brizendine
Handwriting Analysis
Coming from: Portland,  Oregon  USA
Joyce Brizendine has earned her certification as a handwriting analyst through both “The International Graphoanalysis Society” and “The American Handwriting Analysis Foundation”. She holds a BS and MS degree in Education. Most recently, she has completed the course “Questioned Handwriting and Document Examination” course through Reed Hayes and has undertaken jobs to determine the authenticity of a questioned document using exemplars. Ms. Brizendine has accrued a myriad of lecturing experience, sharing her passion of citing personality traits through one’s handwriting.

Sandra Grayson
Graphology (Handwriting Analysis)
Coming from: Evesham,  Worcestershire  UK
London-born professional scribe, Sandra Grayson has used her creativity wisely to be able to offer adult guests the opportunity to learn new skills easily, whether she is Guest Speaker sharing the hidden meaning of handwriting (Graphology), teaching how to write Calligraphy or simply revealing new and unique ideas to create beautiful souvenirs for the guests to take home and enjoy. "KEEPING IT PERSONAL" is Sandra's mission statement!

Diane Simpson
Personality & Behaviour
Coming from: Wymondham,  Norfolk  UK
Personality Profiler and authoress, Diane, has written three books and many articles, worked on high profile investigations and appeared on more than 200 television and radio programmes. Diane has an interesting and diverse background. Mensa member, member of the Psychology Special Interest Group of British Mensa Ltd, university lecturer, Founder member of the British Institute of Graphologists and has belonged to ‘Friends of Broadmoor’ for more than 15 years. A humorous and highly experienced speaker, she is pleased to offer a range of talks relating to personality and behaviour.