Cruise Ship Speakers

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Peter Clayton
Classical & European Archaeology and Egyptology
Coming from: Hemel Hempstead,  Hertfordshire  UK
Peter is an Egyptologist, archaeologist and numismatist who has excavated on sites in England and Egypt. A Fellow of the Society of Antiquities of London, he has lectured widely in England, in most of the major museums and universities, and in Europe and Australia. Peter is a best-selling author of "Chronicle of the Pharaohs" and expert Advisor for coins and antiquities to several museums.

Dr Jasmine Day
Cultural Anthropologist and Egyptologist
Viking Resident Historian
Coming from: Perth,  Western Australia  Australia
Dr Jasmine Day is an anthropologist, Egyptologist, teacher and historian, specialising in a range of subjects from Egyptomania, museum studies and the ethics of human remains display to Australian ethnography and World War II. She has taught ancient and modern history at schools, universities and museums worldwide and featured in several Egyptology documentaries including "Egypt's Unexplained Files". Her work emphasises the importance of viewing cultures from an insiderís perspective and uncovering the assumptions and stereotypes often embedded in one cultureís representations of another.

Diane Fortenberry
Archaeologist & Ancient Art Historian
Coming from: London,    UK
Diane studied Classics at the University of Mississippi, and earned her PhD in Mediterranean archaeology from the University of Cincinnati before moving to London in 1990. She has excavated and surveyed in Greece and Italy at sites that include Pompeii, Corinth, Nemea and Pylos. Diane has lectured to diverse groups of non-specialists while living and working in Greece in the 1980s, speaking on Greek, Roman and Egyptian art, architecture and archaeology there and in Egypt, including both classroom-based lectures and escorted tours.

Eileen Goulding
The Ancient World
Coming from: Crystal Palace,  London  UK
Eileen specialises in the History, Arts, Myths & Legends of the Ancient World and as a qualified Egyptologist, author and lecturer, is also an authority on the people of Ancient Egypt, their history, language, art, religion and funerary practices. She is an experienced Guest Speaker on cruise ships, lectures to Archaeology/Egyptology societies in the UK and is also an accredited Lecturer for NADFAS.

Alan Lloyd
Egyptologist and Classicist
MA, DPhil, FSA
Coming from: Swansea,  Wales  UK
Born in Wolverhampton, Alan was a pupil at Tredegar Grammar until 1960 and then went on to graduate from The Queen's College Oxford in 1965 (Ancient Egyptian and Coptic). Currently he is Professor Emeritus in the Department of History and Classics at Swansea University. Apart from participating in many tv and radio programmes, Alan has lectured on many tours to Egypt and also to many Egyptology societies in the UK.

Jonathan Migliori
Archaeology & Ancient/Medieval History
Viking Resident Historian
Coming from: Providence,  RI  USA
Jonathan Migliori is a British-American archaeologist and educator from Rhode Island. He concentrated in Archaeology, Medieval Cultures, and Classics at Brown University. He holds an MA in Archaeology from the University of Durham, where he wrote his dissertation on rural settlement and the Euphrates frontier in Roman Syria and is also a member of the Senior Common Room of University College. He also studied in Rome and has participated in archaeological excavations in Rhode Island and Ostia Antica. Currently he teaches history at La Salle Academy in Providence, RI, and teaches art history in the Rhode Island School of Designís Continuing Education program.

Helen Poole
Archaeology & History
BA, Dip Arch, AMA, PGCE
Coming from: Haywards Heath,  West Sussex  UK
Helen studied English, History and Archaeology at Bristol University before going on to postgraduate studies in archaeology at Durham and museum studies at Leicester. Teaching qualifications at Brighton followed later. A vacation studentship at the British Museum led to a lifelong enthusiasm for a museum career. Helen is an enthusiastic sharer of information and she has been lecturing on cruises in and around the Mediterranean and the Red Sea from 2005.

John Wilcock
Archaeology, History, Science & Computing
MA(Oxon), BSc, PhD, CEng, FIET, FBCS, CITP
Coming from: Stafford,  Staffordshire  UK
Dr John Wilcock read Physics at Oxford University then worked for 7 years as an Engineer in the computer industry (1st and 2nd generations), before entering academia in 1969. He was one of the first world practitioners in Computer Archaeology (the application of computers to archaeological research). Categories include Archaeology, Egyptology, History, Computing, Espionage, Codes & ciphers, Science, Geology and Music. See full profile for suggested list of stand-alone and destination-based topics.